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  • Choosing the Right Hob for Your Kitchen

    The kitchen hob one of the most active appliances for the kitchen space. In Indian homes, it is used quite frequently, and therefore choosing the right hob for the kitchen space is essential. For today's contemporary homes, there are a various number of hobs available to suit any home's lifestyles. The two most popular options in India: gas and electric hob have their own pros and cons. Read on to discover more of each type, and which one suits your home: one or the other or even both.


    Gas Hobs: Gas hobs have been around for much longer, and a standard hob features for four or five burners. Seen in many older homes, the gas hobs have manual ignition, where the user uses the knobs to control the impact of the heat. The gas hobs are available in stainless steel and even glass. Stainless steel is a more economical, yet very hygienic option while, glass is a smoother surface, which makes it much easier to clean.

    Image Credit: KBZine


    • Pros of Gas Hobs: Gas hobs offer instant heat, and the user is able to easily control the amount of heat impact while using it. The gas hobs are very easy to install during the final installation of the kitchen space.


    • Cons of Gas Hobs: One of the main drawbacks of the gas hobs is that it can be challenging to clean. With the multiple levels due to pan supports, the cleaning process will not as smooth, as a simpler, flat-surface hob.


    Electric Hobs: The electric hob is a more modern option, which has two different categories: ceramic and induction. Both types have an extremely smooth surface, making it easy very easy to clean.


    • Ceramic Hobs: Ceramic hobs are more streamlined in appearance and are more economical than the induction hobs. This style suits any kitchen and is also easy and straightforward to clean. However, compared to the induction hobs, the ceramic hobs take longer to heat up and are not as easy to control. When the heat is generated, the entire hob gets hot rather than the just the pan that is required at a given time.
      Image Credit Beltratto


    • Induction Hobs:┬áThese hobs use magnetism to generate heat on the hob top. Therefore, the heat generates quickly. The induction hobs have strong temperature controls which allow the user to tweak the heat levels in small increments whenever necessary. Induction hobs are also energy efficient and very same, making them a great eco-friendly option for the contemporary kitchen.
      Image Credit: Electrolux

    Both hobs work for the contemporary Indian kitchen, whether it is a gas hob or an electric hob, both hobs have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, both will definitely add to your space.

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