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  • Wardrobe Measurements to Take Before Designing

    When it comes to planning the bedroom, there are minimum two items that everyone thinks about: the bed and the wardrobe. As the two most essential aspects of a room, there is always a concern that everything should fit and match appropriately. Once the bed is in, the next step is the wardrobe. However before even considering the storage required, one has to assess how a wardrobe will fit win the room. Determining how the wardrobe will fit is done through measuring the wardrobe area. Measuring the wardrobe space allows you to better plan the interiors and storage options, and gives . Check out the guidelines below to measuring the wardrobes correctly.

    Height: Before taking the height measurements, ensure the floor is even and at one level; otherwise the entire wardrobe standing on top of it would be completely uneven. If there are any uneven surfaces, keep them in mind while designing the wardrobe. For example, if a wardrobe is to be placed underneath a staircase, be mindful of the differing heights between each unit. In getting the height dimensions, accurately, measure the space from top to bottom in millimeters (mm) for the most precise measurements. As it is the smallest unit of measurement, it is easiest for vendors, like us, to work with it. To ensure consistency, measure the space at three different locations: usually the two ends and in the center.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Width: The next measurement is the width, which is taken the same way as the height. Take the measurement at the top, middle, and bottom to get a basic average, and keep in mind of any curvatures or dips in the wall where the wardrobe will be placed. With determining the width, you are able to get an idea of the number of shutters you require or wish to have, and the overall style of the entire wardrobe: whether it is three openable wardrobes next to each other or two sliding shutters to create the exterior of the wardrobe.

    Image Credit: Slide Wardrobes Direct

    Wall to End Panels: Oftentimes in customizing a wardrobe, it cannot go from wall-to-wall due to obstructions or interference that can happen in using and accessing the a wardrobe. In other words, the user may not be able to fully open the wardrobe due to certain obstructions in the wall. Therefore, a wall panel is required. In these cases, the wardrobe measurements have to include measurements of the end panel.

    Image Credit: UK Sliding Wardrobes

    The measurements above are the bare minimum required for determining the wardrobe exterior and they give the user a general idea of the space available and the types of storage that can be allotted to them. At ModSpace.in, once these measurements are taken, then the most storage-friendly and space-efficient solutions are designed to create the ideal wardrobe.

  • Maximizing Kitchen Space Through Renovation

    When it comes to kitchen renovation, there is often a hesitation of breaking down an old, yet possibly useful, space while still living in the home. Many times homeowners keep postponing their kitchen renovation process with the same hesitation that the heart of the home will out out of use for a significant amount of time and will lead to many inconveniences in the daily home activities. However, kitchen renovation does not necessarily have to be a long-drawn out process. There many small changes that require minimal renovation to maximize the space in the kitchen. Even if you are pressed for kitchen space, there are several clever ways to make your cozy  kitchen look and feel more spacious.

    Vertical Storage-Often times kitchen can look very cramped with extensive cabinetry. However, one easy way to make some remodeling changes is to maximize the vertical storage. Take the wall cabinets up to the ceiling to give even more cabinet space. The longer cabinets also given the illusion of taller ceilings, opening up the entire kitchen. Another option with vertical storage is to have open shelving or even racks to hang pots and pans. In other words, a simple remodeling change is to just modify the wall cabinetry and storage.

    Image Credit: Tukasa Creations

    Replace Door with Archway-If the kitchen has a door, remove the door and replace with an archway. A door to a kitchen can make it look closed off from the rest of the house, and can also come in the way of basic activities. Make the kitchen look more expansive by removing the official entryway and having an archway for a more open and inviting appearance.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Multi-Functional Pieces-When going through a kitchen remodel, look for elements in the kitchen that are multi-functional. For example, if you are thinking of an island use the space below the countertop for some extra cabinetry. If there is space above the fridge, use the space to place a bottle rack. In other words, avoid having any dead space in your kitchen which can cramp up the entire space. Create a kitchen that has multiple functional elements to have fewer pieces serving multiple roles rather than many pieces with single roles.

    Image Credit: Home Edit

    Replace Cabinetry With Drawers in Floor Cabinets-In your renovation process, consider drawers in your floor cabinetry for easier and more optimal storage. Conventional cabinetry requires you to crouch down and reach all the way towards the back of the cabinet. This hinders how well you are able to see your items, and eventually impacts how you store them. Drawers allow you to visualize and better organize all your kitchen items accordingly. Rather than relying on conventional cabinets, consider drawers to better arrange your items within your kitchen.

    Image Credit: Modenus

    Appropriately Sized Appliances-Finally, in renovation definitely consider appropriately-sized appliances. A large refrigerator might be a wonderful piece in the kitchen. However, if it is not fitting properly, it will hinder the overall kitchen flow, look, and general efficiency-limiting walkways and taking up more space than it needs to. Even having a hob larger than the space allows can take away counter space, wasting areas that can be otherwise useful. Therefore if you require minimal renovation, then consider switching out the larger appliances for appropriately sized options to create more space in the kitchen.

    Image Credit: European Cabinets
  • Why EMI?

    Buying or renovating a home can be a fun and exciting process. At the same time it can be mentally and financially draining. At ModSpace.in, we empathize with you and understand the demanding job of building a home. Therefore, while purchasing your kitchen, we are happy to offer an EMI option for making your payment. EMI or Equated Monthly Installments is a fixed payment amount paid by a borrower to a lender at a specified date each calendar month.

    EMI is a great method for managing your finances. In the homebuilding process, you won't need to pay for your kitchen at one go. You would pay an initial amount then pay the remainder in monthly installments. With an EMI, you would know the exact amount  needed to pay each month.

    Through  choosing an EMI, you are able to stretch your budget. While building your house, there is one room you won't have to worry about: your kitchen. With an EMI you'll be paying smaller amounts for a longer period of time. Therefore, you have a longer time to decide on the smallest details of your kitchen. You have more opportunities to see numerous options for finishes and  you have more time to add state-of-the-art accessories to your kitchen.

    With a more flexible budget through EMI, you can also add to the other rooms in your home, such as purchasing lose furniture and wall hangings to decorate!

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