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  • 5 Ways to Hook it Up in the Kitchen

    One of the main challenges in kitchen storage is placing the oddly shaped items without obstructing any of the other items or getting in the way. For these kitchen essentials, one needs easy and convenient storage solutions to place the items effectively. Hooks are those small items that can be placed just about anywhere in the home to organize just about everything. There are are several ways to use hooks within all the rooms of the house and even increase the storage within the kitchen. Check out five ways hooks can be placed within the kitchen and increase storage.


    Hanging Mugs: One way to use hooks in the kitchen is by placing them under cabinets or along the wall to hang mugs. Whether it is a coffee mug or a teacup, a hook can be used to hang either one in a location where everybody can access as and when they need to. Hanging mugs, rather than keeping them in a cabinet or a drawer, clears up some storage space and having colored mugs along a wall adds some visual interest and appeal.

    Image Credit: Jack of All

    Storing Pot Lids: Hooks are also great for storing pot and pan lids. Their awkward shape makes them difficult to place within the cabinet and one cannot stack pots and pans as easily. However if the lids were stored along hooks, then pots and pans can be stacked easily and effortless inside the cabinet, without any protruding handles or topsy-turvy alignment.

    Image Credit: Bobvila

    Efficient Under-Sink Storage: Hooks can even increase the storage underneath the kitchen sink. One can place hooks along the cabinet shutter and use them to hang gloves, cleaning towels, and even scrub brushes. With the sink cabinet, the shutter becomes an understated storage area to place any necessary items to access within seconds.

    Image Credit: Organizing Made Fun Image Credit: Organizing Made Fun

    Hanging Utensils: Whether it is baking utensils, measuring cups, or cooking utensils, hooks are an excellent storage source. They can be placed along the kitchen wall or inside a kitchen cabinet shutter to keep these smaller essentials organized. This clears up storage within the drawers and keeps all items right at your finger tips. One can even place hooks on the wall close to the stove to keep any frequently-used cooking ladles handy while conducting kitchen tasks.

    Image Credit: Small Room Ideas

    Having Heat Pads and Towels Accessible: Hooks are also great for placing any heating pads, oven mitts, or kitchen towels. Hooks can be situated close to the oven or stove to have some mitts and heating pads within an arm's reach to quickly grab while working the stove or getting something out of the oven. Hooks for towels and heating pads can even be hung on the wall or the side of the refrigerator. Any colorful, interesting patterns can serve a dual purpose of decor and utility!

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Hooks are that small storage solution that can fit in even the smallest spaces of the kitchen. They can keep those essential items organized without being misplaced or lost within a cabinet. For storing the necessities in your kitchen, without taking up excessive cabinet space, hook it up!

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