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  • Creating the Perfect Kitchen For Entertaining

    Creating a kitchen for entertaining will bring people together for some food, fun, and laughter. With the perfect kitchen design, the host can easily invite friends and family for a pleasant get-together right in the home kitchen. Designing a kitchen for entertaining requires a space to accommodate several people, where the host and guests can enjoy and use the kitchen at the same time. Check out how even the smallest spaces can be used to create an entertaining space.


    Organized Storage Elements: First of all, a kitchen fit for entertaining and hosting must be well organized. Therefore, it is best to include storage elements which enhance the organization of the entire kitchen, such as pull-outs to keep pots and pans, pantry pull-outs for food items, or even concealed wall storage to keep smaller appliances. This will not only keep the kitchen tasks organized, but it will also make the space appear clutter-free. A clutter-free, organized space gives allows the user to have a much more enjoyable time while entertaining within the kitchen.

    Image Credit: HGTV Home

    Open Floor Plan: An open-concept kitchen simply communicates entertaining. The design exudes an informal atmosphere and allows plenty of guests to gather around the host within the kitchen. The open floor plan is integrated into the rest of the home and makes a space look more inviting.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Established Work Zones: Creating an entertaining kitchen design commands established work zones: where the prepping takes place, the cooking takes place, and the cleaning takes place. If these basic areas are designed well, then the kitchen is party-ready and everything will run smoothly. Well-planned zones allow for multiple people to access different areas of the kitchen while being entertained and catered to. Each designated zone can come with ample storage to include the necessary and required appliances within the specific area.

    Accessible Beverage Station: Some version of a bar or beverage station, no matter how small, is essential for entertaining guests at home. Include a small space within the kitchen for stemware, cocktail glasses, and maybe even an expresso machine with plenty of teacups and coffee mug for guests to access and pour their own concoctions as they please without disrupting the remaining kitchen flow. The beverage station, again invites individuals into the kitchen, allows people to gather, and creates that entertaining atmosphere.

    Image Credit: Houzz

    Maximized Seating: Finally, the kitchen space should have an elegant seating area. Seating encourage guests to sit and stay for a bit within the kitchen. Whether it is stools around the kitchen island or around a small kitchen table. Seating allows for guests to move around freely and join the host while still being in the kitchen.

    Image Credit: The Lions Rampant
  • Cleaning your Home After Holi

    Holi is just around the corner. As one of the most vibrant festivals of the year, your home may be the hub of the festivities. Whether you are hosting a party, or friends and family are coming in and out, it is inevitable Holi will become a part of your home. However, color gets everywhere, from the floors to walls to sinks to countertops. Here some effective tips to get rid of the Holi colors and make your home spotless and clean again.

    Color Stains on Floors: Any water or color stains on floors can be hazardous as somebody might slip in water or dry color can lead to an asthma attack. If there are pools and puddles of wet color, first blot them with paper towels immediately to keep the color from staining the floor. Then sprinkle detergent powder to break down the colors chemicals. With simple water stains on the floors, dab the water with a tissue or old newspaper. Clean it up as soon as you see it, as it may stain your flooring. Mix baking soda and water to make a paste, and pour it on the stain. Allow the paste to dry and wipe it wth a wet rag or sponge. This paste will easily clean the floor without affecting the texture. If you have white marble floors in your home, liquid bleach can remove the stains, however DO NOT use liquid bleach on color or laminated floors.

    Color Stains on Kitchen Cabinets: With pesky stains on your kitchen cabinets, dab color them with acetone or hydrogen peroxide on a cotton or sponge. Wipe the stain area with a damp cloth.

    Color Stains on Sinks, Countertops, and Tiles: Color stains on these surfaces can easily be removed by scrubbing them with a soap-soaked brush. Make sure the stains are scrubbed with a delicate hand to avoid scratches on any surface.

    Color Stains on Windows: Cleaning the windows is fairly simple. Use acetone on the wooden frame and the baking soda-water paste for the glass surfaces. Your windows will be as good as new!

    Color Stains on Wooden Furniture: With dry colors on your furniture, simple dusting is enough. However, to remove color mixed with water, wet a small cotton ball with acetone and use it to remove the stain. Make sure to be gentle while cleaning, as the cleaning solution can remove the varnish if used harshly.

    Color Stains on Upholstery: Wet upholstery becomes a breeding ground for fungus and mould. To avoid this, clean off the stains immediately. For dry color, broom or vacuum it off. For water-based stains, soak the material in water with white vinegar. On cushions, soak the stain with vinegar or lemon juice, and wipe it off with a cotton ball after 15 minutes.

    ModSpace.in wishes you a safe and Happy Holi!

  • 5 Steps for Hosting the Perfect Holi Party in Your Home

    The most vibrant festival is just upon us to welcome to spring season. Holi is such an exciting time to celebrate with friends and family and create beautiful memories. This year, make your Holi memorable by hosting the ultimate Holi party. Follow these steps to ensure that your Holi party is a success.

    Step 1-Plan the Guest List: Holi is the festival of colors that celebrates the spring season and the upcoming harvest. Maintain the celebratory spirt by inviting those you feel good about, and enjoy participating in the Holi festivities. Invite your friends and families and ensure all family members have people of a similar age group so nobody is feeling out of place. For example, if a couple with teenage kids is hosting a Holi party and inviting their friends, then the kids should be encouraged to invite their friends as well. 

    Step 2-Food and Drinks: A party without food or drink is no fun at all! Ensure that you have finalized your food vendors a week before your party as they will be taking orders for countless parties. Avoid cooking an extensive amount of food and keep it simple with fun finger foods for your guests to grab whenever they feel like. Small bites such as pakoras, ladoos, papad, and even a tray of burfi are perfect for your Holi party. Avoid heavier foods as people will be moving around constantly. In drinks Bhang is a classic favorite. However, for those not in favor, always have other options such as thandai, lemonade, and easy cocktails and mocktails.

    Step 3-Music: No Holi party is complete without music. It is a happy festival that requires the upbeat music. Have a playlist mix with some Bollywood numbers and some fun English dance songs. Push everyone to dance and have a great time. 

    Step 4-Organic Color: Ensure you have enough color for the party itself. Make sure that the colors are organic and skin friendly to avoid your guests leaving with rashes and semipermanent color stains! Keep dry color on tables where it is easily accessibly and stock up on pichkaris and water balloons. However, ensure the water is used intelligently and not wasted throughout the day. When rubbing color on someone, be sensitive to the face, eyes, and nose. 

    Step 5-Prepare Your Home: One thing to keep in mind while throwing a Holi party is that there will be a mess when it is over. Oftentimes this causes stress and anxiety for the host, which can greatly affect the mood of the entire party. Take steps to make sure that your home is not completely filthy after the party. Roll up expensive rugs and hide all the breakables. Cover your sofas and chairs with plastic covers to avoid dirty hands any color getting on the furniture, and keep the bedroom doors locked to avoid extra rooms for getting dirty due to Holi colors. For your guests have one or two accessible restrooms, and encourage your guests to stay outdoors until dusk to avoid them from spreading Holi color indoors during the day. 

    Most importantly, enjoy yourself! It is a chance to let lose and have fun. So enjoy yourself and have a great time. Wishing you a very Happy Holi!

  • Top 7 Tips to Host This Year's Diwali Party

    Diwali is an exciting, beautiful, and festive time of the year. It is all about friends and family and observing the mythological story we all grew up knowing. If you enjoy all the celebration with friends, family, and a fun time, then a house party is definitely for you. Diwali get togethers are an enjoyable time to have a colorful celebration with food, drink, laugther, and many many memories. Below check out the top tips to hosting the perfect Diwali party this season!

    Clean the House-Of course everybody cleans the house before hosting a party. However, for this day, try cleaning or decluttering the house before your actual party day. Declutter the living room and dining space to allow your guests to move around easily. By cleaning everything beforehand,  you'll be able to focus on more exciting and fun details during your party day.

    Pick a Theme-Themed parties always add a fun element to parties at home. Whether it is Bollywood, Black & White, or Regional (Punjabi, Rajasthani, etc.); themed parties reemphasize the festive atmosphere. So, come up with an interesting theme, and let your guests know in advance. Your party will be a hit!

    Ethnic-Themed decor for Party

    Decorate!-Now that you've chosen the theme, the next step is the decor. Choose festive Diwali-style decor to highlight the theme for your party. Also, be sure the include the classic Diwali elements of diyas and rangolis, and feel free to mix it up with some contemporary decor options. You can view some ideas in this blog here. Keep the decor classy and sophisticated without moving too many things in your home, and try using electric diyas. With people moving around your home, electric diyas are much safer and you won't have to run around with match box relighting candles!

    Finalize the Menu before the Event Day-Another aspect to consider is the menu. Do you want there to be finger foods or an elaborate meal? or both? With finger foods, you can display them on a table or have them served around, and with an elaborate meal you arrange or designate a kitchen counter space or table to have everything served buffet-style. That way, as a host, you won't be expected to serve all the dishes. The decisions for what and how your food will be served should be decided before your main day, allowing you enough time to gather any ingredients and supplies you need, and even prepare a little bit before your main event.

    Set Up a Bar: Every party requires a bar of alcoholic and nonalcoholic options. While hosting your Diwali party at home, the best way to arrange a bar is by designating a table or counter space in your kitchen and setting up bottles, glasses, and ice accordingly. That way guests can help themselves to drinks as they please.

    Music: All parties need some music. Since Diwali is an Indian festival, Hindi music is the best way to go. It is fun, it adds to any theme, and emphasizes the Diwali atmosphere.

    Have Fun!: Finally, its a party so enjoy it! Oftentimes, hosts forget to enjoy their own party! So have fun at your own party! Celebrate this beautiful holiday with your family and friends! Wishing all of you a very Happy Diwali from the ModSpace.in team!

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