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  • Interior Design Trends from Around the Globe

    With world interiors day round the corner, we take a moment to acknowledge some of the home interior designs from different countries that have creating a buzz for a while. These trendy looks are inspirational, if you are planning to refurbish your new home, you know from where to take a cue!

    1. Clean and Minimalist Japanese Home

    Japanese interior design is all about calmness and neat lines that harmonizes the entire design of the home. They opt earthy colors and versatile spaces that can be used in number of ways, for example a bed room can be used as a dining room and living room simultaneously with minimal furniture. Moreover, they are firm believer in nature, taking a cue from their ideology, natural wood, specially bamboo you can use natural wood to design doors, frames, floors or windows.

    Clean and Minimalist Japanese Home-Interior Design Trends

    2. Elegant German Home Design

    While Japanese believe in minimalism, Germans believe in functionality! They incorporate lightweight furniture that are sturdy yet elegant. They also use traditional furniture like cocktail chairs, daybeds and screens that have modern touch to give their home a cozy feeling.

    Elegant German Home Design- Interior Design Trends

    3. Vintage Design from Mexico

    Mexican interior design comprises rustic furnishings and bold colors that reflects vintage theme. They include elements of Spanish missionaries and native tribes living in the Mexico. The blend of Native tribal culture and Spanish European architecture has resulted colorful and beautiful decor and art. Mexicans believes in preserving what they have inherited. To mimic the style, you can style your home interior with classic elements of home furniture.

    Vintage Design from Mexico-Home Interior Trends

    4. English Victorian Design

    Most of the home interior designs in UK reflects the classic era where faux leather furniture and Persian rug was prominent. The look is further accentuated with classy shelves for books and a huge fireplace.

    English Victorian Design- Interior Design Trends

    5. Traditional Indian Home 

    Being an Indian I have to be biased towards our classical and traditional interior designs. The contemporary Indian home interior design reflects beautiful blend of bright and warm colors. Though, gradually Indians are shifting towards modern home interiors, but are still intact with their roots when it comes to following their traditions and culture.

     Traditional Indian Home- Interior Design Trends

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