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  • 5 Top Interior Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    In designing a home, we often get overwhelmed in trying to create the perfect space. However, oftentimes, the process is long and there are many decisions to be made. As a result, we sometimes overspend or overdo in the design process resulting in some major design mistakes within the home. Below, are the top 5 interior design mistakes we all tend to make, and how they can be best avoided in creating the dream home.


    Impulsive Shopping: All of us are prone to impulsive shopping at some point or another. The home design process is exciting, and we always strive for the most contemporary design. However, before heading to any furniture showroom, have your measurements and budget set. This way, as a shopper you are able to filter out what is not needed and avoid buying an item which does not fit your home interior. Therefore, avoid the impulse trips by going into a furniture showroom after you have your measurements budget finalized.

    Impulsive Shopping Image Credit: Psychology Today

    Gathering the Collections: We all have our collections of items we have gathered over the years to display in our home. However, be careful with the collections. Avoid going overboard and scattering pieces throughout the home. Create an area in a room and display an entire collection or a large chunk of the collection in a single area. Dedicate a space for it, whether it is the kitchen, living room or bedroom, and make it a beautiful display. Collections look the best when all the items are displayed together. Avoid separating them.

    Gathering the Collections Image Credit: Crazy4me

    Painting Before Finalizing Textiles and Fabrics: One of the most common mistakes in designing a home is painting before choosing the fabric and textiles. why? Simply because it is easier to find a paint color to match a beautiful fabric rather than the other way around. For example, while designing a bedroom with a color scheme in mind, there are several fabrics chosen for the various season-and they include sheets, covers, rugs, and pillows. Once all those elements are finalized, it is much easier to find a color to paint the walls that complements all these smaller elements. If the room was painted first, then choosing the remaining elements can be a nightmare! Painting Before Finalizing Textiles and Fabrics

    Forgetting a Focal Point: Every room needs a focal point. Another common mistake many homeowners do is forgetting to give a room their focal point. Focal points visually give an area for the eyes to rest while they are in the room. In a TV room, the focal point is usually the TV. In a kitchen, it might be a beautifully painted wall. Ensure each room has its own focal point to bring the room together and have a great conversation piece.

    Forgetting a Focal Point Image Credit: Houzz

    Going the Generic Route: Finally, all basic design rules aside, the most important mistake to avoid is being generic and doing what everybody else is doing. Ensure that your home shows your personality. It should hold memories of your life and have character that is reflective of you, as the owner. Therefore, even if you do consult with an interior designer, use their advice, but ensure your home is an extension of you!

  • Bringing a ModSpace.in Interior Designer On Board

    At ModSpace.in, we are striving to provide the best home solutions for all our customers. In doing so, we have evolved from a kitchen and wardrobe platform to a full home service interior provider-where everything from the civil work to the final home interior is provided under one roof. While building your home, having an interior designer on board will ease the entire process and create a more synchronized home solution. ModSpace.in now has professional interior designers on board who work closely with you to provide the ideal solution for your space.

    Detail Oriented Approach: With a ModSpace.in interior designer, every detail of your space will be looked at. Whether it is its function or its aesthetics, all aspects of a room will be analyzed to provide the best possible solution. For example, in a kitchen design, a ModSpace.in interior designer will provide you with a factory-finished kitchen where the the cabinetry colors will match the flooring, complement the lighting, and brought together with the countertop.


    Knows What is Right For You: A ModSpace.in interior designer will know what is best for the room. Not only will they provide the best storage solution for a given wardrobe space, but they will look at the entire bedroom space and bring a beautiful interior to life right before your eyes! Even if you tell them exactly what you want, they will already know what is good for the space and create a beautiful solution that matches your preferences and meets your needs. A ModSpace.in interior designer addresses your needs and gives you exactly what you are looking for.


    Knows Color Combinations: As a general homeowner, the understanding of color within a home interior is very limited toward the lighter shades. However, an interior designer will expose you to the variety of colors you can play with to add to any room in the home. The ModSpace.in interior designers understand which colors look good with one another and can even come up with various palettes that wouldn't have even crossed your mind. 

    Time-Saver: Working with an interior designer will definitely save you time, particularly a ModSpace.in designer. Along with providing factory-finished products, ModSpace.in has become the one-stop shop for all interior requirements. Rather than searching around from vendor to vendor for different home requirements, a ModSpace.in interior designer will help in creating the final look of the home and providing the support to get everything executed correctly.


    Wow Factor: Last but not least, an interior designer will enhance your home and improve the quality of life within your home. They will synchronize several pieces and bring together a visual story in every corner of your home. They will pull together accessories, furniture, colors, and other quirky elements to give you that "wow" factor that you are looking for.


    Bring a ModSpace.in interior designer on board for your homebuilding process and get your dream home! Get factory finished, space efficient solutions with the right furniture, complementary colors, and create a visual story within your space! Click here!

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