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  • Cleaning Tips for all types of Kitchen Counters

    Any kitchen you see in a magazine or showroom always looks so beautiful and glamorous. Everything is clean, all the colors match, and we all aspire to have kitchen designs exactly how we see them. One aspect of a kitchen that brings the entire look together is the countertop. Possibly the most used surface, the countertop ties the cabinet colors together, balances the floor and wall colors with the cabinet colors, and serves as the ultimate work surface for all kitchen tasks. Since there is so much activity, countertops require regular cleaning and maintenance to preserve the surface itself and keep that new, beautiful look in a kitchen. Countertops are available in a variety of materials: marble, granite, quartz, soapstone, laminate, tile, and even wood. However, the most common countertops seen in ModSpace.in kitchens are granite or marble. Below are the basic cleaning techniques required for cleaning each type of surface perfectly.

    Marble and Granite: Marble and granite are some of the tougher countertop options out there. They add a very natural look to the kitchen, and in order to be maintained they need to be sealed properly. Before usage, ensure the granite or marble is sealed to make the surface stain and water resistant. Everyday cleaning is very simple, requiring a mix of mild dish soap and water water. However, use a microfiber cloth to make the surface shine. AVOID any acidic cleaners as it may get ride of the sealer.

    Image Credit: Houzz

    Laminate: Laminate countertops are another very popular option. They are known for being quite practical for the kitchen space and do not require regular sealing. However, when conducting tasks, it is best to use cutting boards for chopping and trivets for placing hot dishes to avoid any scratches or burns on the surface. Laminate countertops require minimal cleaning of using any soft, damp cloth and a mild household cleaner. However, stay away from the acidic cleaners as they can affect the surface.

    Image Credit: My Home Decor Ideas

    Tile: These days, many rustic-looking kitchens have tile countertops as a part of the overall design. To maintain these surfaces, it is best that the tile is sealed and grouted at least once a year to avoid the surface from wearing out. However, if the countertop ceramic tile, then regular sealing is not required. For cleaning the surface, it is based to use a non-abrasive housecleaning solution. This mild substance will clean the surface easily. However, avoiding using stronger soaps as they might leave a film or residue on the counter surface.

    Image Credit: Sharp Floors

    Wood: Wood is a countertop surface that is not as common as some of the stone and tile options. However it is still seen in traditional or farmhouse style kitchens. Since wood is a natural surface it should be sealed properly for protection. The sealing will make the surface less susceptible to warpage or cracking. The least toxic route for cleaning wood is to use a food-grade oil or wax to generally clean the surface. However, in the event of scratches, the wood should be sanded and then the protectant should be re-applied. Nevertheless, the daily upkeep is very simple: a nonabrasive cleaner or a mix of warm water and white vinegar to wipe down the surfaces. However, just ensure the wood surface is very dry after cleaning.

    Image Credit: Houzz

    Soapstone: Another countertop surface is soapstone, which is nonporous and resistant to any stains and scratches. Just like all the other surfaces, the soapstone countertop requires minimal cleaning using a multi-purpose, non-acidic cleaning solution. However, the overall look of the surface will evolve and change with time and with the overall kitchen. Either way the stone becomes more enhanced in color or has a natural patina look to it that adds a little something special to the entire kitchen. Regardless of how the look changes, the cleaning process will stay the same.

    Image Credit Capital Granite

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