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  • Foods to Grow in Your Kitchen Garden

    We've seen so many beautiful home images of kitchen gardens and fresh herbs growing on the windowsill. As homeowners we often hesitate whether or not these items can grow in our home, especially given our weather conditions. However, many gardeners and chefs say you can grow a few food items at home, and what is better than eating fresh produce straight from the source? With growing your own kitchen garden, any homeowner will always have a fresh supply of herbs, and it is a healthy and economical practice to make your kitchen more sustainable. With some sunlight, pots, soil, and a little bit of space you can grow some extremely healthy and frequently used herbs in your kitchen.

    Wheatgrass: Wheatgrass is a germ shoot of wheat that is full of magnesium and potassium. From your kitchen garden it can be ground fresh and consumed with juice. Growing them is very simple. Simply soak a handful of wheat grains in water overnight, and place them in a pot of soil the next way. Repeat the process with 7-10 pots, and water all of them regularly. Once the grass is about 6-7 inches tall, cut it about 1 inch from the base, and you have some fresh wheatgrass! The best part about wheatgrass is that it can grow all year long.

    Image Credit: Houzz

    Mustard Cress: Mustard, or the sarso in sarso ka saag, is a delicate herb that adds that extra bit of flavor to all types of foods. Using mustard seeds, they require moderate sunlight throughout the day, without heat hitting the pot and a sprinkle of water on a daily basis. Therefore, modern climate, such as the winter, is the best time to grow mustard cress.

    Image Credit: Global Foodbook

    Lemongrass: In our food lemongrass is used quite often to infuse flavor in drinks and dishes. Lemongrass can be purchased by the stalk from the market and requires full sunlight for growth. As the plant grows, you'll get abundant lemongrass all year long!

    Image Credit: Werbe Artikel

    Basil (Tulsi): Basil is another key ingredients in our beloved Indian dishes. With its medicinal properties, it is definitely a must-have for the kitchen garden. The best time to grow Basil plants is in the winter, with plenty of water and sunlight.

    Image Credit: Kitchen Meets Girl

    Coriander (Dhania): Coriander leaves are another a key staple in todays homes. Coriander, or Cilantro as its said in the west, is an essential for the kitchen garden. However, in growing coriander, one has to be careful. It must be kept moist through, and should be kept in a shaded area. Therefore, the best time to grow it is in winter.

    Image Credit: Kitchen Garden Plant Centre

    Mint (Pudina): Whether it is making a chutney or adding flavor to chilled mojitos, mint leaves are another common ingredient in Indian homes. Along with their flavor, they also add a refreshing fragrance, when kept indoors, and are very easy to grow. Collect mint cuttings, then snip off the stalk and pluck the leaves from the bottom. Plant it in soil, and place the potted mint plant on a sunny spot, watering it daily, and mint leaves will be sprouting everywhere. They are best grown in winter.

    Image Credit Lady Lees Home

    Growing a kitchen garden is a great way to have healthy staples at your fingertips. Try some of the plants above and see how they'll add flavor to your food, aroma to your kitchen, and that extra something to your drink!

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