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  • Setting up the Laundry in the Kitchen

    The one area in the house that is placed randomly in a layout is the laundry. If the laundry room planning is neglected until the very end of the home-building process, it ends up being stuffed in a utility closet or in a dark and dingy room at an awkward location in the house. Therefore, in planning the laundry room, definitely consider where it will most efficiently placed within the home design.

    In Indian homes, one of the most popular and ideal location for the laundry appliances is integrating it in the kitchen. Although not very popular in American or Australian homes, it is a very common solution in many parts of Europe. Since the kitchen is the most-used room in the home, it makes sense to have all tasks close to each other, rather than going from one end of the house to the other. Another aspect of having the laundry area in the kitchen is that the kitchen is a wet zone and has all the plumbing points. So why create additional plumbing points, when plumbing points area already there? Another factor of this is, that the kitchen becomes the central location of the most necessary home tasks: cooking and cleaning. So rather than designating separate spaces for each task, it is ideal to integrate them to one area or at least very close to each other. There are many ways to create that seamless look in the kitchen between kitchen tasks and laundry tasks. Check out ways to integrate the laundry in your kitchen!

    Stacking Washer & Dryer: One way of integrating laundry in the kitchen is by stacking the washer and dryer in a corner of the kitchen space. Stacking the two main appliances is automatically a very efficient use of vertical space, saving significant floor space that can be used to add a counter for placing any laundry-related items. Many kitchen layouts place the machines next to a countertop to place any items while being used.

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    Behind a Tall Cabinet: Should the homeowner wish to hide their laundry area, but still keep it within the kitchen, then stacking the washer and dryer behind a cabinet door is the best option. This way the user can match all of their cabinetry according to the kitchen design, and conceal the laundry area with the same color scheme and style.

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    Next to the Kitchen Sink: Another thought process is to keep the laundry area next to the kitchen sink. In other words keeping the laundry as close to the kitchen sink as possible. Beside the sink, there is always counter space that can be used for laundry-related purposes, if necessary, and the washer and dryer within proximity of all cleaning-related tasks: washing and drying clothes and dishes. Therefore, the kitchen layout can be organized to include all kitchen cleaning tasks in one space.

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    Nook In the Kitchen: For those who prefer to keep both tasks separate, yet still in close proximity can have a laundry nook in the kitchen. In this case, designate an area of the kitchen or just off the kitchen, which is laundry-related only. By doing so, the laundry will still be close to the kitchen, yet visually separate. This makes it much easier to separate tasks between the kitchen and laundry space.

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