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  • Natural Remedies for Kitchen Pests

    We've all been there. When an army of uninvited guests enters the kitchen, causing nothing but chaos and annoyance, for yourself and everybody around you. Keep the kitchen clean by keeping the pests out of the kitchen, otherwise it will turn into an absolute nightmare! Below, are quick fixes for the most prominent kitchen pests that take residence in your home. Follow these tips and keep your kitchen sparkling clean!

    Ants: Ants are pesky little insects that just get in everywhere. The moment you see ants scurrying around the kitchen, sprinkle coffee grounds on all the windows and entry points from where ants can get through. This will stop them from entering the kitchen in the first place.

    Another remedy is vinegar and lemongrass essential oil. Wipe the cabinets with a vinegar-damp sponge and 6-8 drops of oil. Then place, the 3-5 drops of oil on the windowsills, doorway cracks, and any small corners from where ants can enter.

    Small Pests: For other small pests, eucalyptus oil has a sweet, apparent smell that wards off many pests. One can either wipe the kitchen counters or dilute it in water and spritz it all over the place. This way, the oil evaporates and keeps the pets away from the kitchen. Several drops of eucalyptus oil can also be placed in areas that collect moisture to avoid pesky critters from entering.

    Cockroaches: With cockroaches, mix washing soda and sugar in dark areas where roaches like to hide. Ideally, this works to keep roaches away. However, if the pest problem continues, it is best to consult an exterminator.

    Spiders: One can get rid of spiders by making a natural spray of soap water and lemon or orange oil. Once the spray is made, spritz it in your kitchen to keep spiders away. Put lemon juice around the cracks and corners to keep spiders from scurrying in.

    Flies: Fruit flies find residence in nearly every kitchen space. To avoid or minimize the affect of fruit flies, pot a fresh basil plant near the kitchen window. The aroma of the plant will keep the fruit flies at bay.

    Ideally, to avoid pests from entering the kitchen at all, keep the kitchen space as clean as possible. Have a regular cleaning schedule for the kitchen space. Pests avoid places that are clean, therefore, keep the space as clean as possible. Along with cleaning solutions, sunlight naturally makes the kitchen space germ-free. Follow these tips, and keep your kitchen germ and pest free! If the pest problem continues, then it is best to consult a professional.

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