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  • Sprucing up Your Rental Kitchen-Part 2

    A rental kitchen is a space that can look extremely drab without some personalization and creativity. As mentioned in the previous blog, there are countless ways to personalize any rental kitchen space, without breaking the bank and redoing the entire layout and design. The previous blog mentioned several ways to modify the look of a kitchen space without completely renovating the design. This blog will focus on updating the storage and overall functionality of a kitchen space in simple, cost-effective ways with adding a personal touch.


    • Rolling Kitchen Island: Have major island dreams for your kitchen? Consider investing in a rolling kitchen island. It is an easy way to have more counter space and storage space. Invest in a freestanding trolley so it can easily be moved out of the way if and when it is needed. A rolling kitchen island can easily store small appliances and crockery, be used as an extra workspace, and can add that little something extra to the kitchen space.
      Image Credit: Real Simple
    • Pot Rack: In any kitchen, nothing should be on the counter except for the daily essentials. To organize kitchen products and free up cabinet space, hang pots and pans on a pot rack either or on the wall from a pegboard. This solution opens up a lot of storage inside the cabinets, allowing you to store all items easily and effectively.
      Pot Rack Hanging Above Kitchen Island. Image Credit: My Design Chic
    • Hanging Shelf: Just like the pot rack, if storage is falling short, there are several removable wall storage systems that can be hung easily. They are cost-effective, easy to use, and require very minimal work in adding them to your kitchen.
      Removable Wall Shelves for Spices. Image Credit: Etsy
    • Smart Storage Options: Along with the options above, there are several smaller storage solutions that make kitchen tasks much easier. By adding wall-mounted knife blocks, drawer organizers, or even spice racks;  a unique sense of additional storage is created in the space you already have. Therefore, if the storage is falling short in your kitchen, add these simplistic solutions to create storage in even the smallest spaces.
      Image Credit: Kitchen Source

    Functionality: Improve Lighting: When it comes to overall functionality, a tenant has some freedom in changing the lighting. If you are unhappy with the usual, dim fluorescent lighting in the kitchen, consider adding a small lamp or  some decorative pendant lighting for some personality. There are several temporary options that can work, including plug-in sconces and battery-operated task lighting. However, if your landlord allows it, any electrician can easily change the overhead fixture, which can completely transform the vibe, look, and feel of the entire kitchen.

    Image Credit: The Kitchn

    Overall, the best way to personalize your kitchen is to work with what you have. Work with the layout, colors, textures, and find solutions that best suit the space. For example, in a parallel kitchen, adding a moveable island might be too squeezed in the space. However, a parallel kitchen is a great space to add some hanging shelves or other smart storage solutions. Bottom line, whether it is sprucing up the look, storage, or functionality; make the kitchen space everything you want and to suit your needs and preferences. Once that is accomplished, your kitchen will become exactly what you've wanted all along!

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