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  • Everything to Know about Placing the Trash Bin in the Kitchen

    When it comes to the overall kitchen design, we always think about the main appliances, kitchen work triangle, and even storage. However, aside from that, there are so many other details that go into a kitchen design, one of them being the garbage or trash bin area. The choice of kitchen garbage is often assumed to be one of those obvious, ill-planned elements within the kitchen. The garbage area is actually quite importance because it will be used everyday, multiple times a day. In finalizing the trash area of the kitchen, there are several factors to consider, which impacts the overall workflow of the kitchen activities.

    Small vs. Large: The first aspect to consider is the size of the trash bin that works best within the kitchen. Considering the space available, it is best to think about the the overall habits in terms of how frequently trash is thrown away. Bigger trash cans cause large amounts to collect very quickly, while smaller trash bins will needed to be emptied to frequently. Although larger trash bins hold more, smaller trash bings accumulate less smell. Therefore, in any kitchen design, it is best to arrive at a middle ground, where the trash does not fill up enough to accumulate smell, and emptying it is not as inconvenient.

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    Visible vs. Hidden: The next aspect to consider is whether the trash bin should be visible or hidden. Visible means it would be placed next to a counter, while hidden is placed inside any cabinet underneath the countertop. Depending on the user preferences one can go either way. With a visible bin, it can be accessed anytime without disrupting the normal work flow processes, and there are many decorative and style trash bins available to complement the overall kitchen. However, the trash will be visible which is not visually appealing. Hiding the trash area allows everything to be concealed, but it will take up some cabinet space within the entire kitchen.

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    Image Credit: My Kitchen Zone

    Under the Sink vs. Next to the sink: For those who prefer keeping trash area hidden, the most popular locations are either under the sink or right next to the sink. Under the sink is a good option to use up the dead space. However, oftentimes, everybody wishes to access the trash bin, when the sink is being used to clean dishes, causing a disruption in the work flow. For those who find this inconvenient, they prefer putting the the trash next to the sink. It is still near the cleaning zone, yet not in the way for others to access while the sink is being used.

    Image Credit: Homedit

    Free-Standing vs. Built-in: Then comes the debate of for free-standing trash bins vs. built-in trash bins. Built-in trash bins are becoming increasingly popular in modular kitchens, and there is a lesser mess with trash being collected. However, free-standing bins can be just as accessible and unobtrusive, and can even be placed a little bit away from the kitchen to avoid any unpleasant odors from interfering with the kitchen smells.

    Image Credit: Kitchen Source

    Overall, when it comes to deciding the trash bin in the kitchen, definitely consider the lifestyle and extent required for the layout. Each type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, look at what will work best for you!

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