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  • Everything to know about Cabinet Materials

    When it comes to finalizing your cabinet materials the process can be extremely overwhelming. Your designer or vendor can present you with an array of options and you won't even know where to start! At ModSpace.in we provide a comprehensive Buying Guide, explaining all the materials and elements that go into both a kitchen and a wardrobe. Below are the basics of all the materials used at ModSpace.in, starting with the carcass to the finish.

    Cabinet Materials: When the discussing the materials of the cabinet, we start with the carcass or the body of the cabinet itself. The body of the cabinet consists of the entire shape and size of the cabinet box. For the cabinet boxes or carcasses the customers have two options to choose from:

    • Particleboard: is made gluing together small chips of wood and compressing it to form flat boards. Particleboard is laminated at the time of manufacturing, giving a smooth finish, and is environmentally friendly. All particleboard is dipped in an anti-termite solution to make the material highly material resistant. All particleboard used in ModSpace.in kitchens and wardrobes is sealed properly, making it resistant to moisture and humidity. 
    • Plywood: Plywood is the second option for the cabinet carcass. It is engineered by pressing and binding sheets of wood veneer into a solid piece. Due to the layers of veneer it is very strong to work with, and it does not soak up water or liquids easily. Plywood resists the extreme weather conditions and does not expand or shrink with time. 

    Shutters: Shutters are the most visible part of your space. In a kitchen they are the cabinet drawers and doors, and in a wardrobe they are the wardrobe drawers. At ModSpace.in all shutters are engineered using Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), which is made gluing small wood fibers together at high temperatures. This gluing creates a solid, compact piece-making it a smooth surface to work it. The smoothness of MDF allows for versatility in design finish, and the precise finishing allows for easy cutting and adding details and design.

    • Finishes: When it comes to the shutter finish the material is placed on the MDF shutter to create that final look. There are four basic times of finishes given below.
      • Laminates are machine-pressed into MDF, and give the most variety when it comes to styling your space. Laminates are available in an infinite number of colors and styles-and come in both a matt and a gloss finish. As a material, laminates are highly scratch-resistant and very easy to clean and maintain.
        Image Credit: Universal Doors
      • Membrane foils are again pressed into MDF and wrapped around the sides. ModSpace.in provides a variety of matt options in this highly scratch-resistant material. In usage, membranes are very smooth on the hands and easy to clean and maintain.
        Image Credit: Noah Interiors
      • Veneer is an economical option for those who desire that wooden look. It is the perfect substitute for solid wood and adds warmth and coziness to any home. Veneers are thin slices of wood that are glued to the MDF. ModSpace.in veneer shutters are especially unique as they are molded around all four ages to maintain the grain orientation.
        Image Credit: Nutec Wood Wonders
      • Lacquered/Polyurethane Paint is the final option, which includes matt or high gloss finish of an infinite number of colors painted a number of times on the MDF material. These shutters give a very rich and contemporary look, and is protected against scratches.
        Image Credit: The Kitchen Centre

    When it comes to selecting your kitchens or wardrobes, refer to the list above to make the decision process easier. Consult one of our experts to help you through the decision-making!

  • Why MDF is the Best Material for Shutters

    At ModSpace.in, all elements of our products are carefully selected to ensure that the final solution is of the most premium quality. Oftentimes, other vendors compromise on the basic quality of raw materials to lower the cost of the finished product. This often leads to unhappy customers who experience extensive wear and tear in their items. From the basic raw materials, to the finish, and the appliances and accessories; all elements in the ModSpace.in finished products are of superior quality, ensuring a long lasting solution for your home. One aspect of both kitchens and wardrobes that gets the most attention is the shutters. The shutters determine both the aesthetics and overall functionality of the entire solution. Therefore, special attention is paid to ensure the raw materials for the shutters give the best finish possible. The ModSpace.in kitchens and wardrobes us MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) for the shutters. As mentioned in the Kitchen Buying Guide, MDF is an engineered wood material that is made of small fibers glued together at high temperatures to create a solid, compact piece. As a material for shutters, MDF is ideal as it allows the best finish for the kitchens and wardrobes. The benefits of MDF are elaborated below.

    Smooth Surface: As a material, MDF has an extremely smooth surface. When the pieces of wood are glued together, the top and bottom surfaces are very smooth. The smoothness makes the surface easier to paint and place any finish on it. For example, if a kitchen were made in a membrane finish, the foils would be placed on the MDF material. Due to the smoothness of the MDF, the clean, sleek appearance of the membrane finish is further emphasized.

    Versatility in Design: The smooth surface of the material, itself, allows for great versatility in design and finish. MDF can support a variety of finishes easily. ModSpace.in products are available in laminate, membrane, veneer, and PU paint, and all of these finishes are added to MDF surfaces to create the final shutters. The uniqueness and characteristics of each color and finish is easily shown through the MDF material.  The smooth surface also allows for more intricate designs and easy cutting of any detailing necessary for the shutter.

    Stable: Due to its density, MDF as a material is very stable. It does not expand or contract with extreme temperature changes and finishes can easily be wiped down on the material without damaging the entire shutter. All finishes require basic cleaning to maintain the "new" look of the entire shutter; and they can be easily cleaned regularly without damaging the MDF itself.

    As a raw material, MDF is ideal for the cabinet shutters. Its smooth surface and stability allows the entire cabinetry to have the best finish possible for the final kitchen and wardrobe. With MDF implemented in the ModSpace.in product solutions, we guarantee superior finish and quality kitchens, wardrobes, and other modular products for your home.

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