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  • DESIGN IDEAS: Mirrors in the Kitchen

    Adding a mirror to any home space is an intelligent design move. As mentioned in many previous blog posts, the reflective nature of mirrors adds a sense of depth to a given space, making the room fell bigger than it actually is. A mirror bounces light across the room, which illuminates the entire space making it appear brighter. As many kitchen spaces are getting smaller, a mirror can be a great design addition to bring that glamorous, beautiful look to the entire space. This multi-purpose design solution is relatively inexpensive, creative, and beautiful all at the same time. Below are few imaginative ways to add a mirrored surface to your space. With some credit given to the World Wide Web, check out the images below for some inspiration!

    Behind the Cooking Zone: In the image above, the mirror is placed behind the cooking zone and below the wall cabinetry. This brightens up the counter space below, allowing the user to better see the activity on the cooktop. A mirror behind the cooking zone is also a great addition as the user can view the household activities going on behind them, while using the hob at the same time. This is a great solution for young families where little ones need to be supervised. Therefore, in this case, the mirror is reflecting light, while allowing the user to keep an eye on the activities that take place behind them! Image Credit: Houzz
    Behind the Cleaning Zone: Compared to the previous image, the mirror is much larger, and there is a lot more space between the upper cabinets and the counter. Therefore, with the mirror behind the sink, the entire kitchen space looks and appears much larger than it is. Light is being reflected through out the space, and like the image above, the user is able to see any activity that takes place behind them. Image Credit: Pinterest
    Vintage Finish: Interior mirrors are also available in a variety of finishes. Compared to the previous two images, the mirror in the image above gives a more bronzed finish. This bronzed finish adds a soft, vintage touch, directly contrasting the sharp, modern lines surrounding it. Considering different mirrored finishes adds great visual interest and is gives the kitchen design a very unique appeal. Image Credit: Shopify
    Reflective Cabinetry: Mirrors in the kitchen do not necessarily have to be placed on a wall or in a backsplash, mirrored surfaces can also be in the form of cabinetry. Whether it is colored glass cabinetry or a high-gloss finish, the reflective nature of the cabinets will bounce off light toward the entire room, and add some dimension as well. but they also Image Credit: Pinterest
    Statement Lighting: Instead of incorporating mirrors in the cabinetry or backsplash, one can also create an immediate statement with some striking lighting options. With large mirrored lights, the kitchen gets an immediate metallic touch and a bold statement all in one! Image Credit: Internal Home

    Adding a mirror to the kitchen space will be a great asset to create a bold statement and serve as an extra source of light. In your kitchen design, consider a mirror to expand the space!

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