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  • Top 5 Bathroom Vanity Ideas

    A bathroom vanity is a perfect blend of bathroom sink and the storage units. It gives you an extra storage space while giving your bathroom a trendy look. The other benefits of bathroom vanities are: it streamlines the sink and makes the cleaning process easy. Moreover, these are ideal for all family types. Having said that, bathroom vanities are ruling the trends! To give your bathroom a much needed classy and modern look, checkout our list of bathroom vanity ideas.

     1. Dresser Style Bathroom Vanity

    A dresser style bathroom vanity is a perfect amalgamation of vintage and modern elements in a bathroom or a restroom. It offers two utilities at one time, you do not have to fix an individual dresser in your bathroom. It also maximizes the space while giving you ample space for grooming. To create a vintage look, you can opt for brown and white dresser style vanity, for a modern and stylish look, grey should be your choice.

    Dresser Style Bathroom Vanity- Bathroom vanity ideas

    2. Vanity Cabinets in Bathroom

    Vanity cabinets adds storage space in the bathroom, while adding a twist to your vanity. The cabinet can be extended according to the space you need to store your toiletries and other stuff. A free standing hutch gives ample space; it is an ideal storage unit for multiple users. To upgrade the overall look of the bathroom, an antique mirror comes handy. To add a hint of colors you can paint your bathroom with bright colors.

    Vanity Cabinets in Bathroom- Bathroom vanity ideas

    3. Double-Sink Vanities

    Double sink vanities are apt for couple or two people with different needs sharing a same bathroom. An old bathroom with two sinks can be given a modern touch by changing the former color of the cabinetry and walls. A muted blue tone gives a much needed vibrancy to a bathroom, while white colored vanity adds harmony to overall look. For a medium- sized bathroom, two vanities with mirrors are ideal, since they give an illusion of a space, making your bathroom look big. An open bottom vanity with dark wood and simple designs gives a rich look to small and subdued bathroom.

    Double-Sink Vanities- Bathroom vanity ideas

    4. Modern Bathroom Vanity with Marble

    A contemporary look can be achieved with a modern marble, as it gives clean and crisp look that never fades away. Modern marble goes well with every color, giving a bathroom much needed balance and classy look. Moreover, modern marble is easy to maintain and clean.

    Modern Bathroom Vanity with Marble- Bathroom vanity ideas

    5. Vanity with Embellished Drawers

    Drawers on the vanity with detailed look gives a vintage feel to the bathroom. The huge mirror with lavish sitting area takes the entire look of the bathroom a notch higher. For a royal look, you can consider a combination of two subtle colors that makes your vanity stand out.

    Vanity with Embellished Drawers-Bathroom vanity ideas 

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