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  • Why ModSpace.in?

    There is a night and day difference between the Indian homeowner 20 years ago and the Indian homeowner today. Today's demographic is more informed about the world around them, and globalization has led to everyone desiring the international quality. Even in their homes, many homeowners strive for a flexible and storage-sufficient space that is not only versatile, but also adaptable to all surroundings and friendly to the more technological household.

    Especially in terms of kitchens, the definition has changed. Aesthetics and customization are given just as much importance as overall practicality and functionality. Therefore, the idea of the modular kitchen is a more preferred choice. With the modular kitchen, and even a modular wardrobe, homeowners desire that same European-style finish, but to accommodate Indian needs, weather conditions, and users. However, many homeowners have found that international style  and finish is usually too expensive for the average home. As a result, today's homeowners are ready for a vendor who will still deliver the same style and quality at more economical price points. This is why ModSpace.in is the best possible choice: 

    • Best of Both Worlds: We, at ModSpace.in strive to meet the desire of international kitchens and wardrobes to suit all budgets and price points. At ModSpace.in homeowners can achieve internationally designed kitchens and wardrobes  that fit their budget with a hassle-free delivery process. We combine the two desires to deliver a unique product to suit the home, homeowner taste, and the general budget.
    • International Machinery: Our expertise in modular furniture goes back 4 generations, and at our own manufacturing facility, we have special machinery imported from Germany and Italy to guarantee that superior quality finish. Our manufacturing facility also houses all the raw materials, and we follow a strict quality-control process to ensure the finished product is superior in both aesthetics and practical uses.
    • Innovative & User-Friendly Designs: With our new showroom opening shortly, we are constantly innovating designs that are the most friendly to the end-user. We are combining wood with brand-new finish options to ensure that ModSpace.in kitchens and wardrobes are extra durable and fully utilized by the users. Although, all of the finishes and materials are manufactured using European machinery, they are specifically designed for the Indian environment. Whether it is the weather patterns or the user, the ModSpace.in can withstand it-creating a high-performing and essential item for the home. 

    As the Indian homeowner continues to evolve, international trends  with innovate design and functionality options are making a wave across India. However, very few vendors are able to fully deliver such products to the contemporary home. At ModSpace.in, we value the customer from their home taste to the design preferences to the overall experience. Therefore, with our expertise, international machinery, and innovate solutions, we will deliver the best possible product for your home.

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