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  • L-Shaped Kitchen Ideas

    L-shaped kitchen is versatile, since it can be adapted according to both small and large kitchen while providing you efficient kitchen layout. This multipurpose modular kitchen has counter-tops on two adjacent walls that gives it a L-shape. The leg of the kitchen can be extended according to the space available. Moreover, it is one of the best ergonomically designed modular kitchen design. Whether you planning to redesign your traditional kitchen or want to add some glam to your kitchen you should always know what’s trending. Here are couple of L shape kitchen ideas that are ruling the lookbook of 2018.

    1. L- Shaped Kitchen for Small Size

    L-shape kitchen is ideal for small spaces as it seamlessly utilizes the space while giving enough storage and space to work in the kitchen. Light colors compliments small L-shape kitchen, it makes the kitchen look bigger and spacious. To make your kitchen appealing, consider brick style. It gives a raw yet classy look. To make it look spacious you can also plan open L-shaped kitchen.

    L-Shaped Kitchen for Small Area

    2. Storage Units in L-Shaped Kitchen

    Open shelving makes your kitchen look spacious and neat, it is apt for small kitchen. For larger and spacious kitchen banks of cabinets are bliss, as they offer abundance of storage. To make it more functional you can add table and chair. Since, L shaped kitchens are flexible, thus, it can be designed in number of ways to meet your practical requirements.

    Storage Units in L-Shaped Kitchen

    3. L-Shaped Kitchen with Island Layout

    Island does not only offer you sufficient eating area in the kitchen, it does add a storage area as well. While giving your kitchen a funky look, island layout work amazing for long and medium size kitchen. In addition, it offers you extra space for cutting and chopping. For a much needed storage area, you can ask your designer for shelves in the Island that can be used for keeping appliances, baskets and condiments.

     L-Shaped Kitchen with Island

     4. Bright Colors for L-Shaped Kitchen

    Going by 2018 modular kitchen lookbook, traditional brown color is gradually fading and bright colors are ruling the trend. For a contemporary look, you can opt for colorful cabinets. It will add harmony and add some life to your otherwise dull and boring kitchen. Colors like powder blue, lime green, plum and hues of orange add a hint of color to our kitchen without making it gaudy.  A colorful backsplash is also a nice idea to add a pop of color in your neutral kitchen. Complete the look with matching rug.

    Bright Colors for L-shaped Kitchen

    5. White L-Shaped Kitchen

    White is the new black! It gives an elegant and neat look to kitchen. To add a hue of color, go for a pale oak flooring. The combination of white and rusty brown gives a cozy yet aesthetic look.

    White L-Shaped Kitchen

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