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  • Elements of a Neoclassical Kitchen

    The Neoclassical decorating style dates back to the 18th century. Although, it is not as common in today's homes,  this style adds a rich elegance, and is still considered to be one of the most timeless looks that brings a home together. Neoclassical decor was greatly influenced by Scottish Architect: Robert Adam, who added various architectural elements to classic structures.

    Colors: Neoclassical interiors consist of lighter colors, such as cream, grey, pale blue, yellow or light green. These colors can be accented with black, red, gold, or terra cotta. To add character to the walls, wallpapers are used to create a luxurious look in any room

    Light-colored kitchen w/accented countertops and wallpaper as a backsplash above the stove

    Furniture: Neoclassical furniture is simple and symmetrical. The furniture can be in any geometric shape, as long as it is proportional on all sides. In the 18th century, furniture was made from dark wood with marble or stone flooring. However, nowadays, many other materials are available for making neoclassical furniture. The furniture is also complimented with beautiful rugs, particularly Persian rugs. This adds to the richness and elegance of neoclassic interiors.

    Light colored kitchen with hardwood floors w/ symmetrical seating along the kitchen island.

    Decoration: Neoclassical decor emphasizes luxury and detail. Decorative items such as urns, jars, pottery, and china are added to add richness and elegance to a space. Neoclassical decor elements also include large mirrors and artwork. In kitchen cabinets, neoclassical elements are shown in the wall moldings to richness to the entire kitchen.

    Detailed moldings at the top of the kitchen cabinets
    Neoclassical kitchen w/mirror decor and flower vases. The dining area is symmetrical seating Image credit: Houzz

    Recessed Kitchen Cabinets: A characteristic that is distinct to the neoclassical kitchen is the recessed kitchen cabinets. In a neoclassical kitchen, you will not find a cabinet without small detail. The recessed cabinets, again, highlight the rich look, as the attention is paid to the extensive detail of your kitchen cabinets.

    This kitchen has all neoclassic elements: light color with statement kitchen island, recessed cabinets, classic vases for decor, symmetrical decor

    These are the elements that characterize the neoclassical decor. Neoclassical interiors add an elegance and sophistication to any home space. It has a timeless appeal and brings a touch of Victorian Europe to your home!

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