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     There was a time when each employee, especially the ones with higher hierarchy have their own cabins! With evolving time, professionals wish for office areas that have modern designs and breaks the old school trend that restricts their growth. Modern office interiors are open to free movement which leads to social interaction which further concludes higher productivity. Here are some office design ideas to make your office more operational and quirky at the same time.

    1. Flexible Workstations

    The traditional cabins have now been converted into workstation, where people can freely move and are not confined to their desk. Furniture on wheels gives freedom to employees to work according to their comfort level. This further raises the productivity and efficiency of the employees. Moreover, it allows them to work in team and exchange their ideas freely. A combination of fixed, standing and group desk is apt for creating a collaborative environment.

    Flexible Workstations-Office Design Ideas

    2. Private Workstations

    Modern private stations have nothing to do with glass doors, stuffy cubicles and cemented cabins, the modern stations comprise of private work-spaces in the office. Such stations are ideal for the jobs that require more concentration, or are creativity oriented and elude noise. This not only give the employees heir private space to work efficiently but add a trendy look as well.

    Private Workstations-Office Design Ideas

    3. Greenery in Your Work Area

    According to a recent survey, green plants increases concentration which further raises the productivity level. For this you can add indoor plants that are low on maintenance and does not cause any problems to employees. For a picturesque look, you can consider biophilic or green office designs. While adding a natural and aesthetic look to the office, the green plants promote positivity as well. Adding Hanging gardens also known as living walls in the reception area or meeting room is the best way to amp-up the space. Taking a green movement forward you can also place planters around the office.

    Greenery in Your Work Area image-Office Design Ideas

    4. Trendy Group Spaces

    Gone are those days when employees used to throw a chat in a canteen or get into discussion while having a cup of tea or coffee, trendy group spaces have now taken over them. A bright area with trendy sofa in the corner is perfect nook for brainstorming and seamless teamwork. It could be a great substitute of small meeting room as well. You can also use the space for recreational activities where you can through couple of bean bags and set an entertainment unit for playing video games in your free time or to break the monotony.

    Trendy Group Spaces- Office Design Ideas

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