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  • 3 Creative Ways to Combine the Home Office and Kitchen

    In a contemporary home today, the kitchen and home office are the most used rooms. Either time is spent preparing, gathering, and eating in the kitchen; or it is spent working and organizing in the home office. Therefore, why not combine the two rooms in a single area? Combining the kitchen and home office allows the homeowner to multi-task between the office work and their kitchen work. Whether it is organizing house bills or working from home, a home office is a definite benefit. When it is combined with the kitchen, the user is able to prepare or supervise food, while working at their desk. Therefore, combine your home office and kitchen to be more productive and kill two birds with one stone. Below check out three ways the home office can be combined with the kitchen.

    White kitchen space turned into desk Separation: In this home office and kitchen combination, the office is a part of the kitchen, yet still separate due to the tall cabinetry. The tall cabinet serves as a distinguishing factor between office and kitchen without being too overwhelming. To continue the kitchen aspect, the office section has the same cabinetry and countertop, which is being used a desktop. However, instead of closed cabinetry, the office space has open cabinetry, showcasing different colors of books and creating some variation or color. This home office continues the kitchen yet specializes the office aspect- combing the home office and kitchen beautifully. Image Credit: Homedit
    Kitchen office Portable Office: Another way to create a home office in the kitchen is by adding a smaller table space. This steel table is contemporary and complements the kitchen interiors, especially the colors in the the kitchen countertop. The narrow wall space just above the desk is working as a message or reminder center, with a steel bulletin board, which is magnetic to place paper clips and sticky notes. The natural light pouring through the windows allows the user to work productively during the day, and there is a desk lamp for darker hours. Finally the rolling cart under the work top serves as a file storage area for magazines, books, and important papers. It allows the user to keep their tasks organized in the smaller space. Image Credit: CDN
    Portable office Converting Kitchen Cabinets: This home office in the kitchen converted kitchen cabinets into overhead desk cabinets. Using the smaller kitchen countertop as a work space. The office is personalized with some color to create a focal point, yet still be in the kitchen at the same time. Therefore, one can work at their desk and grab a snack from the fridge in less than a minute! A space this size is often used as a coffee and tea station with cups and mugs in the overhead cabinets. However, the overhead cabinets in this case are creatively used to store essentials without taking up too much excessive space. Even in this home office and kitchen combo, both types of tasks can be done simultaneously! Image Credit: Digs Digs

    Combining the home office and kitchen will increase productivity and create a unique multi-purpose space within the home. With combining two purposes on one spot, the home can be more personalized, yet functional at the same time.

  • 5 Tips for Designing a the Perfect Home Office

    Whether you are a student or a professional, every home can benefit from a home office: that independent work space created for the required and disciplined atmosphere within the home. Whether it is studying for an exam, catching up on work emails, or running a business, a home office should be much more than a basic desk and chair. It should complement the home and still provide a productive work space. At ModSpace.in we provide a wide variety of desks to suit the smaller and even the larger home offices. For more on our lose furniture, click here. Below are 5 ways to personalize your home office to suit you.


    Location within the Home: The first step for adding a home office is finalizing the location with the home. A home office is a space where a homeowner will spend many many hours. Therefore, the location should be convenient and aesthetically pleasing. Avoid having a desk stuffed into a spare room or closet. Designate a location which can maximize productivity-whether it is a quiet corner or an action-packed area.

    Home Office Connected to the Kitchen. Image Credit: Home Edit

    Think Form and Function: In order to best serve its ideal purpose, all items in the home office should serve you. Depending on the workflow and working style, consider the furniture needed that are both functional and attractive. For example, if a home office is being designed as a student's study zone, then the furniture should include an upright, comfortable chair, a wider desk space to spread their books, and maybe even a book shelf. If the home office is supposed to be a more creative space, then have paintbrush holders handy.

    Image Credit: Media Planet

    Use Some Color & Accessorize: The home office should complement the rest of the home. It should not be a boring space with a desk and blank walls. Give some visual interest by adding some color in the shelving,  pen-holders, or even upholstery for the chair. Personalize the desk or table with essentials such as fun notepads, a decorative dustbin or a colored bulletin board. A home office should be a space of inspiration. Add some colorful paintings or motivational quotes to the walls to keep yourself going.

    Image Credit: Decoist

    Lighting (natural and artificial): Ensure the home office has plenty of lighting. Natural light should come to through a window, and there should be a small desk lamp for task lighting to avoids eye strain and headaches and make the space a little more practical for getting work done.

    Image Credit: Design Trends

    Organize Vertically & Horizontally: Plan the organizational elements efficiently. Often times, home offices are not the largest spaces, and one has to get creative with using space efficiently. Include shelving above the desk, a stacking filer on the table to ensure all items are well organized. One can even get creative with storage underneath the worktop to ensure an efficient use of space.

    Image Credit: HGTV

    A home office should be a space to inspire and complement the home at the same time. With these little tricks one can easily personalize and create a productive space within the home to suit their work, lifestyle, home, and personality.

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