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  • One-wall Kitchen Design: The Straight Kitchen

    What is it?

    The straight kitchen is a one-wall kitchen layout, where all appliances and storage are placed in a linear fashion. This one-wall kitchen layout is a simple, yet functional design, and everything is within easy reach.

    Why should you use it?

    • Perfect for small spaces
    • Everything is within easy reach
    • Efficiently designed
    • Takes up the least amount of space within any household
    • Adds to the open floor plan
    • Greatly complements a living room or dining room space
    Straight Kitchen with dining table.

    Tips and Tricks for the Straight Kitchen

    • Add a high table or dining table to add a socializing space within the kitchen.
    • Make sure you have ongoing storage in your floor and wall cabinets
    • Open shelving, rather than closed cabinets allows for a more open kitchen design and easy storage.
    • The small design allows for pops of color, so have fun with it!
    • Ensure you have enough counter space between your cooking range and your sink unit.


    Space Organization: Organizing a straight kitchen can be a challenging process. Its smaller design often creates confusion on how items will be organized and stored. At ModSpace.in, we walk you through the design process from start to finish. Below we have outlined the overall space organization of the straight kitchen. Each type of unit is organized by color and explained below.

    Straight Kitchen Organization (colors explained below) Straight Kitchen Organization (colors explained below)
    • Starting from left to right, the beginning of your kitchen is your refrigerator. As a larger aspect of your kitchen it will take up the significant space.


    • The yellow represents all consumable food storage. Any ready-to-eat snacks and foods are ideally placed in these cabinets.
      • We've included snack storage above the microwave and oven to store accessible snacks for any household member to nibble on while using the kitchen.
      • The consumable storage unit on either side of the kitchen hob can be used to store any easy-to-eat items or easy-to-drink items, such as tea, coffee, cereals, energy bars, granola bars. Essentially these cabinets are designed to hold any food items that do not require refrigeration.
      • The consumable storage unit at the bottom of the cooking range, is perfect for dry food items that require cooking. Due to its placement being directly below the hob, one can easily reach down and grab any rice or dals that require cooking before serving.


    • The purple is any storage for china, cutlery, and crockery.
      • A storage unit is placed right below the microwave and oven to place any microwavable containers or baking items. For example if you are baking a cake and you need a mold, you'd store it right below the oven. 
      • The cabinet on the left of the cooking range is perfect for storing any serving dishes. When you are finished cooking your food you can simple open the cabinet, take out a serving dish, place it on the counter, and plate your food before serving it.
      • The crockery storage right below the cooking range is for any cooking utensils that are necessary while cooking or eating. For example, you may need to try the food you are cooking: you can simply open the drawer and grab a small spoon to taste your food!
      • The final crockery unit is placed right above the sink. This location is perfect to store the daily-used plates and bowls. This unit can be organized to include dish rack inside so your dishes can dry while they're being stored!


    • The red represents the preparation zone. This zone includes all items needed for cooking preparation.
      • The first item is a bottle pull-out to effectively organize and store any oils, condiments, and seasonings that are frequently used in your cooking. Since it is very close to the hob, your ingredients will be within easy reach.
      • The cabinet to the right of the cooking range is perfect to store your cooking utensils, pots, and pans. As its location is right next to the stove, you won't have to reach all over your kitchen to get retrieve a simple frying pan!


    • The blue covers the cooking range with the chimney and hob. In a straight kitchen, ensure that you have plenty of counter space to place your ingredients, while using the hob. 


    • The green signifies the cleaning zone with your sink unit. The sink unit is a perfect space to store your cleaning supplies and garbage disposal. Neither one of these items are aesthetically pleasing in any kitchen, but they are all necessary! So why not store them in a place that is not visible? 


    At ModSpace.in, we design our kitchens to maximize storage to fit your needs. We strive to create space in even the smallest areas.  Our experts in space organization will ensure that you receive the best kitchen for your storage and usage needs.

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