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  • Organizing the Bar Unit

    One of the elements of a typical Indian home is being able to entertain. Entertaining or having guests happens very often in Indian homes, and they should be built and organized accordingly. One of the elements of building a home to entertain is by having a well-stocked and organized bar cabinet. One of the modular furniture pieces we, at ModSpace.in, do is custom bar cabinets or units. The bar cabinets are custom-sized and designed to the space provided within the home. So whether it is cocktails or mocktails, check out some tips below on keep the bar cart ever ready and organized for entertaining.


    Separate the Types of Items: The first rule is to separate the types of items that go into a bar: the bottles, glassware, and any bar tools. All types of items should have their own designated storage area within the bar cabinet. Wine and champagne glasses can hang upside down, while tools, such as shakers can be placed in another section of the cabinet. All items should be separate for better organization and easier reach for yourself or guests to access easily.

    Separate the Types of Items Image Credit: Pinterest

    Categorize Bottles by Type: The next step is to organize the bottles by the type: whether it is liquor bottles or even juice boxes, all bottles should be organized by their type: wine bottles in one area, hard alcohol bottles in another area, and any other elements such as sodas and colas in another area.

    Categorize Bottles by Type Image Credit: Pinterest

    Organize bottles by Frequency of Use: Place the more frequently-used bottles on the more accessible shelves. Depending on yours and your guests preference place the more frequently-used or asked for items on shelves where guests can easily access them without interfering with the rest of the organization. If there is space on the shelf for more bottles, after placing the frequent ones, then organize the shelf by the type of liquor and keep the organization consistent throughout.

    Organize bottles by Frequency of Use Image Credit: Pinterest

    Ensure bottles look attractive: Finally, practical organization is one aspect, but a good bar cabinet should also look attractive. After the basic organization elements are taken care of, ensure cabinet looks attractive. The bottles and glasses are dusted and cleaned before use,  and the labels of each bottle are facing the front, making them better visible to any user at the bar, whether it is yourself or your guest.

    Keeping your bar cabinet well-stocked is one of the first steps to getting your home ready to for entertaining. Ensure yours is ready to be a hit at your next house dinner!

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