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  • How Modular Pricing Works

    The contemporary homeowner of India is changing. Many of today's homeowners are opting for a modular kitchen in their homes. With lives getting busier and more occupied, today's homeowners want a hassle-free process for finalizing a contemporary attractive and fully functional kitchen to cater to today's environment. Therefore, many are opting not to run after carpenters, where there is a high risk of a runaway budget and delayed timelines in completing the entire home. At ModSpace.in we practice transparent pricing, giving you the exact cost of all elements of the kitchen and wardrobe you choose. Take a peek at how our pricing works!

    What is Modular? The term "modular" is being used very loosely today. The true definition of "modular" according to dictionary.com is.

    "Composed of standardized units or sections for easy construction or flexible arrangement"

    In other words, to create a modular kitchen or wardrobe, units are designed and created using standard sizes and arranged accordingly. One of the benefits of going modular is that every single unit can be moved around and rearranged, and ca also be removed from one home and placed in another home. Therefore, a prime benefit of going modular is once you've acquired a modular kitchen, it will stay with you regardless of which home you move to next.

    Image Credit: K7 Lifestyle

    Pricing the Modules: So now that we have a clear idea of the definition of "modular", the question is how it translates to pricing. The design of a module consist several variables to determine the final price.

    • Dimensions: The price changes according to the size of the cabinetry. The bigger the cabinet, the higher the price.


    • Materials: ModSpace.in kitchens and wardrobes use MDF for the shutters and have the option of particleboard or plywood for the cabinetry. Depending on the amount and the choice of material used, the cost can go up or down. At ModSpace.in, plywood is priced higher than particleboard.


    • Finish: Depending the finish, the final price is variable. Finishes are priced differently based on the amount of work and labor that goes into creating the completed product. ModSpace.in offers a wide range of finish and color options that are suitable for all types of price points. These finishes include: laminate, membrane, veneer, & lacquered/PU Paint.


    • Hardware: The next step is the hardware chosen. These small items complete your kitchen and make it easier to use. What are the specifications for your drawer fittings, what are the type of hinges you desire? Answering these questions allows you to finalize the hardware to be used in the kitchen. ModSpace.in uses hardware from Hettich & Blum, and depending on the fixture and overall product the price will go up or down.


    • Accessories: Once the basic elements of your cabinetry are complete, the next aspect is adding accessories to organize your storage space and create more room in a small area. The accessories are supplied by Hettich and Blum, and add a pleasure-able experience to using the kitchen.


    • Add-ons: The final element of pricing are the add-ons, which are the extra elements used to complete a kitchen. At ModSpace.in, these elements are optional, depending on the requirements. However, as a homeowner, you have the option of adding appliances by Franke Faber, and adding countertops.


    Pricing formula: Based on the information above, the pricing formula for modular furniture is fairly straightforward:

    Dimensions+Materials+Finish+Hardware+Accessories+Add-ons=Final Price

    With all of our products, we practice transparent pricing, where all of our customers are well-informed BEFORE the order is even placed. Therefore, you, as a homeowner, are informed well in-advance of the final price of your kitchen or wardrobe. For your kitchen or wardrobe, give us a call!

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