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  • 5 Royal Kitchens Used Through History

    The Royals are in India! Everywhere there is buzz about the royal couple's whereabouts, wardrobe choices, and events. A visit from any royal, prime minister, or president from around the world, creates history as it strengthens relations between countries. Taking some inspiration from the Royals' visit, lets take a look at some of the royal kitchens that have existed throughout history and are still preserved or used today.

    The Great Kitchen at Windsor Castle

    Windsor Castle was and is still always known for being both grand and welcoming at the same time. The principle of the castle was to equally acknowledge a royal, noble, or even a servant. Therefore, all rooms, including, the kitchen, are designed accordingly. The Great Kitchen is a large space with long working spaces where all the workers could interact with one another to accomplish their tasks at the same time. Today, this kitchen still stands, but as a great tourist attraction open to all visitors around the world.

    "The immense kitchen of Windsor, which is authetically a kitchen, is indisputably a high, noble, and worthy kitchen or a castle, one that communicates something of the royal dignity itself to the humble, servile, activity of the cook"

    Neuschwanstein Castle

    Located in Southwest Germany, this castle is a 19th century Romanesque that is still standing today. Although vacant, it is still maintained for all visitors. The kitchen for this castle is located on the ground floor, and had the best kitchen technology of the day. The kitchen has two predominant working counter spaces, with one against the wall and an island in the center. Although the kitchen is not used today, the kitchen still has a cooking zone with a stove and side board, a built-in oven, a plate warmer, baking warmer, mortar, and fish tank. The kitchen also has a pantry with a built-in crockery cupboard.

    Topkapi Palace


    The kitchen area of this Istanbul palace is exceptionally huge, with a Main kitchen to serve the Sultan, Privy Kitchen where desserts and candies were made. The kitchen space consists of 10 sections, which included the kitchen spaces themselves, prayer facilities for the chefs and cooks, the oil house, and the pantry.  The Palace Kitchens were constructed in domed structures, and included long work areas with large cooking pots to stir food for large meals

    Buckingham Palace

    This London Palace is still being used today. With a rich history, the Queen of England still resides there and hosts large dinners often. In fact, more than 50,000 guests visit the Palace each year to attend the Queen's banquets, lunches, dinners, receptions, and garden parties. The Buckingham Palace kitchen, today is able to serve a sit-down meal for up to 600 people at one time. Still in operation, the vast kitchen uses the latest technology with large, expandable working spaces and utensil and crockery storage along the walls. The cooks and junior cooks work together side-by-side to serve royal meals to Britain's reigning royal family.

    Hampton Court Palace

    The Hampton Court Palace Kitchens were built to prepare Tudor meals for Henry VIII. Still being used in their authenticity today, the large kitchen was designed to feed a minimum of 600 people at least twice a day. Elaborate meals are still cooked in this vast kitchen today without modern conveniences. The kitchen feeds many mouths, giving the authentic Tudor experience.

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