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  • Decor Inspiration: Scandinavian Style for the Kitchen

    Scandinavian style is becoming a prime option for Indian homes. It is loved and celebrated across the world, and it adds a timeless style to the home interiors and can be complimented in every room, including the kitchen. Considering the kitchen is the heart of the home, many characteristics of Scandinavian design can easily be incorporated to create that beautiful look within the home. Check out how the Scandinavian style can be a great choice for the Indian contemporary kitchen.

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    Airy Ambiance: Many Scandinavian countries experience long, dark winters and very bright, sunny summers. Therefore, most of the kitchens have large windows, providing extensive natural light, which is an eco-friendly solution to add to any kitchen. Natural light is a trademark feature of the Scandinavian style, and it can easily be added to Indian kitchens. Large windows can easily provide that natural light and sheer curtains or blinds can be added for the extra privacy whenever required.

    Warm and Light Hues: Scandinavian interior style uses a lot of lighter colors to make a space look more inviting and spacious. Therefore, many designs have white and other pastel colors as the main color tones within the interiors. Scandinavian interiors typically use white or other neutral colors to maintain that airy ambiance within the kitchen, and give the illusion a space is much larger than it actually is. However, amongst the lighter hues, one can easily add colorful accents.

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    Accent of Colors and Patterns: Colorful accents and patterns can offset the whites and neutrals by adding colors and patterns as accents. Pairing bright accents in the kitchen is much easier than other rooms, as one can easily use bright kitchenware for spontaneous pops of color throughout the entire layout. Whether it is decorations, an accent wall, or a colorful backsplash, any user can create a very unique color palette within the kitchen space.

    Plants: Plants are another way of adding some color and accent pieces to the kitchen space. In the kitchen, they can be added in the form of an herb garden on the windowsill or in a corner and have multi-purpose use of both decoration and immediate food access.

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    Natural Finishes: Along with the neutral colors, Scandinavian designs typically go the eco-friendly route, using a lot of natural finishes and products to complete the entire space. Therefore, many kitchens will have have a wood-like or linen style finish to give a more natural look to the space.

    Overall, Scandinavian style is both beautiful and highly functional. Keeping the minimalistic and eco-friendly elements truly embodies this style, making it a great interior solution for the Indian contemporary kitchen.

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