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  • Advantages of Open Shelving

    Open shelving is a popular design concept we see in many modular kitchens. Complementing modern design, open shelving is becoming  more common as a contemporary storage option for today's kitchens. In fact, many of the previous blogs have highlighted open shelving as a contemporary design concept. While considering open shelves for your modular kitchen, check out the benefits below to help decide whether or not open shelves are for you.

    • Storage Options Compared to Cabinets: Wall cabinets can be slightly restrictive in terms of space, only allowing a certain size or amount of items within the given area. Depending on the height they might also be difficult to reach, especially for the smaller individuals. However, open shelves are more continuous, providing a little more flexibility to arrange your items in a practical, yet creative way. Due to their structure, any user can arrange and reach for their items very easily while using the kitchen.
      Kitchen with both cabinets and open shelves. Image Credit Caddomineral
    • Space looks Bright, Open, and Inviting: As mentioned in many previous blogs, open shelving creates an open and inviting look in the entire a kitchen. Especially in a smaller kitchen, the boxy look of continuous wall cabinetry can make a kitchen look small, dark, and constricting. Since open shelves are typically a single line along the wall, an illusion of a more open kitchen is created. More light flows through the kitchen, and it also creates a more inviting environment. Even when homeowners have guests visiting, the open shelves create that welcoming feel where anybody can simply grab and use the items on the shelves without any formalities.
      Image Credit: Dostie Homes
    • Easy to Organize: Due to the open nature, all the items are more visible making everything much easier to organize. Everything has a designated spot and any user can easily see where and how the items are placed. This is often a welcome change compared to conventional wall cabinets which require a user to reach further back to organize and visualize their items.
      Image Credit: Decorating Files
    • Cost-Effective: Open shelves are a great economical option for those who desire new wall cabinet storage. A conventional cabinet requires manufacturing, time, and installation of placing the entire box correctly in the kitchen. But an open shelf takes less time and is much easier to install than the actual cabinet. Therefore, when to revive an old kitchen or get a new kitchen, consider open shelves as a more budget-friendly option!
    • Display Collections & Decoration: Open shelves allow a user to get extremely creative with the overall look and feel of the kitchen. One can use open shelves to display collections of pretty dish-ware in a unique and interesting way. The user can have a lot of fun by displaying some fun colors and designs to bring some life to the overall kitchen.
      Image Credit: Pinterest

    Overall, open shelves have some great benefits in the modular kitchen design. With the convenience it brings in storage, organization, and cost they are a great design option for the contemporary kitchen. Nevertheless, one thing to keep in mind is that dust tends to collect faster, so these shelves require more regular cleaning than closed cabinets. Because everything is on display, open shelves also require a user to be a bit more organized, as the items on open shelves will affect the general kitchen aesthetic. Frequent cleaning and simplistic organization are the two aspects to consider while adding open shelves to your kitchen. However, definitely consider them and even test it out by removing the cabinet shutters to get a feel for open storage. See if you love it or hate it, and if they're not for you, simply put the shutters back!

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