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  • How To Choose The Right Sink For Your Kitchen-Part 1

    Besides the cooking hob, the kitchen sink gets the same, if not more, amount of activity. Being the main aspect of your kitchen's cleaning zone, there are multiple factors to consider while finalizing the sink for your kitchen space. Depending on the layout and cleaning zone in the kitchen, the sink's location is finalized. Considering location, number of wash basins, layout, and use; there are several factors to consider while deciding the appropriate sink for your kitchen. This 2-part blog series will go in-depth into all the aspects that can be considered for choosing the perfect sink for the kitchen.

    Sink Material: 

    • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is one of those common materials used in sinks. It makes up 70% of global direction and goes with all design themes and shapes. As a material, it is very hygienic and non-porous. It is also water-resistant, making it an easy option for today's modular kitchens. ModSpace.in kitchens provide stainless steel sinks as an add-on option for the kitchen space.
      Image Credit: Houzz
    • Granite & Composite: This material is a much newer option, which is getting increasingly popular. Granite sinks add a soft, modern look to a kitchen and give blend beautifully with the kitchen countertops. They create an elegant and natural look. Just like stainless steel, granite is very hygienic and non-porous. However, since the concept of granite sinks is newer, there are limited manufacturers and available of this material in sinks.
      Image Credit: Inpicta
    • Acrylic: Acrylic creates a seamless look within any kitchen space. Adding sophistication and elegance, acrylic is a preferred choice for many restaurants. It is very hygienic and can easily be go with any color scheme. As a material, acrylic is very easy to clean and is extremely long lasting.
      Image Credit: Houzz

    Number of Basins

    • Large Single Sink: A large single basin is a very versatile option for your kitchen sink. It is perfect for soaking or washing larger casseroles and pans. It is also ideal for preparing large quantities of food. However, a single basin may create challenges when a large dish needs soaking. The larger item may prevent you from cleaning the smaller items and stemware in the sink as well.
      Image Credit: Houzz
    • Two Basins, Different Sizes: Having two basins allows any user to separate the tasks while cleaning the sink. For example, one side can be used for cleaning dishes while the other side can be used to prepare of soak food for meal preparation. When the wash basins are of two different sizes, ideally the larger on is used for cleaning and the smaller one is used for prepping. The downside of the two basin sink is that it is much more difficult to wash or soak larger pots and pans.
      Image Credit: Houzz
    • Two Basins, Equal Sizes: However, of the basins are of equal sizes, then the tasks can be separated equally. To the user, the sink appears much more symmetrical, which is typically pleasing to the eye. However, just like any two basin sink, there is a greater difficulty in soaking larger pots and pans.
      Image Credit: Kitchen Source
    • Three Basins: 2 Large, 1 Small: In the occasion of a kitchen sink with three basins, there are two larger basins and one that is extremely small. It allows the user to spread out their cleaning tasks easily across three different surfaces. However, this type of sink requires extensive space in the kitchen. Therefore, it is not recommended for smaller kitchen designs.
      Image Credit: Houzz

    The kitchen sink has countless variables that are considered for each kitchen space. As each kitchen is unique in its own way, the sink deserves special attention. Stay tuned for the next blog about kitchen sinks!

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