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  • 10 Decorating Ideas for Tiny Kitchens

    Smaller kitchens in smaller homes are becoming the norm in modern India. However, when it comes to designing a small kitchen, we often assume a user is restricted with limited decor and utility space. However, there are a variety of ways not only create space in a small kitchen, but to incorporate some creative decor to a small kitchen. Check out the ways of creating space in a small kitchen here.

    Table for Two: When we think of a kitchen area, we visualize a table for 6-8 people. However, in a small kitchen include a smaller, informal eating area for two people to create that social space in a tiny area.

    Image Credit: Daisy Curve

    Showcase Color: To create that visual interest, make the kitchen feel spacious but showing some color. Whether it is coloring the walls or adding colorful dishes and plants to shelves, add some color to your kitchen space to make it look more inviting. Allowing space for colorful items immediate draws attention and gives the kitchen a contemporary twist.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Artwork: A small kitchen can greatly complement both small and large artwork. Choose some art with personality and that reflects on you. Vintage signs, advertisements, and even food-related art are perfect for the kitchen space.

    Image Credit: Decor .966

    Skinny Accessories: Add some skinny decorative items to your kitchen in the form of accessories. Add a slim, movable island to give some dimension and add extra shelving space in the smaller area. Skinny accessories can also be added to the wall in the form of wall decor. Add narrow shelves to hang photos or place leaning frames, or add small stools for extra pops of color.

    Image Credit: Foxyoxie

    Display Collections: A small kitchen design can incorporate a lot of open storage. Use the open storage to display a collection of items. Displaying a collection of decorative crockery adds simple color and visual interest to the smaller kitchen space. It also allows the user to showcase some unique decor in the kitchen.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Beautiful Backsplash: The backsplash is one of the few aspects of a kitchen that does not take up any space while changing it up. Bring a small kitchen to life with a bold backsplash to add some drama into the kitchen space. The backsplash brings the colors together and is definitely a better use of the kitchen wall.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Bold Textiles, Patterns, & Linens:  One of the easier kitchen decorating ideas is using bold textiles in the curtains and linens. If a kitchen is of neutral colors, brighten it up with bold curtains and towels. However, if the kitchen has some color, mix up some of the textures in the curtains and the kitchen towels. Mix and match the accessories on the counter to complement the overall kitchen palette.

    Image Credit: Furniture4world

    Unique Pendants: Besides cabinets and walls, there is also kitchen lighting which can easily add some beautiful decor to the kitchen space. Having the appropriate is not only practical, but it should match the overall kitchen aesthetic. Incorporating interesting light fixtures will give your kitchen that distinctive feel. There area variety of options in unique pendants to add that individuality to your kitchen space.

    Image Credit: Homee Money

    Remove Cabinet Doors: To make a small kitchen feel more open, can easily remove the cabinet doors to have a version of open storage. With removing the cabinet doors, a user can get extremely creative by using textured baskets and bins or beautiful glass containers to keep their items. This brings some variety to the monotony of ongoing shutters and everything will be displayed neatly.

    Image Credit Home Stories A to Z

    Rolling Storage: If all storage in the kitchen should be covered, another way of adding some decor and color is by replacing the shutters with colorful curtains that can simply be rolled open when required to use and rolled shut when done.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

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