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  • Top 3 Problems in Small Kitchens and How to Solve Them

    More often than not, we realize any design mistakes in our home after it is completely designed and constructed. This happens with all rooms, including the kitchen. As the heart of the home, most homeowners find the most mistakes in their kitchen-where either the storage is less, the lighting is less, there is not enough counter space, or all of the above. In other words, the kitchen is too small. However, after identifying why the kitchen is too small: less storage, less workspace, or less lighting solving these problem areas is doable. Check out some efficient solutions to solve these issues in the teeny tiny kitchens.


    Very Little or No Natural Light: In an attempt to get as much as possible in a small kitchen, lighting can be neglected until the very end. In fact a kitchen without any natural light will look and feel even smaller than it actually is. However, the solution to this is ton include under-cabinet lighting. It brightens the room and gives an expanded sense of space. The lighting also allows for the user to better see the countertops while conducting kitchen tasks.

    Small Kitchen with Under Cabinet Lighting. Image Credit: Dylan Gallery

    No Upper Cabinets: In an effort to create a more pleasing layout and make the smaller kitchen look attractive, no upper cabinets are put-causing a lack in storage. One solution to this is to dedicate a wall to ceiling-to-floor storage within the kitchen itself. Smaller kitchens are either single-wall straight kitchens or long parallel kitchens. Therefore, use one wall to have ceiling-to-floor storage. Take full advantage of even the narrowest space and have a pull-point pantry to keep as many items as possible within the small kitchen space.

    A small straight kitchen, using one wall for ceiling to floor storage. Image Credit: Arhifem

    Not Enough Counter Space: Another common problem is lacking counter space for preparing food of placing items. Users who lack prep space in the kitchen often complain that their utensils or and bulky appliances eat up their space and there is not even enough room for chopping! However a solution to this is to add a small island unit within the kitchen. It makes the kitchen look bigger, adds extra counter space, and has shelving and storage below the counter to keep various kitchen items. A waist-height island within the small kitchen is a multi-purpose solution to that will give more counter space with storage, and possibly even seating.

    This small kitchen design has an island with some seating. Image Credit: HGTV

    Most of all, dealing with a smaller kitchen can be extremely tricky. In at attempt to get a good design or good storage, some of the essential elements are missed. However, there are definitely some easy solutions to incorporate within a small design, which can make a vast different to the space. Hence, if your home only has room for a small kitchen, contact us! We will provide efficient, storage-friendly solutions ideal for your space, home, and lifestyle.

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