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  • Getting the Kitchen Summer-Ready

    It is already March, and the summer season is beginning to poke its way through. There is definitely a change in season as Spring makes its way into 2017. With the summer months just ahead of us, it is time to prepare our homes for the brand-new season. Besides clearing out our wardrobes for summer-which can be seen in this blog post, one can also prep the kitchen to get it ready for the upcoming summer months. Use this spring season prep your space for the long summer ahead!

    Clear all Countertops-Minimalism is here to stay this season. Use this time to declutter the countertops and clear away the little-used appliances and miscellaneous items and place them in their designated storage spaces. Clean surfaces are surprisingly uplifting, and give the kitchen a more positive appeal.

    Image Credit: Clean an Scentsible

    Brighten up the Lighting-Update your lighting by changing up the pendants to some brighter, colored options and add some sunny hues to the kitchen space. It will create a great impact in the kitchen, and give a new look and feel for the summer 2017 season.

    Image Credit: Decoist

    Clean the Windows-Bring in some natural light and get the windows cleaned! Natural light immediately uplifts a space and creates a welcoming atmosphere within the kitchen. Clean windows make a remarkable difference, try it in your kitchen for the summer!

    Image Credit: The Decoist

    Make the Kitchen a Fun Space-As a season, summer is extremely bright. Despite the heat, there is a brightness about this time of the year, and that should be brought into the home. Create a fun atmosphere in the kitchen, by playing some music, or changing up some of the decor to more colorful collections. This will give your kitchen space an instant makeover, and uplift the mood in the entire home.

    Image Credit: Miumiu Borse

    Freshen Up-Lastly, add a fresh update within the kitchen. Springtime is all about beautiful flowers. So pull out that beautiful vase and add some fresh flowers to your kitchen counter. They add instant color, greenery, and a bit of life to the kitchen, Update the kitchen fabrics with some bright kitchen towels and window coverings for that instant summer update!

    Image Credit: CDN

    In India, we generally dread the summer months due to the constant heat, but it can bring an element of fun within your home. Use this spring season to not only prep your kitchen, but freshen it up for the upcoming summer months ahead! It is time for the spring clean up!

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