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  • 4 Ways to Make the Most of a Straight Kitchen

    A one-wall kitchen is not the most common layout design for contemporary Indian homes. In fact, many homeowners hesitate from this design, with the idea that it looks incomplete or too small for a space. Nevertheless, the straight kitchen design is the perfect option for a smaller home or for the single user: such as a bachelor or bachelorette. If it is designed correctly, then it can really add to any home and be an extremely space-efficient layout. Below there are a few design tricks that can make a straight kitchen design feel more whole and complete without taking anything away.

    Make it an Island Kitchen: So the straight kitchen is along a single wall. There is an ongoing counter space with ongoing cabinetry, but as a user you require more without disrupting the entire design and construction. One of the easiest ways to do so is by adding a freestanding island in the form of a cabinet or trolley. The freestanding island adds an extra work surface, gives the user more space to spread themselves out, and it can double up as a small seating area. To mirror the long straight kitchen, one can go with a long island counter to finish the space!

    Make it an Island Kitchen Image Credit: HGTV Home

    Add a Table: Similar to the island, one can also add a long dining area right across from the kitchen space. It balances the look and it makes the kitchen space a social place for people to gather. A larger table is also great for gathering guests, and it allows the kitchen user to be a part of all the activity. The proximity of the table along with the straight kitchen is also much easier on the user, as they can place items on the table and go back and forth easily without leaving the room or wasting too much time. Add a Table

    Extend the Storage Units: One way to take advantage of the single wall is allow to extend the number of units. A straight kitchen design can be as long as you would like, and the longer the kitchen, the more storage and more work space available. Whether it is ongoing wall cabinetry or floor cabinetry, one can easily have plenty of storage in the straight kitchen design with designated areas for everything. For example, the sink area can have a storage cabinet above for clean dishes, and a cabinet right next to it for other serving crockery. This cleaning zone can be organized into the kitchen without interfering with the other tasks in the kitchen design. Extend the Storage Units

    Go Handle-less: Purely from a design perspective, ongoing units can make a space look overwhelming and cluttered. However, one way to keep the space look sleek is by going with a handle-less design. Visually, a handle-less design looks clutter free, and ultimately the straighten appears more seamless along the wall. Therefore, for going with a straight kitchen consider a clutter-free look to complement the home.

    Go Handle-less Image Credit: Conacle

    With the correct design expertise, a straight kitchen layout can be a great solution for a home. Its space efficient layout and compact design makes it a unique option for the open floor plan within a home.

  • Modular Kitchen Design Steps for First Timers

    Oftentimes when potential clients approach us for buying a modular kitchen, they do not know where to start. To ease the process, we actually put together a Kitchen Buying Guide, which takes the customer through the entire process of buying a modular kitchen-starting with the most general thoughts and going all the way down to the specifics of adding accessories to the kitchen. Below, the basic design steps of a modular kitchen are given-starting with the layout, going into the storage options based on the layout, ensuring the kitchen has proper ventilation, choosing colors, and finalizing the lighting.

    Layout and Work Triangle: The first step in designing your kitchen is the layout and work triangle. Depending on your space and preferences certain layouts will suit your space more than others. Whether it is an L-Shape, U-Shape, Straight, Parallel, or includes an Island; all layouts come with their own set of advantages. An L-Shape is more open while a U-Shape is more private; or a Parallel has ongoing storage where a straight is more space-efficient. After finalizing the layout, the next step is determining Kitchen Work Triangle. The Work Triangle determines the location of your refrigerator, sink, and hob. All three of these items should be in some triangular shape to allow any user to conduct kitchen tasks in the most efficient manner. Depending on the layout, the Work Triangle is determined accordingly.

    Storage Options: Once the location of the three larger items is determined, the next step is the storage cabinets. This step allows you to explore the types of storage options and accessories available for wall units and floor units alike. Each layout allows for extensive and unique storage options to complement the overall kitchen design. In determining the storage options, always remember the corners. Corners are often ignored in a kitchen design, as they can be slightly challenging to work with. However, there are plenty of corner options and accessories that fully utilize the corner space in a kitchen.

    Image Credit: Houzz

    Ventilation: There is a lot of activity that takes place in the kitchen: cooking, washing, cleaning. All of these activities generate a lot of heat and moisture that can easily get trapped. When designing your modular kitchen, ensure there is enough space for a window or a door that can be left open to let some fresh air in while conducting kitchen tasks. Otherwise those trapped fumes will start producing unnecessary smoke and moisture within your entire home.

    Image Credit: Patriot Kitchens

    Colors: After the design specifications, the next step is your colors. In a previous blog, the process of choosing the kitchen colors is discussed-starting with the cabinet, to the countertop, then appliances, flooring, backsplash & wall, and specific hardware. The colors are the final factor to determine the overall look and feel of your entire kitchen design.

    Image credit: Houzz

    Lighting: Lighting in the kitchen should both be aesthetic and practical. A previous blog post takes you step-by-step through choosing the best lighting for your kitchen design. If possible, incorporate a window for that beautiful natural lighting that adds immediate warmth to the kitchen. Also ensure the kitchen lighting matches to overall theme of the kitchen design. For example, in a traditional kitchen design will look better with some chandelier-style pendants, rather than lights with clean, harsh lines. Another aspect of lighting is include enough task lighting-usually in the form of can lighting-to allow you to fully see the kitchen tasks being conducted.

    Image Credit: Grabhouse

    When it comes to designing your modular kitchen, these steps allow you to cover all the aspects in a systematic manner. With each step, there are a variety of customizable options to create a unique space exclusive to your home.

  • Must-Haves for Your Office Kitchen

    The office is one of the busiest spaces where we spend our time. We are physically and mentally present on nearly a daily basis, and continue to process and think about information when we leave the space! The office is where extensive interaction takes place between employees, employers, vendors, and possibly clients and customers. As a result, modern-day corporate offices are ensuring that the office structure and employee satisfaction is top-notch to create a positive atmosphere. One of the aspects being included is the office kitchen. Nowadays, many offices are including a small kitchen space, where employees can take their breaks, socialize, and eat their lunch. Dedicating a space for simple interaction boots employee morale and creates a positive community in the entire office. Tips of the ideal corporate kitchen are given below:

    • Kitchen Layout: An office kitchen should be  small and space efficient layout. Ideally, the layout should be an open floor plan, where quick kitchen activities can by conducted while interacting with others. For example, a straight kitchen is small, space efficient, and an open layout. With a straight kitchen design, a dining table can easily be placed close to it, where employees can sit and interact . The open layout allows for multiple interactions and multiple individuals can access it at the same time.
    Image Credit: New York Daily Rentals
    • Plenty of Storage: A small kitchen, even in an office requires plenty of floor and wall storage for all necessary supplies. Because items will be used by multiple individuals on almost a daily basis, it is best to designate a space for them in the kitchen storage, rather than crowding up the entire counter. Therefore, while designing your office kitchen, ensure there is extensive storage.
    • Easy-to-Clean Surfaces: Where multiple users are accessing the kitchen at different times of the day, the kitchen surfaces must be hygienic at all times. Therefore, they should be wiped down daily to keep the space clean and prevent illness form spreading through the entire office. ModSpace.in kitchens are available in easy-to-clean finishes, which require a simple wipe down at the end or beginning of the day. Depending on the office culture, each individual should be responsible for cleaning their surface area, or a person should purely be dedicated to keeping the kitchen space clean at all times.

    • Sink: The office kitchen should include a large sink, where any dishes or crockery can easily be kept. With multiple users, a small sink will not be able to accommodate many dishes. Therefore, it is ideal to have a larger sink, so dishes can be placed easily without the risk of anything toppling over. All ModSpace.in kitchens have stainless steel sinks, which as extremely hygienic and water-resistant element for your office kitchen.
    • Necessary Appliances: All office kitchens should have the most convenient appliances for everybody to access and use easily. These appliances include a microwave, small refrigerator, warmer, and for any small amount of cooking a small induction cooktop. The office kitchen should be as efficient as possible. Therefore, all appliances should designed for quick, easy tasks so employees can prepare their food, if necessary, eat it quickly and be able to resume their work.
    Image Credit: White Zine
    Image Credit: Pinterest
    • Must-Haves: Along with efficient appliances, every office kitchen should have a coffee maker, tea kettle, and water cooler for all users to access at any time during the day. A space should be designated to include coffee mixes, creamer, capsules, teabags, and tea leaves.
    • Kitchen Essentials: Storage spaces in your office kitchen should be designated to keeping plenty of cutlery, crockery, drinking cups, and coffee & tea mugs, which can be used by any user.
    • Cleaning Supplies: Since the kitchen has be as hygienic as possible, cleaning supplies should be placed at an accessible space. Ideally, under the sink is the best place to reach for the cleaning supplies at a moment's notice.
    • Large Trash Can: Keep a large trash can to dispose of any items quickly.
    • Lockable Cabinets for Extra Supplies: Finally, kitchen supplies in an office will constantly be used and possibly running out. Designate a cabinet to include extra supplies, which is only accessible by the manager's key. The cabinet should only be opened when supplies need to be replenished.
  • Acetech 2015: The Rustic-Contemporary Kitchen

    As experts in kitchen design and manufacturing, ModSpace.in kitchens are available in a wide spectrum of styles and themes to fit any home. From contemporary and modern to classic and traditional and everything in between, ModSpace.in kitchens can easily be customized and designed to the theme of the home and the preferences and specifications of the homeowners. One such kitchen that highlighted a uniquely-themed design was at Acetech 2015. Rather than being completely modern or completely traditional, this kitchen was a mix of the two! With its finish, colors, and overall layout; this kitchen is a beautiful blend of both rustic and contemporary. The details of this transitional rustic contemporary kitchen are given below.

    Color & Finish-The finish of this kitchen is 5 panel membrane. As an economical option, the finish gives an extremely smooth finish, as membrane foils wrap around the edges to create a seamless finish. However, this kitchen design takes the membrane finish one step further by adding a rustic element. One aspect of the rustic element is the color itself: which is Mara Oak, giving the kitchen a wood-like appearance. Another classic element of this kitchen is the shutters. As seen in the image above, the kitchen has dimensional shutters, giving them a more classical look. To create this, individual membrane panels were created and attached together and handles were added to give the kitchen a more rustic appeal. With the membrane, color choice, and dimensions, the kitchen is an ideal rustic contemporary! Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 9.39.56 PM

    Layout-This kitchen is the most space-saving layout possible. As a straight design, the user can gave constant storage in both floor and wall cabinets, and all their items are within an arm's reach. The hob is placed right in the middle, with space for the sink on the right, and space for a refrigerator on the left, making the kitchen a compact, yet efficient, design. A straight kitchen layout is ideal for households with single users or for households with narrow or small spaces. The straight kitchen is an open design, allowing the users to add a small dining table right across the kitchen itself.

    Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 9.37.00 PM

    Key Features-This kitchen includes several conventional cabinetry, appealing to the traditional elements of this kitchen. Starting with a taller cabinetry on the left to the ongoing counter space, this kitchen allows for plenty of storage in a small space. The taller cabinetry has great shelving space, and the top is just the perfect height for placing a decorate fruit basket or a bread basket. Along the ongoing counter, is all conventional cabinetry with extra shelving space to store crockery and other food items. The first cabinet below the counter is a grain drawer, ideal for storing rice and lentils that need to be accessed while cooking. Below the hob are three drawers for storing any necessary cooking items. All drawers are of different depths to accommodate both larger and smaller items. One of the drawers below the hob actually has a cutlery tray, which is perfectly sectioned to organize all cooking utensils and eating utensils effectively. The final floor cabinet is space for a small sink unit to access within perfect reach of the stove.The wall cabinetry in this kitchen can simply be pulled open and has extensive shelving for storing coffee mugs, dry dishes, or any other necessary items.

      Overall, this kitchen is designed with two things in mind: safe efficiency & storage and transitional elegance. This small, straight kitchen optimizes the space usage by providing ongoing storage, while keeping aesthetics in mind with a unique transitional design. To consider this option for your own kitchen, contact us!

  • One-wall Kitchen Design: The Straight Kitchen

    What is it?

    The straight kitchen is a one-wall kitchen layout, where all appliances and storage are placed in a linear fashion. This one-wall kitchen layout is a simple, yet functional design, and everything is within easy reach.

    Why should you use it?

    • Perfect for small spaces
    • Everything is within easy reach
    • Efficiently designed
    • Takes up the least amount of space within any household
    • Adds to the open floor plan
    • Greatly complements a living room or dining room space
    Straight Kitchen with dining table.

    Tips and Tricks for the Straight Kitchen

    • Add a high table or dining table to add a socializing space within the kitchen.
    • Make sure you have ongoing storage in your floor and wall cabinets
    • Open shelving, rather than closed cabinets allows for a more open kitchen design and easy storage.
    • The small design allows for pops of color, so have fun with it!
    • Ensure you have enough counter space between your cooking range and your sink unit.


    Space Organization: Organizing a straight kitchen can be a challenging process. Its smaller design often creates confusion on how items will be organized and stored. At ModSpace.in, we walk you through the design process from start to finish. Below we have outlined the overall space organization of the straight kitchen. Each type of unit is organized by color and explained below.

    Straight Kitchen Organization (colors explained below) Straight Kitchen Organization (colors explained below)
    • Starting from left to right, the beginning of your kitchen is your refrigerator. As a larger aspect of your kitchen it will take up the significant space.


    • The yellow represents all consumable food storage. Any ready-to-eat snacks and foods are ideally placed in these cabinets.
      • We've included snack storage above the microwave and oven to store accessible snacks for any household member to nibble on while using the kitchen.
      • The consumable storage unit on either side of the kitchen hob can be used to store any easy-to-eat items or easy-to-drink items, such as tea, coffee, cereals, energy bars, granola bars. Essentially these cabinets are designed to hold any food items that do not require refrigeration.
      • The consumable storage unit at the bottom of the cooking range, is perfect for dry food items that require cooking. Due to its placement being directly below the hob, one can easily reach down and grab any rice or dals that require cooking before serving.


    • The purple is any storage for china, cutlery, and crockery.
      • A storage unit is placed right below the microwave and oven to place any microwavable containers or baking items. For example if you are baking a cake and you need a mold, you'd store it right below the oven. 
      • The cabinet on the left of the cooking range is perfect for storing any serving dishes. When you are finished cooking your food you can simple open the cabinet, take out a serving dish, place it on the counter, and plate your food before serving it.
      • The crockery storage right below the cooking range is for any cooking utensils that are necessary while cooking or eating. For example, you may need to try the food you are cooking: you can simply open the drawer and grab a small spoon to taste your food!
      • The final crockery unit is placed right above the sink. This location is perfect to store the daily-used plates and bowls. This unit can be organized to include dish rack inside so your dishes can dry while they're being stored!


    • The red represents the preparation zone. This zone includes all items needed for cooking preparation.
      • The first item is a bottle pull-out to effectively organize and store any oils, condiments, and seasonings that are frequently used in your cooking. Since it is very close to the hob, your ingredients will be within easy reach.
      • The cabinet to the right of the cooking range is perfect to store your cooking utensils, pots, and pans. As its location is right next to the stove, you won't have to reach all over your kitchen to get retrieve a simple frying pan!


    • The blue covers the cooking range with the chimney and hob. In a straight kitchen, ensure that you have plenty of counter space to place your ingredients, while using the hob. 


    • The green signifies the cleaning zone with your sink unit. The sink unit is a perfect space to store your cleaning supplies and garbage disposal. Neither one of these items are aesthetically pleasing in any kitchen, but they are all necessary! So why not store them in a place that is not visible? 


    At ModSpace.in, we design our kitchens to maximize storage to fit your needs. We strive to create space in even the smallest areas.  Our experts in space organization will ensure that you receive the best kitchen for your storage and usage needs.

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