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  • A Guide to Choosing the Bathroom Mirror

    No bathroom is complete without a mirror. We certainly have not been into a bathroom without a mirror, and we do not anticipate that many people have. The bathroom mirror is essential for daily activities and also adds that extra bit of light to the entire space. Getting the best mirror for the bathroom is a challenge itself. Check out the quick guide on choosing the ideal mirror for your bathroom space.


    Sizing: First and foremost is the sizing of the mirror. To find the best size for your space, consider both function and proportion to ensure the vanity area is well balanced and visually pleasing. For design purposes, the mirror above the vanity is usually not wider than the vanity unit itself. Ideally, a mirror and vanity are the same width so both the items line up perfectly in the bathroom. Along with the width, the height of a mirror only has to reach 30 centimeters above eye level. However, if the bathroom space allows for more height, it is always better in viewing different angles. The larger, the mirror, the more open a space appears to be.

    Image Credit: Memorable Decor

    Single vs. Multiple: The next step to consider is whether to have a large single mirror or multiple smaller mirrors within the bathroom. In bathrooms where there is a wider vanity with more than one sink, there is the option of having a mirror that goes with each sink. This is usually an option for two people sharing a bathroom, where there are two different sinks. With taller, slimmer mirrors, the heigh of the bathroom is emphasized, which can complement high ceilings within the bathroom . However, a single, large mirror adds more light to the bathroom space.

    Image Credit: De-Lune

    Lighting: One particular factor which is not always considered regarding the bathroom mirror is the lighting. The main lighting above the vanity, which includes the scones, can either be place alongside the mirror or on the mirror itself. Oftentimes, homeowners opt for narrower mirrors to fit the sconces on either side. However, there is the option of placing the fixtures directly on the mirror itself.

    Image Credit: DD Hearts Love

    Framed vs. Frameless: Framed vs. frameless mirrors ultimately comes down to design preference. Frameless mirrors are great for adding a modern touch. The are also more economical, while framed mirrors give some character and make the space appear more ornamental and decorative.

    Image Credit: Indiagoa Hotels

    Shape: Finally, shape also comes down to design preference. The most conventional and popular option is the rectangular mirror, which can be custom sized to suit any space. However, round mirrors are a great option to bring some softness to a bathroom. They make a great option for a powder room or a guest bathroom, which is used less often within the one. Round mirrors are also a great choice to showcase the wall finish. The curved lines tend to emphasize the shapes behind it.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Choosing a bathroom mirror comes down to preference, purpose, and proportion. Once these three factors add up, then the perfect mirror will be added to your bathroom!

  • Choosing the Best Rugs for your Home

    It is that time of the year where we bundle up in our warm clothes to stay cozy inside our homes. During these winter months the home interior gets cold and drafty, making it a little chilly indoors. However, there a few tricks to create a warm space within the home, and even specifically the kitchen-without costing too much. One of the most common ways to warm up a space is to add an area rug. With most of our floors being marble, it is extremely cold on our feet. Therefore, an area rug can definitely warm up the area, both visually and actually. However, the key to choosing the perfect rug- based on the type of room is the challenge. Below are a few tips in choosing the ideal rug, depending in the rooms within the home.


    Bedroom: One of the most luxurious feelings in the winter is waking up and stepping onto a plush rug. An area rug in the bedroom instantly adds richness and coziness to a space at the same time. When choosing choosing a rug for the bedroom, neutrals are a great option as the bedroom space has many patterns all over with the wall hangings, sheets, and covers. However, pattern rugs work very well to add some visual interest of the remaining bedroom elements are a bit more subdued. In terms of rug placement, it should be as long as the bed, and placed approximately two feet away from the bed itself. In the bedroom, rugs are also great space dividers, For example if there is a small sitting area within the room, having a an area rug designate two different spaces within the entire room.

    Bathroom bedroom or including basement or media room Image Credit: Kylie M Interiors

    Kitchen: Many people don't think of placing rugs in the kitchen. However, being one of the most active rooms in the home, it doesn't hurt to make it a little cozy. As mentioned in a previous blog, the best rugs for the kitchen are the flat weave rugs, which can easily be cleaned, yet still be comfortable to stand on while conducting kitchen tasks. During the winter months, kitchen rugs can easily add warmth with a pop of bright colors on the floor!

    Riviera stripe stripe kitchen rug Image Credit: Williams Sonoma

    Living Room: In a living room keep in mind that small rugs make the room look even smaller than it is. With larger furniture in a larger room, the smaller rugs make the furniture look awkward and cluttered. Therefore, it is best to go for a larger rug, where the legs of the couch and the chair sit on top of it. The living room is a great place to play with colors and textures to complement the furniture and create a designer appeal.

    Decorative rugs living room rug in a living space Image Credit: Mommy Essence

    Area rugs are a great way to tie a space together and make the home look more cozy. Through these winter months, consider area rugs to design and define spaces, yet still add warmth at the same time. Keep these tips in mind to give your home that instant designer touch!!

  • 5 Ways to Give the Bathroom a Mini Makeover (without Renovation)

    We all like to upgrade our spaces from time to time, but refuse to do so mostly do to inconvenience. However, whenever we visit a hotel or a model home, we can't help but admire the beautifully styled bathrooms, which we understand can be a challenge to manage in everyday homes. However there are some easy style tricks one can add to their bathroom space to give it a mini makeover, without dealing with the hassles of renovation. The list below starts with the most simple and easiest ways to upgrade the bathroom, and ends making some moderate changes to the space.

    Adding some Greenery: As mentioned in a few previous blogs, plants are a great way to make a space feel more new and lively. A living plant in the bathroom adds great color and can look beautiful as well. Indoor plants such as bamboo shoots go very well humid environments, which makes the bathroom a perfect space for it! Place it at the corner of the vanity countertop to keep it out of the way, yet still adding color to a space.

    Adding some Greenery Image Credit: Balanced Living

    Changing up the Textiles: Another easy way to make a change is to mix up the towels and bathroom mats. In a bathroom, the towels are the most visible items, and typically fade away with time and more use. Upgrade the bathroom space by adding some fresh bath, hand, and face towels. Either have a set or mix and match and create your own color scheme within the bathroom. Even changing up the bathroom rug can immediately make the room look new. All types of these textiles will add instant color and allow for an immediate upgrade.

    Changing up the Textiles Image Credit: Pinterest

    Replacing Countertop Accessories: Even switching out the countertop items can bring an instant change. Changing the soap dispenser or the cosmetic items on display doesn't even require any extra shopping. One can easily use a mason jar or a beautiful vase to place their bathroom essentials, yet still have them on the countertop.

    Replacing Countertop Accessories Image Credit: Pinterest

    Changing Cabinet Hardware: A more moderate makeover idea is to switch the hardware. Just with a simple switch out the entire look of the cabinetry can change, making it look more modern or classic or transitional. Changing something as small at the bathroom handles can dramatically make a difference and possibly give the look of a whole new bathroom! Changing Cabinet Hardware

    Mixing up the Sink and Shower Fixtures: Just like changing out the hardware, replacing the shower and sink fixtures updates the look and even adds a more comfortable water flow. A brand new shower head brings a fresh feel while using it and creates a more spa-like atmosphere within the bathroom itself.

    Mixing up the Sink and Shower Fixtures Image Credit: Homesfeed

    Upgrading the bathroom space can be an extremely simple task. A few simple and small changes can really transform the space and make it look brand-new. In thinking about updating the bathroom space, remember it is the details that make all the difference!

  • 5 Elements to Create a Timeless Look in the Kitchen

    There is no easy way to say it. Kitchen trends come and go, and focusing too much on a particular trend can make a kitchen look outdated after a certain point. However, there are certain elements within a kitchen that stand the test of time and give a kitchen a timeless look, no matter how old the kitchen is. Below are 5 elements that help in creating a timeless look within the kitchen.


    Neutral Colors: Sticking to subdued colors can help in creating  timeless kitchen. Neutral colors are usually required to add balance to the home interiors, yet they do not have to be boring. One can even add muted greens and blues and have them work as neutrals within the kitchen space. Pops of color can easily be switched in an out with less permanent pieces such as rugs, hand towels, or wall art. Go for neutral tones in the kitchen to stand the test of time.

    kitchen color ideas neutral Image Credit: Freshome

    Knobs and Handles: The most trendy design element right now is the handle-less design, but it is also a true characteristic of the modern design concept. Having handles on the cabinetry gives a more timeless look, as it is a more classic choice and can withstand for years to come. If you are going for a timeless look for your kitchen, consider the knobs and handles in your cabinet design.

    Knobs and Handles Image Credit: Pinterest

    Granite Countertops: Even the countertops make a big difference in creating a timeless look. As a countertop, granite is available in very pretty, natural tones and can really complement the overall kitchen interior. There are a variety of colors that makeup a granite countertop, yet they all add a neutral element to the kitchen space.

    Granite Countertops Image Credit: Countertop Investigator

    Smart Storage: Smart storage started as a trend, but it is one that should definitely stand the test of time. It helps the user take advantage of their space for years to come and allows the user to keep the kitchen organized. An organized kitchen space makes it more enjoyable to use, maintaining its timeless appeal.

    Smart Storage Image Credit: Lushome

    Stainless Steel Sink: A stainless steel sink is not only hygienic, but it works in all types of kitchens. It gives the kitchen a more sleek look, and can withstand the wears and tear that come with time.

    Stainless Steel Sink Image Credit: Kraus

    A timeless kitchen goes a long way. Add these tidbits to your space to stand the time test!

  • 5 Top Interior Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    In designing a home, we often get overwhelmed in trying to create the perfect space. However, oftentimes, the process is long and there are many decisions to be made. As a result, we sometimes overspend or overdo in the design process resulting in some major design mistakes within the home. Below, are the top 5 interior design mistakes we all tend to make, and how they can be best avoided in creating the dream home.


    Impulsive Shopping: All of us are prone to impulsive shopping at some point or another. The home design process is exciting, and we always strive for the most contemporary design. However, before heading to any furniture showroom, have your measurements and budget set. This way, as a shopper you are able to filter out what is not needed and avoid buying an item which does not fit your home interior. Therefore, avoid the impulse trips by going into a furniture showroom after you have your measurements budget finalized.

    Impulsive Shopping Image Credit: Psychology Today

    Gathering the Collections: We all have our collections of items we have gathered over the years to display in our home. However, be careful with the collections. Avoid going overboard and scattering pieces throughout the home. Create an area in a room and display an entire collection or a large chunk of the collection in a single area. Dedicate a space for it, whether it is the kitchen, living room or bedroom, and make it a beautiful display. Collections look the best when all the items are displayed together. Avoid separating them.

    Gathering the Collections Image Credit: Crazy4me

    Painting Before Finalizing Textiles and Fabrics: One of the most common mistakes in designing a home is painting before choosing the fabric and textiles. why? Simply because it is easier to find a paint color to match a beautiful fabric rather than the other way around. For example, while designing a bedroom with a color scheme in mind, there are several fabrics chosen for the various season-and they include sheets, covers, rugs, and pillows. Once all those elements are finalized, it is much easier to find a color to paint the walls that complements all these smaller elements. If the room was painted first, then choosing the remaining elements can be a nightmare! Painting Before Finalizing Textiles and Fabrics

    Forgetting a Focal Point: Every room needs a focal point. Another common mistake many homeowners do is forgetting to give a room their focal point. Focal points visually give an area for the eyes to rest while they are in the room. In a TV room, the focal point is usually the TV. In a kitchen, it might be a beautifully painted wall. Ensure each room has its own focal point to bring the room together and have a great conversation piece.

    Forgetting a Focal Point Image Credit: Houzz

    Going the Generic Route: Finally, all basic design rules aside, the most important mistake to avoid is being generic and doing what everybody else is doing. Ensure that your home shows your personality. It should hold memories of your life and have character that is reflective of you, as the owner. Therefore, even if you do consult with an interior designer, use their advice, but ensure your home is an extension of you!

  • 4 Ways to Visually Expand the Bathroom

    Whenever we visit a new hotel, we tend to automatically look at the bathroom to ensure it is nice. The same way, we can only dream of the large, spacious bathrooms we see in the movies or even in celebrity homes. Nevertheless, bathrooms are so much more than functional rooms within a home. They are personal spaces that should look nice and be practically designed. However, the space for a bathroom is often quite small with very limited area. Therefore, after the basic design requirements are complete, there are several ways a homeowner can visually expand the bathroom to make it look larger. Below are 4 easy ways to visually expand the bathroom space.


    Continue Shower Tiles to the Ceiling: No matter what the size of the shower cabin is, taking tiles up to the ceiling gives an illusion of more space. If shower tiles were to stop midway, then it would create a break, and make the shower space look more concentrated. With shower tiles continuing toward the ceiling, it draws the eye line upward to make the space look larger than it actually is.

    Continue Shower Tiles to the Ceiling Image Credit: Pinterest

    Use Light Colors/White On White: An interior rule of thumb is that lighter colors are always better for smaller spaces. Light colors look more welcoming, and tend to open up the room. One can add an assortment of lighter colors or go with the white-on-white. Adding a lot of white will make the space look very airy and ethereal. White creates a seamless appearance and it absorbs all the light within the room. Even other softer tones such as beige and grey will give the bathroom a very sophisticated and serene look without making the bathroom space look small.

    Use Light Colors/White On White Image Credit: Houzz

    Floating Vanity: Having a floating vanity in the bathroom serves a dual purpose. It provides the necessary storage required, and it also visually gives some breathing space to the entire bathroom. With that little bit of extra flooring that shows underneath, the floating vanity gives the illusion of a very open space. If the space for a bathroom vanity is a little tight, then go for a floating vanity to visually expand the area!

    Floating Vanity Image Credit: Houzz

    Large Mirror: As mentioned in countless blog posts and social media posts, mirrors make any space look much bigger than it actually is. Since every bathroom requires a mirror, a user can really play with the size of the mirror. A very large mirror will reflect light throughout the restroom, and it will give some depth to the smaller bathroom to make it look much bigger than it actually is.

    Large Mirror Image Credit: Pinterest

    To visually expand a bathroom these are just 4 ways, there are many other interior tricks to make a bathroom appear much larger than it actually is. However, those are to come in future blogs! In designing your bathroom and finalizing your bathroom vanity, consider these simple interior tricks to create a beautiful space.

  • Everything to Know about Choosing Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures

    In designing a kitchen or a bathroom, there are multiple elements. Along with the obvious, larger decisions, the look is defined by the smaller details to finish the look of a space. These smaller details are fixtures and hardware which complete the cabinetry, increase the utility, and define the appearance and theme of a room. Each hardware has its unique character and brings a different style to a room. Check out our guide below on which option suits your style.


    Material: Before defining the look, the first step is to finalize the material. In most cases, the finish is a coat on top of a base material. Choosing between materials impacts both the price point and the overall lifetime of the fixtures.

    Material Image Credit: The Rising Media
    • Steel: Steel is an extremely hygienic material to use. It is long-lasting, and it has water-resistant properties. However, it due to their nature, the material itself, tends to rust overtime.


    • Brass: All brass fixtures are quite rare because they are expensive. They are     smooth and less likely to corrode overtime.


    • Plastic: Plastic as a material is most economical. However, with a lower price point, comes a limited number of finish options. Most plastic materials can only take a solid color finish. As a material, a plastic fixture does crack overtime, especially if it is installed incorrectly.


    Finish: The finish is the aesthetic or look part of finalizing the fixture. Once the material is decided, the next option is to decide what it will actually look like on top of the underlying base material.


    • Chrome: Chrome is one of the most popular finishes. It is inexpensive and considered to go well with both modern and traditional style kitchens or bathrooms. The shine of the chrome finish hides scratches, yet it shows finger prints and water marks. Therefore, they do require regular cleaning.
      Sensor Brass Contemporary bathroom Image Credit: Faucet Super Deal
    • Nickel: Nickel is considered an alternative to chrome with a more modern touch. There are two different fish options:
      • ---Polished Nickel: Smooth and shiny finish, darker than chrome. It works well with all styles as long as polished nickel is used in all fixtures of a kitchen or bathroom.
        Nickel Image Credit: Martell Hardware
      • ---Brushed Nickel: Extremely versatile, givings a more antique look. Due to its darker appearance, it hides signs of wear and tear well.
        Single handle 4 lavotory faucet brushed nickel Image Credit: Weisman Home Outlets
    • Brass: Unlike the brass material above, the brass finish gives the fixtures that particular look. It is considered to be the more vintage choice for the fixtures, with more yellow and gold undertones. There are two finishes in brass, which are given below:
      • ---Polished Finish: More expensive than nickel or chrome, but it is easy to maintain and clean overtime.
        Brass Image Credit: Kwikset
      • ---Satin Finish: Gives a brushed gold look to the space, expensive choice, the finish hides scratches and water marks well, and it does not require regular cleaning.
        Solid brass cabinet Image Credit: Martell Hardware

    Choosing the right hardware well highlight the look of the kitchen or bathroom. Whether you go ultra-modern with a nickel finish, transitional with chrome, or traditional with a brass finish; each option will give a beautiful metallic touch to your space.

  • Getting the Wooden Look in the Home: Laminate vs. Veneer. vs. Solid Wood

    A wooden look or wooden furniture is an extremely popular choice for contemporary Indian homes. It adds warmth, makes a place look more cozy, is evergreen throughout the year, and is always stays in-trend. In finding the perfect wooden furniture for your home, there are an array of options in different finishes and price points ranging from laminate to veneer to solid wood. The pros and cons of each wooden finish are given below.


    Laminate: Laminate is the most popular finish option we provide at ModSpace.in. Between laminate, veneer, and solid wood; laminate is the economical option to achieve a wooden look on the home furniture. It is a made-made finish by pressing thin layers of synthetic materials flat together, with a decorative pattern or color printed on the top layer. On wooden laminates, the wooden grain is printed on the top layer. As a surface, laminates are extremely durable and long-lasting with water and scratch-resistant properties. They withstand weather conditions and are very easy to maintain. However, since it is manufactured with multiple materials, the home owner will not get any natural variations which come with wooden grains. Nevertheless, laminate surfaces are available in a variety of color and finish options.

    Laminate Image Credit: FCI Wardrobes

    Veneer: Veneer is a thin layer of hard wood that is glued with an adhesive to a surface. It is less expensive than solid wood, but it is more expensive that laminate. Due to veneer being a more natural material, it is available in a limited number of shades. The veneer finish gives a very elegant and rich look and have some elements of natural wood in its appearance. As a material veneer is softer, and therefore, requires regular maintenance as it is more prone to scratches and dents. Veneers are great to give an aesthetic appeal to elements of living room or bedroom furniture.

    Veneer Image Credit: LA Furniture Store

    Solid Wood: The most self-explanatory finish of them all is solid wood. As a material, solid wood can be stained, varnished, painted, and even carved. It is a natural surface that is susceptible to expansion and shrinkage, but it creates a beautiful rich look within the home. Solid wood is the most expensive option for adding a wooden look to the home, but it can be intricately designed and carved to fit the home interior. Solid wood is an excellent option for that rustic home interior.

    Solid wood Image Credit: Weaver Furniture Sales

    Choosing which wooden finish to go with in your home comes down to appearance, budget, and home activity. Whether you go for a laminate, veneer, or solid wood; every option brings a little extra something to your home. Use these tips to guide you in bringing a beautiful wooden finish to your home interior!

  • 6 Steps to Designing the Perfect Vanity for Your Bathroom

    Your bathroom is a space where you will be spending a lot of your time. As unpleasant as that sounds, it is a fact. Therefore, careful planning and attention to detail is required to ensure the bathroom is designed to your needs and specifications. One of the most important areas of the bathroom is the vanity. The vanity makes the look of the bathroom, creates the storage, and is a heavily used space. Therefore, the vanity must be perfect in terms of look and utility. In designing the perfect vanity, check out the 6-step process below to create that perfect space.


    Step 1-Finalize the Layout: The first step is the finalize on the bathroom layout. Designate the space for the vanity and determine how big it is going to be. Most vanities are horizontal spaces with an ongoing counter and extensive storage underneath. The length of the vanity depends on the best possible size that will fit in the bathroom. However, there are the L-shaped Vanities for the larger bathrooms. Oftentimes, the L-shaped vanities are seen in master bathrooms. They offer great leg room to sit comfortably at the counter.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Step 2-Determine the Number of Sinks: The next step is to finalize the number of sinks. For example, a couple sharing a space may prefer double sinks rather than a single sink. However, many bathrooms only have room for one sink. The sink can be placed in the center or towards either side, depending on preference. In most cases, vanities smaller than 60 inches can only accommodate one sink, while vanities wider than 60 inches can easily accommodate two. Nevertheless, even if there is room for two sinks, have a single sink allows for extensive counter space so the users can easily spread themselves.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Step 3-Pick the Type of Sink: After finalizing the number of sinks, the next step is the type of sink. The options for the type of sink for the vanity is endless: under-mount, vessel, or drop-in. Under-mount sinks are below the counter top. They provide a seamless look to the entire vanity. Vessel sinks are above the counter. They are available in a variety of shapes colors and designs, and can look extremely stylish on the vanity counter. Finally. the drop-in sinks are installed at the level of the counter, where the sides are along the counter top and the dip in the sink follows. However, the shape of the sink is just the beginning, the next aspect of sink type is the material: porcelain, stone, or something else. The options are endless.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Step 4-Choose the Style: After the basic design is decided: location, number of sinks, and the sink style; the next step is to decide the overall look of the vanity. Whether it should be modern, classic, neoclassical, antique etc. In this step you chose the color scheme, cabinetry style, and the storage options: drawers, pullouts, or reach-in cabinets. Once the appearance is decided, you are ready for the next step.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Step 5-Find the Right Countertop: You have the sinks, basic layout, storage, and  look you desire: now complete the look with a vanity countertop. Ensure it matches the remaining colors and compliments the look you desire in the bathroom. Granite and quartz countertops are the most popular choices for bathroom as they are durable, long lasting, and are available in a variety of colors and designs.

    Image Credit: Houzz

    Step 6-Accessorize: Now that the basics of the vanity are done, the next is accessorizing: finalizing the hardware, lighting and the mirrors. These elements will tie the entire design together. Whether it is sconce lighting or wall-mounted lighting, a built-in mirror or decorative mirror, pulls or knobs, or a simple or intricate faucet design; these items will finish the look and give u a brand new vanity!

    Image Credit: Restoration Hardware
  • Embracing the Summer Kitchen

    The terms "embracing" and "summer" in the same sentence sound like a contradiction right?-especially during the Indian summer season. It is simply too hot outside, and the home and kitchen, especially, need to be  kept as cool as possible. For more tips on keeping cool in the kitchen, check out this previous blog post. However, there are good aspects about summer we can all definitely embrace in the kitchen. As a season, summer is brighter and happier than the rest of the year, especially compared to the doom and gloom that comes with rainy monsoons or darker winters-so why not bring some seasonal charm into the heart of the home? Check out some ideas below!

    Update with a Gathering Space: Nothing brings positivity and happiness to a kitchen like gathering everybody together. Avoid the summer heat and bring everyone indoors to congregate over something cool within the kitchen. Add a seating space in the middle of the kitchen to create that happy, social atmosphere within the home.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Well-Stocked Cabinets: Extreme heat means a lesser desire to venture out of the house unless it is absolutely necessary. Therefore, stock up the cabinets with food and snacks to access whenever you desire. Add enough dry items for all members of a household to enjoy or even invite friends over and gather people within the kitchen and take advantage of a nice, cool home with some relief from the sweltering heat.

    Image Credit: Houzz

    Colorful Crockery: As a season, summer is associated with brightness and vivid colors. Surround your kitchen with bright and colorful crockery to add some visual interest and exciting decor to the kitchen space. Be creative with the mugs, kitchen towels, and even plates to add an even more to the happier and cheerful atmosphere within the kitchen. They are not only attractive and pleasant to look at, but they are also fun to use!

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Fresh Flowers: Bring the summer colors without the heat in the form of some fresh blooms. They smell amazing and definitely raise some spirits. Adding a colorful bunch, such as carnations, to a kitchen corner will bring an instant source of color and summer-like feel to the kitchen space. A bunch of flowers is excellent next to the sink or right in front of a kitchen window. They add some beautiful color and bring some life into the space.

    Image Credit: Home Caprice

    Yellow Accents: Finally, cheer up the kitchen space with some yellow color. Yellow instantly adds a sunny vibe and makes any space looks more cheerful and vibrant. Whether it is in the form of small decorative accents: such as cutlery, crockery, or flowers; or larger statements such as a bright accent wall; yellow color will instantly make a space much more cheerful and inviting.

    Image Credit: Freshome

    Whenever summer comes around in India, we tend to dread it, overlooking the good that it can bring: the brightness and the color. Use this brighter season to bring the good aspects of summer inside your home and embrace them. Add that seasonal summer touch to your kitchen!

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