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  • Getting Your Fridge Organized for the Summer

    The summer season brings its own set of challenges within a home. Ensuring food items stay fresh and  clean is one of the main tasks in the summer months. Hygienic food storage starts with the refrigerator and how it is organized. A well-organized fridge helps the food stay fresh longer, reduces any wasteful items, and reduces the time it takes for prepping a meal. Check out the strategies below, and keep your fridge in order through the summer months.


    Give Your Fridge A Fresh Start: Before adding even more to the fridge, give it a thorough cleaning. Check all the bottles and containers to make sure the food is still fresh, and get rid of food that is beyond its expiry date. Wipe down the shelves, drawers, and door so the refrigerator looks as good as new and a clean surface is ready to place all the necessary items.


    Stock Up on the Essentials: The next step is to stock up on the essential foods that will be in the fridge at all time. In the Indian summer season, that is a lot of items. However, go to the local grocery store and pick up the in-season produce and snacks that are ideal for the summer months. Pick up foods such as mangoes and melons to keep yourself enjoying the flavors of summer through the season.

    Image Credit: NDTV

    Organize Food by Temperature: Now that you have the food items with you, the best way to organize the food is by temperature. Organizing food items by temperature keeps the food fresh much longer-and ultimately is long lasting. The door and the top shelf are the warmest parts of the fridge, while the middle shelves are at a consistent temperature. The bottom shelf and back are the coolest parts, and often times drawers have their own additional controls for humidity.


    • Use the upper shelves to store any leftovers, snacks, and drinks. The upper shelf is the most accessible, and and makes it easy for homeowners to grab what is needed.


    • Use the middle shelf to store items that require a constant temperature such as milk, dairy items eggs.


    • The bottom shelf should be used to store raw meat or fish.


    • The higher humidity drawer should store fresh vegetables, and the lower humidity drawer should store fresh fruits.


    • Finally, the door of the fridge should keep condiments such as butter, jam, and soft cheese-along with herbs. Since herbs are used frequently in Indian cooking, they will be very accessible if they are stored along the door.
    Image Credit: Pacific Sales

    Summer Drinks: Finally, make room for some cooling concoctions ready to access through the summer. Refreshing drinks such as cold lemon water or cucumber water are instantly hydrating and can be kept in a pitchers to access by all members in the home.

    Image Credit: Pinterest
  • Embracing the Summer Kitchen

    The terms "embracing" and "summer" in the same sentence sound like a contradiction right?-especially during the Indian summer season. It is simply too hot outside, and the home and kitchen, especially, need to be  kept as cool as possible. For more tips on keeping cool in the kitchen, check out this previous blog post. However, there are good aspects about summer we can all definitely embrace in the kitchen. As a season, summer is brighter and happier than the rest of the year, especially compared to the doom and gloom that comes with rainy monsoons or darker winters-so why not bring some seasonal charm into the heart of the home? Check out some ideas below!

    Update with a Gathering Space: Nothing brings positivity and happiness to a kitchen like gathering everybody together. Avoid the summer heat and bring everyone indoors to congregate over something cool within the kitchen. Add a seating space in the middle of the kitchen to create that happy, social atmosphere within the home.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Well-Stocked Cabinets: Extreme heat means a lesser desire to venture out of the house unless it is absolutely necessary. Therefore, stock up the cabinets with food and snacks to access whenever you desire. Add enough dry items for all members of a household to enjoy or even invite friends over and gather people within the kitchen and take advantage of a nice, cool home with some relief from the sweltering heat.

    Image Credit: Houzz

    Colorful Crockery: As a season, summer is associated with brightness and vivid colors. Surround your kitchen with bright and colorful crockery to add some visual interest and exciting decor to the kitchen space. Be creative with the mugs, kitchen towels, and even plates to add an even more to the happier and cheerful atmosphere within the kitchen. They are not only attractive and pleasant to look at, but they are also fun to use!

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Fresh Flowers: Bring the summer colors without the heat in the form of some fresh blooms. They smell amazing and definitely raise some spirits. Adding a colorful bunch, such as carnations, to a kitchen corner will bring an instant source of color and summer-like feel to the kitchen space. A bunch of flowers is excellent next to the sink or right in front of a kitchen window. They add some beautiful color and bring some life into the space.

    Image Credit: Home Caprice

    Yellow Accents: Finally, cheer up the kitchen space with some yellow color. Yellow instantly adds a sunny vibe and makes any space looks more cheerful and vibrant. Whether it is in the form of small decorative accents: such as cutlery, crockery, or flowers; or larger statements such as a bright accent wall; yellow color will instantly make a space much more cheerful and inviting.

    Image Credit: Freshome

    Whenever summer comes around in India, we tend to dread it, overlooking the good that it can bring: the brightness and the color. Use this brighter season to bring the good aspects of summer inside your home and embrace them. Add that seasonal summer touch to your kitchen!

  • Getting the Kitchen Summer-Ready

    It is already March, and the summer season is beginning to poke its way through. There is definitely a change in season as Spring makes its way into 2017. With the summer months just ahead of us, it is time to prepare our homes for the brand-new season. Besides clearing out our wardrobes for summer-which can be seen in this blog post, one can also prep the kitchen to get it ready for the upcoming summer months. Use this spring season prep your space for the long summer ahead!

    Clear all Countertops-Minimalism is here to stay this season. Use this time to declutter the countertops and clear away the little-used appliances and miscellaneous items and place them in their designated storage spaces. Clean surfaces are surprisingly uplifting, and give the kitchen a more positive appeal.

    Image Credit: Clean an Scentsible

    Brighten up the Lighting-Update your lighting by changing up the pendants to some brighter, colored options and add some sunny hues to the kitchen space. It will create a great impact in the kitchen, and give a new look and feel for the summer 2017 season.

    Image Credit: Decoist

    Clean the Windows-Bring in some natural light and get the windows cleaned! Natural light immediately uplifts a space and creates a welcoming atmosphere within the kitchen. Clean windows make a remarkable difference, try it in your kitchen for the summer!

    Image Credit: The Decoist

    Make the Kitchen a Fun Space-As a season, summer is extremely bright. Despite the heat, there is a brightness about this time of the year, and that should be brought into the home. Create a fun atmosphere in the kitchen, by playing some music, or changing up some of the decor to more colorful collections. This will give your kitchen space an instant makeover, and uplift the mood in the entire home.

    Image Credit: Miumiu Borse

    Freshen Up-Lastly, add a fresh update within the kitchen. Springtime is all about beautiful flowers. So pull out that beautiful vase and add some fresh flowers to your kitchen counter. They add instant color, greenery, and a bit of life to the kitchen, Update the kitchen fabrics with some bright kitchen towels and window coverings for that instant summer update!

    Image Credit: CDN

    In India, we generally dread the summer months due to the constant heat, but it can bring an element of fun within your home. Use this spring season to not only prep your kitchen, but freshen it up for the upcoming summer months ahead! It is time for the spring clean up!

  • Tips to Stay Cool in the Kitchen This Summer

    We already knee-deep in the extreme heat! Hot summer days are mentally and physically exhausting, and at this time of the year, the days are only going to get hotter. Kitchen activities, in general, generate so much heat that we want to spend as less time in the kitchen as possible. Rather than torturing yourself by using a kitchen during a never ending heat wave, crank up the air conditioning and follow these summer kitchen tips to make your life much easier this summer season.

    Cooling Food Items-In India, we often associate delicious meals with hot, flavorful food on our dining tables. However, in the summer months, whenever we eat all of this hot food, we start sweating and feeling a little too warm. Contrary to popular belief, cold meal options are delicious, cooling, and healthy. Stalk up on your summer fruits to keep yourself hydrated and nutrient-rich this summer. Eat cold sandwiches, and drink lots of cooling drinks and water. Even opting for a salad-whether its a pasta salad, quinoa salad, or leafy greens, or a cold soup-called gazpacho; can be delicious and welcoming in the upcoming summer months.

    Use a Microwave-In the event to heat your meals, use a microwave rather than a stove or an oven. It is an energy-efficient appliance that uses less heat and does not emit heat or moisture into the air. Using the microwave speeds up the cooking time, and prevents the the entire kitchen from overheating.

    Use a Pressure Cooker-Another item that is an efficient way for heating food is using a pressure cooker. Your meal cooks faster and emits less heat. It also keeps the heat within the the container itself. If the same meal was cooked on a stove, then the entire kitchen space would have heat fumes due to cooking. Using a pressure cooker will confine the heat rather than having it spread through the entire kitchen.

    Prep before Heating-With cooking a warm meal, there is always prep. However, to save heat time, prepare all the ingredients before even turning on the heat. Do all the slicing, dicing, chopping, and measuring before starting the actual cooking process. This way, as you progress through the cooking, the ingredients will already be prepared to use. If ingredients are prepped during the cooking process, then more time will be wasted and the heat will be on even longer. Therefore, steps for getting a meal together: prep all the ingredients, turn on the heat, do the cooking.

    Use the Smallest Pot-In the event of using a stove, use the smaller pot to cook your email. A smaller pot will emit less heat than a larger pot, and it will allow you to manage your quantity and keep the heat at a minimum. Put the pot on the smallest burner possible and ensure the flame is not skirting the sides of the pot. That means there is too much heat. Even if the cooking process takes longer, keep your burners at a lower heat to emit less heat in the kitchen space.

    Less Liquid while Cooking-While boiling any food item, especially vegetables, water is required. However, in the warmer months try to reduce the water so it covers the your ingredients just enough. When the food is being boiled, less moisture will evaporate in the kitchen, and yet the job will still get done.

    Follow these tips and keep yourself cool through the summer months!

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