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  • BLEED BLUE! Preparing your TV & Entertainment Unit for T20 Cricket World Cup

    The T20 Cricket World Cup is happening, and the matches are getting more intense and more interesting. As the big ones are upon us, what are your plans? Are you going out or staying in? Are you calling a huge group over or are you keeping things simple? Either way, keep reading on how to prepare your television and entertainment unit for the big games coming up (For example: India vs. Pakistan)!

    Large Television or Projector? Is your television big enough for viewing the intense match? If it is, not to worry. However, if you desire a bigger screen, consider setting up a home projector screen or investing in a larger television. It is also an ideal time to update your television display. If your television is sitting on an older entertainment unit, upgrade to a brand new one with a wall-mount television instead. Wall-mounted television allow for easier and better viewing. At ModSpace.in the contemporary entertainment units allow for a wall-mounted plasma screen, customizable to any size requirement. While viewing  ensure that you are able to see all players and the entire stadium accurately while watching the cricket match.

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    Clean the Equipment: Before viewing the match you'll definitely want to clean off the dust that has collected on your screen. Gently wipe the screen with a microfiber cloth and ensure all the electronic accessories are clean as well. With speakers, clean the covers and make sure all dust is removed. The last thing you want during your match is for a disruption due to equipment not being cleaned! So wipe it all down and make everything squeaky-clean!

    Surround Sound: Having clean equipment definitely helps with surround sound. Test that all your speakers and controls are plugged in and working properly so you can have that full stadium-like feel! With a superior surround sound system, you will be watching the cricket match in the comfort of your home with the excitement and noise of the stadium!

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    Declutter the Entertainment Unit: In most cases an entertainment unit has several random tidbits and curios on display. During a big game, items can fall and break due to the intensive sound and number of people watching the match. Therefore remove the breakables and any other items coming in the way of the television screen. Nothing should obstruct the view of India playing cricket at the T20 World Cup.

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    Have plenty of Seating: The final step is to ensure there is great seating for the game. If a number of people are coming to your house, then re-arrange to the room to include extensive and comfortable seating for everybody to be able to watch the match comfortably. Have all types of seating from couches and recliners to comfortable pillows and cushions on the floor. Make the room inviting by adding extensive seating for the match.

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