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  • Crazy Smart Gadgets for the Kitchen

    In the past few years, the concept of an open, "connected home" is becoming more popular. Various automation changes are taking place within a home to connect the kitchen to the living room to the bedroom. Nowadays there are countless digital innovations that can bring an element of surprise and sophistication within the kitchen. The kitchen smart technology today is being designed to provide cooking assistance and convenience in the general kitchen process. Check out some crazy kitchen gadgets that can be added to your kitchen!

    Touch-Screen Oven: Now kitchens can include ovens that have a memory of their own. There are several very advanced ovens that are controlled through a touch screen or even an app, offering several cooking programs and recipes right at your fingertips. These ovens are connected to a very detailed recipe database and use the home's wifi to suggest any recipe based on the available ingredients! This advancement in using the oven saves so much time and energy of looking up the recipe yourself!

    Image Credit IQ Global

    Voice-Activated Grill: How does a voice-activated grill sound? This kitchen device is perfect for both indoor and outdoor kitchens, controlling the temperature based on the meat and vegetables and the method of preparation. This grill is so advanced it eventually learns the users' cooking preferences, and preps the food accordingly. Along with food prep, the user even be be notified via text message on their smartphone when their food is ready!

    Image Credit: Consumer Reports

    Wireless Hobs: These days even the cooking zone can be wireless. Wireless hobs are available to control temperature and even communicate wirelessly with the chimney when the user starts induction cooking. Other hobs have touch screens with built-in menu settings where one can look up recipes online and download them to the hob's auto cook menus. Once those recipes are downloaded, they can be added to the personal menu and selected when required. Once chosen the cooking zone prepares the dish accordingly.

    Image Credit: Kitchen Sourcebook

    Touch Screen Control on Refrigerators: Just like many kitchen gadgets discussed above, even refrigerators are incorporating a touch screen option, which adds to the basic functions of the appliance, itself. Smart refrigerators have special controls that rapidly reduce temperature to quickly cool groceries or even special lighting to increase the vitamins of fruits and vegetables and protect them. Ultimately, the refrigerator is turning into a zone to preserve the freshness and nutrition value of all food items while keeping them cool at the same time.

    Image Credit: Engadget

    Wash Ware: Even dishwashers have advanced with time. Many dishwashers have an eco-mode to lose less water and energy in cleaning the dishes. Other smart dishwasher also have special settings that allow the dishes to be cleaned using only half of the normal time, and even settings to make the sound extremely quiet.

    Image Credit: Dishwashers Reviewed

    Overall, the future of the kitchen is through smart appliances and increased use of technology. This concept of the "connected home" will become an increased part of our daily lives as we move forward.

  • 10 Kitchen Gadgets We all Want

    In today's world, we are increasingly dependent on gadgets and gizmos for our daily activities. Every few months a new product promises to simplify our tasks and make our lives easier. Gadgets are coming up in all types of industries, even the home improvement industry. Several kitchen gadgets are emerging to keep the kitchen tasks simple and easy for the user. Below are the Top 10 Kitchen tasks we love!

    The Instant Avocado Tool. Who does want an item that cuts, peels, slices, and mashes avocado to make delicious guacamole? 4 tasks in one! Image Credit: This Old House
    A Nonstick Rice Cooker. It is as simple as it sounds. Simply measure the rice and water, add some veggies or broth and cook a delicious meal, without worrying about ingredients sticking to the pot!
    A Tablet/Cookbook stand. We all need a protected space to keep our cookbook or kitchen tablet to access any recipes while using the kitchen. Therefore, why not having a space where your tablet or cookbook is clean from all food items?
    Digital Measuring Cup. Gone are the days where you need to measure and pour at the same time. Simply pour your liquid and monitor the measured amount on the handle!
    The Corn Stripper. A very self-explanatory item. It shaves the kernels off the cob, and simultaneously collects them into a container. Image Credit: This Old House
    The Garlic Zoom Chopper. Say good-bye to peeling garlic by hand. Simply insert the cloves in the device and wheel it around. The wheels chop the garlic into fine bits creating minced garlic! Image Credit: This Old House
    The Three Course Electric Steamer. Who does not want a device to steam all your meal course at once? This lovely device does exactly that. Saves time, effort, and energy yet still gives a delicious meal! Image Credit: Hammacher
    The Instant French Fry Slicer. Easy it sounds: Peel the potato, insert in the device, and have perfectly shaped french fries! Saving both time and energy. Image Credit: Amazon
    10 Egg Steamer. Steam your eggs quickly and efficiently with this device. Another time saver that gets the job done! Image Credit: Buzzfeed

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