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  • Kitchen Design: The Transitional Kitchen

    A transitional kitchen design is one that is open to interpretation. In fact, many contemporary kitchens today are more transitional than traditional or modern. As mentioned in a previous blog, the term "contemporary" refers to an ongoing style that refers to today's trends and preferences of the modern-day homeowner. Therefore, today's contemporary kitchens combine elements of both traditional and modern, which is termed as a transitional design. Transitional kitchens combine the decorative elements of the traditional kitchen design and the sleek and clean lines of the modern kitchen design. In fact, the transitional kitchen design is appreciated for not being the subject of design rules, compared to a traditional or modern interior. Individuals who prefer a more unconventional kitchen design typically choose a transitional-style kitchen, as opposed to a completely modern or completely traditional style kitchen.

    As the transitional kitchen mixes several styles together, textures and materials are mixed as well. A transitional kitchen can feature wood, like a traditional kitchen, and also steel, like a modern kitchen. Mixing different elements together distinguishes the transitional kitchen from the modern or traditional. Oftentimes, kitchens will be visible with wooden cabinets, concrete or marble flooring, and steel appliances-combined together to create a harmonious blend of textures and materials.

    Image Credit: Kitchen Design Ideas

    Due to the mixed materials and textures, transitional kitchens are usually more neutral in color with the occasional pop of color on an accent wall or in the decoration. Neutral color palettes are available in countless shades, and can easily be blended together to give the kitchen a more sophisticated and timeless look. The neutral palette can also be highlighted in the flooring with a simple black and white design, which is appreciated in both traditional and modern interiors. The countertops in transitional kitchens can be in a matt finish to bring up possible colors and hues to mix up the the the overall style of the kitchen. The mixing of colors with sophistication of varying textures provides a sense of visual interest to the entire kitchen space!

    Transitional kitchen with neutral color palette, streamlined cabinetry, detailed lighting Image Credit: Snaidero USA Transitional kitchen with neutral color palette, streamlined cabinetry, detailed lighting
    Image Credit: Snaidero USA

    In terms of cabinetry, a transitional kitchen usually has streamlined cabinetry, which is a common design trait of the modern kitchen design. Due to mix of textures and materials, the cabinetry, itself is a little more subdued to bring out the differing patterns. In transitional kitchens, there will be very little intricate carving or decorative hardware-like the traditional kitchen. However, the cabinets do mix some of the smaller traditional details, such as the corbels, brackets, or moldings. Nevertheless, the smoother-looking cabinetry and simpler hardware solutions with these smaller details are combined to create a unique appearance of the entire kitchen.

    Image Credit: Huffington Post

    Overall, the transitional kitchen design is a cosmic blend of something old and something new. It mixes of several elements like the traditional kitchen, yet keeps the streamline cabinetry and simpler hardware of the modern kitchen. As a design, the transitional kitchen allows for great variation in the overall design and appearance, and one can easily create an innovative and exciting design specifically unique to the home. Therefore, for an exclusive, unique kitchen in a transitional design, contact us!

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