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  • Kitchen Design Trends for 2017

    The new year is merely days away and all os us are already looking towards 2017 for the the upcoming designs that we will all fall in love with. As we are bombarded with all sorts of media, there is constant inspiration on can be added to our homes for that extra bit of unique-ness. If you are planning for a brand-new kitchen, check out some of the 2017 trends so your kitchen is trending and cutting-edge within your home.

    White on White-White has always been admired as a color to add to contemporary kitchens. The color is not going anywhere. In fact, more white is being added to the kitchen. Mixing different textures and tones of white in the wall and floor cabinetry, sink unit, and even backsplash is definitely a trend that is here to stay in 2016. In terms of design, white in any case expands a space-making it look much larger, and makes the space look more welcoming.

    Image Credit: 88 Design Box

    Bronze Accents-2016 was the year of brass-now 2017 is the year of bronze. The more preferred metallic touch to the kitchen will be in the form of bronze. Bronze accents in the kitchen will become more popular. The bronze touches will be seen through the hardware and also decorative accents such as flower vases, trays, and even light fixtures.

    Image Credit: Pin-Insta-Decor

    Bold Hues-Bold, bright hues are making a comeback in 2017. Whether it comes in the form of a countertop, accent wall, or the cabinetry-bright colors are a definite must-have for 2017 for the kitchen to make an immediate statement to anybody who sees it. Many contemporary 2017 kitchens are mixing neutrals with bright greens, reds, and yellows, to create a design unique and exclusive designs.

    Image Credit: Houzz

    Open Shelving-Open shelving grew extremely popular in 2016, and it is not going anywhere. In 2017, open shelves are here to stay. Open shelves have their appeal as users can showcase their beautiful collections to give the kitchen some character. See on of our previous blog posts while considering open shelves for your kitchen design.

    Image Credit: Britcdn

    Mixed Materials-The kitchen has slowly evolved from a functional space to a more personal space. In doing so, equal attention is given to design and detail as it is given to practicality and functionality. With this, the kitchen design process has become much more personal. Homeowners are incorporating a more eclectic style of decorating by taking bits and pieces from various design styles to create a unique solution for their home. As a result, in 2017 we will see a higher use of mixed materials to create kitchen designs that are unique to the user and the home.

    Image Credit: Kimdev

    The new year will bring a unique sense of design to the home interiors. While designing take some inspiration from these ideas and create an exclusive look for your kitchen! As the design continues to inspire us, we wish you a very Happy New Year!

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