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  • Reap the Benefits of SPOC with Modspace

    If you have ever played Chinese Whispers in your childhood, then you might know how the original message that was whispered by the first player was transmuted while reaching the last person. This is generally what happens when you hire different teams for renovating or doing complete interior of your  home. During the entire process, from planning to final look of the house, there are several people such as - electricians, plumbers, civil person, interior designers etc. are involved. Each person has his own view about how the work is completed and when it will be completed. Dealing with each person or respective team is a huge task which often leads to miscommunication and mismanagement which further leads to delay in work and customer dissatisfaction.

    single point of contact

    Modspace.in by Arrivae - your one-stop solution for full home interiors and believes in providing best services to our clients. For easy management and clients’ satisfaction we have designated a single point of contact, which is our project manager, who act as focal point of information. Thus, you do not have to contact different people at different stages of your home interior project. The project manager will be in-charge of the day-to-day communication, management and always update you what is going.

    Modspace.in by Arrivae believes in clients’ satisfaction and contentment. We have a single point of contact, our Project manager, who leads you from sales to execution of every task that includes understanding client’s requirement, making changes in the 2D drawings to giving it a final touch. Instead of talking to different people at different stages of home interiors, the customer can directly contact project manager for every information. Since Project manager is involved at every stage of home designing, thus, he can easily predict the errors that might take place and resolve it immediately. He takes all the headache away and allows you to cherish each stage of your home design.

  • 5 Contemporary Entertainment Unit Designs

    Your home decor, specially living room interior cannot be complete without an entertainment unit that holds TV and other entertainment objects.  It adds life to a boring and dull living room while offering you a go-to place to watch TV, with your family, listen music or play video games. There is a wide range of entertainment unit designs to choose from, here we have picked some of the best entertainment unit designs that are leading the trend and perfect for all type of homes.

    1. TV Unit with Open Shelves

    TV unit with open shelving is one of the most practical and popular designs. It offers you sufficient space to store your TV accessories while adding an eye-pleasing element in your living room. These are flexible, offer optimum functionality and are low on maintenance. TV units with open shelves generally have center frame with numerous shelves and a mounting support for television.

    TV Unit with Open Shelves- Entertainment Unit Designs

    2. Entertainment Unit with Cabinets

    Cabinets are available in array of colors and designs. There are two popular styles among, which one replicates console model which has a surface with closed shelves for TV, and another style of cabinets has a screen that can be completely camouflaged. Depending on your home interiors, you can choose the best that goes well with your other living room furniture.

    Entertainment Unit with Cabinets- Entertainment Unit Designs

    3. Floating TV Unit Design

    This is one of the best entertainment unit designs for people looking for open floor space and clean look. This wall mounted style has shelves and cover-ups to hide cords and wires. The TV can be kept on the top surface or above the floating unit. Such TV unit can be customized into any shape and can be created according to the size of the room.

    Floating TV Unit Designs- Entertainment Unit Designs

    4 Swivel TV Cabinet

    These TV units add a contemporary element to the living room. The minimalist design approach makes this design standout among other entertainment TV designs. It features a rotating platform which can be placed at any position to achieve a best angle. Such TV units are ideal for Televisions that does not have revolving base or for people who like to keep their speakers on the stand.

    Swivel TV Cabinet- Entertainment Unit Designs

    5. Console Style Entertainment Unit

    Console style is a perfect combination of surface area and shelves, making it a perfect fit for living rooms. The typical design features a rectangular shape structure with closed shelves.

    Console Style Entertainment Unit- Entertainment Unit Designs

  • 4 Ways to Decorate your Entertainment Unit

    Entertainments units are a unique feature in any space. Unlike a kitchen or wardrobe, a television unit can be distinctly designed to include unique, customizable storage features as per your preferences. In any given room, the entertainment unit is usually the center of attention. The room is designed to ensure that there is comfortable and adequate seating or bedding to allow viewers to face forward and watch television easily. The entire room is organized to ensure that as many viewers possible are able watch any show or movie without discomfort or trouble. Therefore, television units can be as simple or as elaborate as the user prefers. Some entertainment units include some floor cabinetry with a screen on top, while others include extensive shelving around the television space itself. Needless to say, an entertainment unit comes with a great amount of decorating space above, below, or on the sides of the television, itself. Before are the top four of ways of decorating your entertainment unit with style!

    Photo Frames: The shelving space in an entertainment unit is typically open or behind glass shutters. Therefore, all contents on display are visible to onlookers. So why not make it look nice! One way to decorate an entertainment unit is by adding photo frames. Shelves with photographs of family, friends, and amazing memories are a great conversation starter and add to the decor space. Photo frames are available in  variety of sizes and designs, and there are several styles available to match the theme of the room or the entertainment unit itself.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Book Shelf: If your entertainment unit has extensive shelving, it is a great space for a bookshelf, especially if you have hard bound or leather-bound books. The shelves are an ideal place to access your books when needed, and make your television unit look aesthetically pleasing. Books add a source of color to the dark television screen and create visual interest for any viewer.

    Image Credit: Fortino

    Gallery Wall: If your entertainment unit simply includes cabinetry below the television itself, the wall space behind can look extremely bare. Either shelving space or a textured back drop can be added behind the television itself, or one can create a gallery wall of pictures. If your television is wall mounted, then it simply becomes a part of the wall when it is turned off. The surrounding pictures give people something else to view besides the actual television.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Artwork/Decoration: Besides the books, the gallery wall, and the photo frames, an entertainment unit is a great space to display your curios and decoration. Curios from any home store or from a loved one or even from past travels can easily be displayed artistically on the shelves of a television unit. Entertainment units are available with a variety of shelving styles and options, and the decoration pieces can match the theme of the television unit easily!

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    There are a variety of ways to decorate an entertainment unit. As a space, it is the focal point of every room, and can accommodate the more variety of decoration and storage than any other storage or cabinet space in your home. While decorating your entertainment unit, have some fun with it! There is no way you can go wrong!

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