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  • Modular Kitchen Design Steps for First Timers

    Oftentimes when potential clients approach us for buying a modular kitchen, they do not know where to start. To ease the process, we actually put together a Kitchen Buying Guide, which takes the customer through the entire process of buying a modular kitchen-starting with the most general thoughts and going all the way down to the specifics of adding accessories to the kitchen. Below, the basic design steps of a modular kitchen are given-starting with the layout, going into the storage options based on the layout, ensuring the kitchen has proper ventilation, choosing colors, and finalizing the lighting.

    Layout and Work Triangle: The first step in designing your kitchen is the layout and work triangle. Depending on your space and preferences certain layouts will suit your space more than others. Whether it is an L-Shape, U-Shape, Straight, Parallel, or includes an Island; all layouts come with their own set of advantages. An L-Shape is more open while a U-Shape is more private; or a Parallel has ongoing storage where a straight is more space-efficient. After finalizing the layout, the next step is determining Kitchen Work Triangle. The Work Triangle determines the location of your refrigerator, sink, and hob. All three of these items should be in some triangular shape to allow any user to conduct kitchen tasks in the most efficient manner. Depending on the layout, the Work Triangle is determined accordingly.

    Storage Options: Once the location of the three larger items is determined, the next step is the storage cabinets. This step allows you to explore the types of storage options and accessories available for wall units and floor units alike. Each layout allows for extensive and unique storage options to complement the overall kitchen design. In determining the storage options, always remember the corners. Corners are often ignored in a kitchen design, as they can be slightly challenging to work with. However, there are plenty of corner options and accessories that fully utilize the corner space in a kitchen.

    Image Credit: Houzz

    Ventilation: There is a lot of activity that takes place in the kitchen: cooking, washing, cleaning. All of these activities generate a lot of heat and moisture that can easily get trapped. When designing your modular kitchen, ensure there is enough space for a window or a door that can be left open to let some fresh air in while conducting kitchen tasks. Otherwise those trapped fumes will start producing unnecessary smoke and moisture within your entire home.

    Image Credit: Patriot Kitchens

    Colors: After the design specifications, the next step is your colors. In a previous blog, the process of choosing the kitchen colors is discussed-starting with the cabinet, to the countertop, then appliances, flooring, backsplash & wall, and specific hardware. The colors are the final factor to determine the overall look and feel of your entire kitchen design.

    Image credit: Houzz

    Lighting: Lighting in the kitchen should both be aesthetic and practical. A previous blog post takes you step-by-step through choosing the best lighting for your kitchen design. If possible, incorporate a window for that beautiful natural lighting that adds immediate warmth to the kitchen. Also ensure the kitchen lighting matches to overall theme of the kitchen design. For example, in a traditional kitchen design will look better with some chandelier-style pendants, rather than lights with clean, harsh lines. Another aspect of lighting is include enough task lighting-usually in the form of can lighting-to allow you to fully see the kitchen tasks being conducted.

    Image Credit: Grabhouse

    When it comes to designing your modular kitchen, these steps allow you to cover all the aspects in a systematic manner. With each step, there are a variety of customizable options to create a unique space exclusive to your home.

  • Client Story: ModSpace.in creates a Dream Home

    As we all know, designing kitchens and wardrobes are integral parts of any home. They make up the home design and allow the client to be as creative as possible with the home interiors. One of the aspects we love about our work is the privilege of interacting with clients from different backgrounds and taste. It is always fascinating to see how clients choose their colors and what inspires them to finalize their home interior. Very recently, we had the privilege of doing up a beautiful home on Prithviraj Road in New Delhi, providing the kitchen, wardrobes, and bathroom vanities for the entire house.

    Kitchen: The Kitchen in the home is a beautiful, spacious U-Shaped design with plenty of storage and an on going work space. It is finished in laminate with a hazel cambric color. All of the cabinetry in the kitchen has sleek, steel handles, giving the user a single point to pull any cabinet open. The color combined with the slim handles gives this kitchen an ultra-modern look, perfect for today's contemporary lifestyle.

    Once you enter the kitchen space, there is a counter right across that includes the sink and kitchen window, giving the kitchen some natural lighting. This counter space makes up the kitchen's cleaning zone. Above the sink there are cabinets, which are ideal for storing in cutlery and crockery. below the sink itself, there is plenty of storage on either side, which will allow the users to organize all their kitchen items easily and activity. The cooking zone is along the left wall, which includes the hob and chimney. On either side of the chimney, there is extensive wall cabinet storage, and below the counter there is a large amount of floor cabinet storage. The floor cabinet storage includes a grain drawer and even a bottle pull-out.

    Finally the preparation and storage zone is a long the third wall. This includes all the stainless steel appliances in one area: refrigerator, microwave, and oven. The preparation section is designed to have efficient storage around the appliances so any user can access dry or cold foods and prepare them in the microwave or oven.

     "We really like the work done by ModSpace.in. Their finish and service. All of our relatives and friends like the work, and their work adds beauty in our house. Also the Space Planning Consultant of ModSpace is always very cooperative and responsible."

    Wardrobes: All wardrobes in this home had the same finish design. To create a uniform look with the rest of the home, the wardrobes are finished in winter maple laminate finish, with slender handles. All of the wardrobes fit perfectly into a bedroom corner and are expertly designed to use the space in the most efficient way possible. The larger wardrobes broke the winter maple by adding a biome maple laminate shutter. This creates a color block-style wardrobe, which is ideal for today's homes. All wardrobes include extensive space for hanging, shelving, and storing the wardrobe items in the most efficient way possible.

  • Client Story: ModSpace.in Kitchen in Northwest Delhi

    As we continue to create superior kitchens and wardrobes, we've started a new series, which will include Client Stories to showcase the customized products we are doing right now. This blog features a beautiful medium-sized kitchen in a Pritampura home, which is perfect for the users and the lifestyle.

    Layout & Design: The kitchen space in this home is a separate, individual room room. The room is a private space , making the U-shape the best layout. Entering through an open archway, one can see the U-shape kitchen with continuous counter space, continuous floor cabinetry, and ongoing wall cabinetry on 2/3 of the walls. This kitchen offers plenty of efficient storage with a tall unit, bottle pull-out, and Aventos HF Units. The overall layout of the kitchen is an enclosed design giving privacy to any user operating in the kitchen space. The client opted to see a 3D view of their kitchen before their order was complete:

    02 01

    In this kitchen, the working triangle is very well planned with tasks divided evenly on each side. One side has the kitchen sink, while the opposite size has the hob and cooking area. This gives plenty of preparation and storage space along the back counter. On either side of the hob, there is plenty of counter space which can allow the user to place and prepare their ingredients before cooking them on the hob. This layout allows for multiple kitchen users to access the space at once.

    Finish: The clients opted for a very modern finish in laminate with the wall cabinets as Champagne White High Gloss and the floor cabinets as Slate High Gloss. The balance of the white and grey creates a beautiful and visually pleasing kitchen taking inspiration from modern design. The neutrals of white and grey with the handle-less cabinetry is very sleek and perfect for today's contemporary home. The clients, themselves were are very happy with their kitchen stating:

    "We are very happy with the look and finish of our kitchen. We especially appreciate the tall unit, and will refer Modspace to whoever sees our kitchen!"

    FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender-4

    Every home has its own character and every client has their own wishes and dreams for their home. We are very happy to have given the client a hassle-free process in delivering a customizable product for them to enjoy. For achieving your dream home, contact us!

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