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  • Valentines Day: Giving Some Love to Your Kitchen

    Happy Valentines Day <3! As we see everywhere, February is the month of love, and today officially marks Valentines Day. Although Valentines Day is today, we feel the entire month February is meant for love: whether it is your loved one, yourself, your pet, or even your home. We feel that in this season of love, even the home deserves a little attention during this time of the year. Being the heart of the home, the kitchen in particular deserves some special treatment. Below check out some easy and quick ideas to give your kitchen a little lovin' this Valentines Season.

    Flowers: Add a bunch of flowers to your kitchen space. Occupy an unused corner or an island centerpiece with some fresh flowers within the kitchen. With early signs of spring beginning to poke through the winter, flowers will be a nice touch. Valentines Day does not mean that one needs to restrict themselves to the reds and pinks. Mix up a bunch of colors to add a beautiful bouquet to the kitchen counter.

    Image Credit: The decoist

    Change the Kitchen Towels: Freshen up the kitchen towels and get some new linens for the kitchen space. Replace or throw away the old kitchen rags and add an element of freshness to the kitchen with new hand towels and dish towels within the space.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Fix What Needs to Be Fixed: Leaking Tap, irritated drawer channel? Call for an update! Fix up all the pesky nooks and corners that need a quick tightening up. Get all the routine maintenance checks done on the appliances to refresh them after the busy Christmas and New Years Holidays. Revamp the entire kitchen for the spring and summer season, and ensure everything is working smoothly for the upcoming summer months.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Reorganize the Kitchen Shelves: Clear out the kitchen shelves to dust them off and display a new collection! If the kitchen has open shelves, display a new collection and give the kitchen a whole new look. With time, many items get unnecessary piled or unorganized within the cabinetry. Therefore, clean out the cabinetry and reorganize all the shelves by category to have a more pleasant and organized experience while operating in the kitchen. It will save significant time and bring a smile to your face.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Get Rid of the Unnecessary Items: Going hand-in-hand reorganizing the kitchen shelves, use this time to get rid of all the unnecessary items. Whether it is expired food items or broken dishes, just get rid of them. Take the old stuff out of the kitchen, and replace with the new! After all, the most-used room in the home does need a makeover once in awhile. Use the season of love to give something back to your kitchen.


    Although Valentines Day is today, our kitchens can all use some love and attention once in awhile. Use the remaining month of love, to give a little something extra to your kitchen space whether its flowers, new dishes, or just an old-fashioned clean-out: our kitchens needs some love. Happy Valentines Day to all of you!

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