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  • Preparing for the First Meeting with Your Vendor

    At this point, you've done your research, talked to friends and family, and followed the likes of a vendor checklist, and finalized who your kitchen/wardrobe vendor will be. Now that a vendor is selected up to your satisfaction. A meeting will be scheduled with a Space Planning Consultant and/or designer to further understand your requirements and specifications. For the first meeting, it is best to do a little bit of homework beforehand to ease the entire design process for yourself and your designer/consultant. Utilize your pre-meeting prep to prioritize wants, needs and specifications to speed up the process moving forward.

    Wish List: The first step is to distinguish your wants and needs. This becomes the baseline for your entire home project. By establishing that is needed vs. is what is wanted, your vendor will have a better idea of the elements you require. Whether it is a kitchen or wardrobe, make a list of the must-have storage solutions for your items or the final look you desire. Another aspect of establishing a wish list is photos. Use photos to help your vendor better understand the kind of look you are going for, and what you desire in your home space. This will better help your vendor arrive at a desired solution to suit your home and your taste.

    Image Credit: Futura Interior

    Prioritize The Needs: In defining wants and needs, prioritize the needs of your space. In a kitchen, the desired layout, must-have storage options, and even certain colors may be non-negotiable elements in the kitchen. In a wardrobe, certain storage solutions and overall look and finish might be completely fixed items. However, in prioritizing the needs, be open to your vendors suggestions. Keeping your needs in mind, an expert designer/consultant will arrive at a solution which satisfies your requirements.

    Budget: The next element to prep is the budget. Before the first meeting, have budget range in which you would like the project to be complete. A range allows some flexibility in making basic design choices for your home.  Keeping a realistic range in mind allows your vendor to better understand which solutions to offer you and which solutions to avoid. Therefore both you and your vendor can arrive at a mutually-agreed solution.

    Image Credit: Decoist

    List your Questions: In meeting prep, have a mental or physical outline of questions you'd like to ask your vendor at the first meeting. Keep the questions with you until the end of the meeting. It is a highly likely chance that your vendor will already answer a majority of them through the entire meeting. Having list allows you to formulate your thoughts and better communicate those concerns to the designer. Therefore, outline your questions before the meeting so you are well-prepared

    Be Patient: Finally, be patient. Bringing a beautiful kitchen or well-designed wardrobe to life takes its own time. Take your time with the design process to arrive at a solution you are happy with. Consider all your options fully before moving to the next step. The last thing you want is to rush through the process and have a hurried, unfinished construction job in your home.

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