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  • Sprucing up Your Rental Kitchen-Part 1

    We've heard the phrase "the kitchen is the heart of home." But where does that apply when the home does not completely belong to you? It can be quite challenging to make a space feel homey when you are not the sole owner. Oftentimes, when renting a home, there are a lot of limitations in terms of exercising your imagination and full style in designing the home interior. A rental kitchen usually cannot be completely renovated. However there are a variety of simple, cost-effective, and creative ways to make your kitchen space brighter, more attractive, and reflective of your own, individual style. For the purpose of providing all the creative possibilities, this blog series will be divided into two parts: the first part covering how the look of the kitchen can be changed, and the second being how storage and functionality can be added or modified to your rental kitchen.  The suggestions below are simple, easy ways to change the look in your kitchen space.

    • Paint the Cabinets: A fresh coat of paint in any color brings life to the kitchen space. If the landlord allows you to paint, then it is a lovely way to transform the kitchen space. Painting the kitchen cabinets are a chance to revamp dull-looking cabinets and add some personality.
      Image Credit: Safarimp
    • Add a Floor Rug: If the kitchen floor appears unattractive, the solution is simple! Add a gorgeous kitchen rug or two to enhance the look and have some comfort under your feet. Ensure the rug has an anti-slip protector underneath and is a stiffer fabric to withstand high usage. For design creativity and practicality, go with a rug that has a patterned design to prevent stains from showing up easily.
      Image Credit: Rilane
    • Add Homey Touches: A kitchen space can get a lot of personality with small touches in accents and accessories. While cabinets can look dated, homey touches can make the kitchen feel welcoming, such as adding beautiful artwork on the walls or even decorative pieces in kitchen corners. If there is a blank wall in the kitchen, a single, large piece of artwork will make a great focal point. However, if you were to go for a gallery, frame everything the same way to make the collection appear in sync and clean with the kitchen. Another easy way to draw attention is by adding some bold tea towels. Simply hang the design over the oven door and grab any viewer's attention. One can also add small indoor or artificial plants on the windowsill in decorative vases to add life and visual interest to the kitchen space.
      Kitchen accented with window coverings, tea towels, plants, and candles. Image Credit: Decoracasa
    • Add pattern to the WallsMaking over the kitchen walls is much easier than one might think. If you are unhappy with the backsplash or wall call, there are countless decal wallpapers available that can be added temporarily to the wall space. with any removable wall patterns or wall paper, the look of the entire kitchen can change dramatically. Decorative decals add very playful, personalized touches to the kitchen space.
      Peel-and-stick tiles that can add temporary color to a kitchen space. Image Credit: Pinterest

    These easy tricks add great personalization to any kitchen space. By applying these simple tricks, your kitchen will look unique, personable, and individual to you! Stay tuned for the next blog on sprucing up a rental kitchen!

  • 10 of the Best Walk-in Wardrobes We've Ever Seen

    Wardrobes bring so much character to any bedroom. At ModSpace.in, we love our wardrobes. Courtesy of Pinterest, we have outlined the 10 best walk in wardrobes we've seen. Click on the image and enjoy!!

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