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  • Vastu Shastra Tips for your Wardrobe

    The wardrobe is one of the largest pieces of furniture within the bedroom. Ensuring its placement can impact the vibes or energy within a room. Applying Vastu Shastra to the home is believed to bring positive and peaceful energy within a space. In a previous blog, we have mentioned the ideal layout for the kitchen in accordance to Vastu Shastra, along with a blog post for the most suitable colors.   For the bedroom, different Vastu Shastra rules apply. Below, are some Vastu Shastra Tips for placing the Wardrobe within the bedroom.


    • Wardrobe Location: For starters, the ideal placement of a wardrobe within the bedroom is in the southwest direction of the room. An alternative direction for the wardrobe is the northwest. Ideally, the wardrobe shutters should open towards the east or south to be used as a buffer against the hot evening sun.
      Wardrobe Location Image Credit: YouTube
    • Wardrobe Appearance: The colors of the wardrobe should be subtle and soft. Neutral tones such as white, grey, or beige are ideal color options for any wardrobe. They follow the Vastu Shastra rules, and they can be placed with any bedroom color scheme. Vastu Shastra also states that a bedroom wardrobe should be constructed from wood or iron. At ModSpace.in we use wood in making our wardrobes. Using mirrors as a part of the wardrobe shutters is discouraged. It is believed that mirrors in the bedroom or facing the bed lead to arguments within the home.
      Wardrobe Appearance Image Credit: Houzz
    • Wardrobe Storage: Vastu Shastra  states that valuables and cash that are stored inside of the wardrobe should be kept on the west or the south side, in a wardrobe that is standing on a leveled floor. Ideally, a drawer or safety locker should be dedicated to those valuables to ensure safe storage.
      Wardrobe Storage Image Credit: Edmonton Locksmiths

    Adhere to these Vastu Shastra tips within your home to ensure prosperity, wealth, and happiness!

  • 4 Things to Know about Custom-Made Cabinetry

    Anything custom-made is a blessing. In a custom design, everything is made exclusively to you, catering to your taste and your home. In the long run, a custom solution gives a seamless design, ultimately adding value to your home space. They are made-to-measure and become a real asset within the home. At ModSpace.in, we offer custom-made cabinetry in all forms for the home: kitchens, wardrobes, entertainment units, and vanities. However, before diving into the furniture, below are 4 tips to know about getting custom furniture within the home.


    Ask the Right Questions: In finalizing a vendor for your custom cabinetry, ensure they are genuine and provide custom solutions. Oftentimes, vendors either have stand sizes in which they create custom solutions or they are restricted with the type of measurements they can provide. For a full custom solution, ensure the vendor you choose is able to cater all types of measurements and spaces to provide the perfect solution for your home.


    Think about the Usage of the Cabinetry: In designing the cabinetry, consider the function. In the kitchen, it would be used to stocking crockery, cutlery, and food items. With an entertainment unit, space is needed to access the cords and accessories. Therefore, in designing the cabinetry, consider what all it will be used for based on the room or space it is in. Defining the usage while creating a custom solution eases the design process and allows the vendor further design a solution especially for you. Think about the Usage of the Cabinetry

    Make Sure Shelves can Handle the Weight: Another step to consider is how items will the stored and whether or not heavier or lighter items will be placed and their arrangement. With cabinet shelves, ensure they are sturdy enough to handle the weight. With heavier items additional support may be required.


    Choose the Right Finishes: Ensure the finishes are durable and long lasting. Areas in the kitchen, such as near the sink, may require a water resistant finish, while a wardrobe finish has a bit more flexibility. Nevertheless, while choosing the finish, budget also comes into play. Finishes such as laminate are much more economical, while a finish such as PU Paint or Solid wood is more expensive. For all types of furniture in the home, the are a variety of finishes at different price points.

    With finalizing the perfect solution for your home, do your homework before meeting your vendor. Have an idea of what you are looking for before picking out the cabinetry solutions. In doing so, you and your vendor can sit and brainstorm for that perfect custom solution for your home!

  • 2 Reasons to BOOK NOW and Get Your Dream Home This Navratri!

    We are already at the end of August, and festival season is just around the corner! For us at ModSpace.in, the year has simply flown by, and we cannot believe that it is nearly the final quarter and the festivals are about to start. In light of the upcoming celebrations, we are running a special delivery scheme, where if you book and finalize an order with us before September 5th, then it will be delivered to your doorstep during Navratri.

    Have an Auspicious Navratri with New Modular Furniture: Navratri is one of the most auspicious times of the year. We are all involved in upgrading and cleaning our homes to embrace this wonderful time and gear up for the Diwali festivities. Give something special to your home this year with some brand new furniture. Once the order with its specifications is finalized before September 5th, then the following couple weeks go into productions and the order is then ready for delivery during Navratri!

    Have an Auspicious Navratri with New Modular Furniture Image Credit: Pinterest

    Celebrate Diwali in your New Dream Home: With your furniture delivered and installed in Navratri, you will have something a little extra to celebrate during Diwali. Bring the Festival of Lights in your home and decorate the brand-new furniture through the entire festival season!!
    Finalize and book your order with us before September 5th, and get your dream home this Navratri! Call us at +91-7042335104 or contact us to book your showroom visit!

    We look forward to seeing you!!

  • 4 Practical Home Design Practices to Follow

    Home design is one of the more challenging tasks in creating a new space or renovating an existing home. Oftentimes, one does not know where to start, who to talk to, or where it should even end, and it gets overwhelming. However, before designing the home, there are a few basic practices one should follow to maintain some organization and order and not get confused within the design process. Those 4 principles are below.


    1. Organize the Wiring: Wiring is inevitable within a home. Particularly behind the entertainment unit, the wiring can be a chaotic mess of television, DVD Player, Speakers, satellite box, and even gaming consuls. Within extensive wiring in such a small space, it is best to ensure that there is some way of organizing without interfering with the overall design. Whether it is setting panels or grouping certain wires together, keeping the wiring in order eliminates a wiring mess from view and allows for much easier usage of the entire entertainment center.
      Organize the Wiring Image Credit: Redesign 4 More
    2. Wardrobe Shutters: As mentioned in a previous blog, there is a variety of options in wardrobe shutters, one of which can save on significant space. While planning your own home design, consider the space where the wardrobe will be placed, and then decide the shutters accordingly. While hinged shutters are the most conventional, sliding shutters are major space savers which can allow a wardrobe to fit even into a narrow passageway or smaller bedroom. The sliding shutters allow for more movement within the small space without having anything extra get in the way.
      Wardrobe Shutters Image Credit: Slide Wardrobes Direct
    3. Kitchen Work Triangle: Another factor mentioned in a previous blog was the Kitchen Work Triangle. In the design phase, planning a kitchen design around the work triangle is a major lifesaver. Whether the kitchen has one cook or multiple cooks, it is essential that the kitchen space is planned for easy work flow and maximum efficiency. The work triangle should designate the three most important tasks within the kitchen: cooking, cleaning, and storage. In other words, the location of the hob and chimney, location of the sink and dishwasher, and location of the refrigerator. Ensure that the kitchen layout allows for an easily function work triangle for a smooth-running kitchen space. Kitchen Work Triangle
    4. Mindful Vertical Storage: One of the more space-efficient tactics in smaller homes is the use of vertical storage. While it is a great space-saving solution, in designing a home one has to be mindful of its practicality. Especially in modular units, the storage should stay below 7 feet in height, otherwise it is extremely uncomfortable to reach and the storage space goes unused for everyday use.
      Mindful Vertical Storage Image Credit: Freshome

    Designing your home should reflect you, your lifestyle, and your preferences. In this taxing design process, the basic principles are can get forgotten. As you begin your home design, remember the fundamentals to have a smooth design!

  • 5 Advantages of Fitted Wardrobes In Your Home

    While building or remodeling a home, one of the many questions comes down to whether to go for a fitted wardrobe or a freestanding wardrobe within the bedroom or any other room in the home. Although freestanding wardrobes have their advantages in terms of planning and convenience, the homeowner is often compromising on storage or appearance in order to achieve what is best available to suit their needs. However, with a fitted or bespoke wardrobe, one can easily customize and arrive at a solution to best suit their needs and preferences within the home. Here are some advantages to having your own fitted wardrobe in your space.


    Custom-fit, Custom-made: Unlike free-standing wardrobes, fitted wardrobes are customized to the space and storage requirements. Depending on the items and preferences, one can easily customize the storage inside the wardrobe. For example the wardrobe can include the required hanging and pull-outs to fit all the necessary items. In fact, if two people are sharing a wardrobe, such as a married couple, then both sides of the wardrobe can be designed to best suit individual tastes and needs. With a freestanding wardrobe, one has to work with what is available and there is no room for customization.

    Image Credit: Sussexbedrooms

    Space-Efficient: Bespoke wardrobes use space intelligently and efficiently. They are designed to fit seamlessly into the room without looking too large or too small, and they appear effortless within the the entire space. Freestanding wardrobes can either be too large that they look extremely awkward, or too small leaving significant unused space within a room. However, a fitted wardrobe eliminates the awkward spaces by placing the perfect size for the the designated space. 

    Integrated Lighting: On darker days or in the evenings, it can be challenging to see items inside the wardrobe. With a fitted wardrobe, one can customize the lighting required into the design. In fact, lighting is one of the most overlooked factors of a wardrobe design, and is often not included within a freestanding wardrobe, where one will have to rely on external lighting to illuminate the wardrobe items. However, a built-in or fitted wardrobe allows the user to customize where and when they need the lighting in their space to see fully see their items.

    Image Credit: IKEA

    Enhances Interiors: A fitted wardrobe is designed to enhance the interiors. In designing a room within the wardrobe, the appearance of the wardrobe actually becomes a part of the design process. Therefore, a wardrobe can be designed to complement the remaining decor and color scheme of a room. Wardrobes have an infinite number of options in finishes: from glossy acrylic finish to rustic wooden finishes. Any type of finish can make fitted wardrobe exterior complement the interiors beautifully.

    Image Credit: Hum Ideas

    Efficient Cleaning: All freestanding wardrobes have that little bit of dead space right below the ceiling of a room. That space usually collects dust overtime and unnecessarily adds to the cleaning process. A freestanding can only cover so much space between itself and the wall, but may still allow dust to collect, cobwebs to develop, and little critters to creep in! All of this greatly adds to the cleaning process of a wardrobe. A build-in wardrobe, is made to the ceiling, eliminating dust from collecting on top, and all the way towards the walls, leaving no gaps for any smaller creatures toe creep through. These smaller make the entire wardrobe more efficient by eliminating significant hours of unnecessary cleaning.

    Image Credit: Ibex Studios

    A fitted wardrobe becomes a part of the home you love. It will make the home more valuable, and you will enjoy using it on a daily basis. For your bedroom storage, consider these advantages and get your dream wardrobe as per your wants and needs!

  • 5 Reasons Why You Need a Loft Above your Wardrobe

    As mentioned in many previous blogs, we provide lofts above the wardrobe. Having a loft above the wardrobe has many benefits and it has almost become a necessity. Lofts provide extra storage, use space efficiently, frees up space in the rest of the home, and can look stylish at the same time. Below, check out the top 5 reasons on why YOU need a loft to be a part of your wardrobe.


    Efficiency of Space and Storage: As mentioned in previous blogs, lofts provide extensive storage. The unused space above the main wardrobe is often left to collect dust. With a loft, that same space is filled with extra storage. Who does not want extra storage in their home? The loft is fitted to the area, and covering up all awkward corners and wall angles and providing another storage space at the same time. 

    Stylish: Not only is the loft efficient, it is also stylish. A fitted loft, gives the space a clean and completed look, and adds to contemporary design. It transforms any room, giving that finished appearance to the wardrobe space. Well designed lofts hide all of the awkward corners and finish a room's storage space.


    Free Up Space: Having that additional storage towards the ceiling frees up storage space in the rest of the home or room. Rather than having a freestanding cabinet interfering with the bedroom, why not have a loft above the wardrobe to serve the same purpose? Therefore, that particular space within the room or home can be used for something else, rather than extra storage 

    Customized: Wardrobe lofts are built and customized to fit the exact size of the space above the wardrobe. Therefore, it is built with your exact measurements and height requirements in mind. whether it is loft with a flat roof above or a loft under the stairs, wardrobe lofts are customized as per your requirements. They can be designed to match your wardrobe and create a completed look for the entire space.


    Easy Maintenance: Finally lofts are very easy to maintain. Since they are fitted to the exact size, there are no open areas above or around the wardrobe that collect dust and dirt. Therefore, that is one less area to clean up in the home. Rather than dealing with furniture or tops of furniture collecting dust, build a loft on top: more storage, efficient use of space customizable, and easy maintenance!

  • Matt Finish or Gloss Finish? Which works Well for YOU?

    In creating a brand new space, the conversation of finish always comes up. Whether it is the kitchen or wardrobe, the finish defines the look of the entire space and can impact the remaining interior design. ModSpace.in has several finishes, but basics of finishes start with matt vs. gloss finishes. Before even getting into whether you want a laminate finish or an acrylic finish, the first step is to decided whether you want a matt or a glass. A matt or gloss finish dramatically makes up the look of the entire space, whether it is a kitchen or a wardrobe. Each style has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Check out our guide below on which finish would work best for you.

    Matt Finish: The matt finish is often seen in traditional layouts and furniture designs, but it is steadily growing popular in modern kitchen and wardrobe designs. The matt finish gives a very muted and understated appearance, and adds an element of sophistication to  a given space.

    • Advantages of Matt Finish
      • Due to its muted appearance, imperfections, such as scratches and finger prints are less noticeable and can easily be camouflaged within the cabinetry
      • There is increased color consistency. Because there is no light or reflection on the cabinet, the finish appears more consistent and smooth
    • Disadvantages of Matt Finish
      • The matt finish does not reflect light, but it absorbs light, so one has to be careful in choosing a matt finish for a smaller kitchen design. The darker matt colors especially can make a space feel smaller, rather than larger.
      • The matt finish is not as smooth as the gloss finish, which can make it a little more difficult to clean. However, the cleaning process is still fairly straightforward.
        Image Credit: Walkin Wardrobe Zone

    Gloss Finish: The gloss finish is extremely popular for modern interiors. Many homeowners are opting for a high gloss finish for their modular kitchens or modular wardrobes. The gloss has a shiny finish, which reflects light

    • Advantages of Gloss Finish
      • The glossy finish reflects light, which is great for smaller spaces: such as small kitchen layouts or small wardrobe designs. The reflective nature of the gloss gives the illusion that a space is larger than it actually is.
      • The smooth surface of the gloss cabinetry makes them very easy to clean, requiring a simple use of a microfiber cloth.
    • Disadvantages of Gloss Finish
      • The reflective nature of the gloss finish shows imperfections very quickly. Therefore, finger prints and scratches are immediately visible. This is especially common with dark gloss tones, where the imperfections show up even more than on the lighter colors.
        Image Credit: Pinterest

    Both matt finish and gloss finish are equally attractive in the contemporary home space. The finish defines the style and creates the overall look for the interiors. Use this guide to work out which one works for you!!

  • Everything to know about the Sliding Shutter Wardrobes

    As mentioned in a previous blog, one can opt for sliding shutter wardrobes, rather than the conventional openable hinge shutters for their wardrobes. Many homeowners prefer the sliding shutters because they are visually neater, more space efficient, and at the same time still provide the same convenience and storage that comes with a more conventional wardrobe.


    • Designing a Sliding Wardrobe: Depending on the space and size of the wardrobe, the first step is to decide the number of shutters necessary for given space: which will be two or three shutters. The shutters will overlap one another, and will be fixed in a seamless manner, making it easy to maneuver. The internal storage for the wardrobe can easily be optimized with storage accessories, including pull-out rods, wire baskets, and deeper corner storage. For internal storage options, check the previous blog post. For the exterior design, ModSpace.in provides extensive options in colors and textures. With plenty of matte and gloss options, a ModSpare.in sliding wardrobe will complement the entire room space, making it look sleek, neat, and clean.
      Image Credit: Sliding Robes Direct
    • Advantages
      • Excellent space savers. Since the shutters move from side to side, they do not require extra space to open out in front.
      • Neat and clean look. The entire wardrobe highlights and emphasizes the modern look within a room. The wardrobe appears more streamline and less bulky, compared to the conventional openable shuttered wardrobes.
      • The shutter panels are smooth, and they slide through the tracks effortlessly, making it easy to use.


    • Disadvantages
      • Not lockable. Due to the sliding mechanism of the wardrobe, the sliding shutters cannot be locked. However, one can opt for lockable storage inside the wardrobe itself. Oftentimes, homeowners opt for lockable drawers.
      • Can only access part of the wardrobe at one time. Depending on the number of shutters, the user can only access one side of the wardrobe at a time. If there are two shutters, then the user can only slide the shutter to one side and access half the wardrobe. If the wardrobe has three shutters, then only a third of the wardrobe can be accessed at one time. Compared to the conventional, open-out wardrobes, the entire wardrobe cannot be accessed at once.
        Image Credit: Pinterest

    Sliding wardrobes are a great way to get extensive storage with in a small amount of space. Their streamline look works well in a contemporary room, and they give a very smooth appearance. With a small sacrifice of accessing only part of the wardrobe at one given time, the sliding wardrobe is a great solution for any space. For your sliding wardrobe, contact us!

  • Bringing a ModSpace.in Interior Designer On Board

    At ModSpace.in, we are striving to provide the best home solutions for all our customers. In doing so, we have evolved from a kitchen and wardrobe platform to a full home service interior provider-where everything from the civil work to the final home interior is provided under one roof. While building your home, having an interior designer on board will ease the entire process and create a more synchronized home solution. ModSpace.in now has professional interior designers on board who work closely with you to provide the ideal solution for your space.

    Detail Oriented Approach: With a ModSpace.in interior designer, every detail of your space will be looked at. Whether it is its function or its aesthetics, all aspects of a room will be analyzed to provide the best possible solution. For example, in a kitchen design, a ModSpace.in interior designer will provide you with a factory-finished kitchen where the the cabinetry colors will match the flooring, complement the lighting, and brought together with the countertop.


    Knows What is Right For You: A ModSpace.in interior designer will know what is best for the room. Not only will they provide the best storage solution for a given wardrobe space, but they will look at the entire bedroom space and bring a beautiful interior to life right before your eyes! Even if you tell them exactly what you want, they will already know what is good for the space and create a beautiful solution that matches your preferences and meets your needs. A ModSpace.in interior designer addresses your needs and gives you exactly what you are looking for.


    Knows Color Combinations: As a general homeowner, the understanding of color within a home interior is very limited toward the lighter shades. However, an interior designer will expose you to the variety of colors you can play with to add to any room in the home. The ModSpace.in interior designers understand which colors look good with one another and can even come up with various palettes that wouldn't have even crossed your mind. 

    Time-Saver: Working with an interior designer will definitely save you time, particularly a ModSpace.in designer. Along with providing factory-finished products, ModSpace.in has become the one-stop shop for all interior requirements. Rather than searching around from vendor to vendor for different home requirements, a ModSpace.in interior designer will help in creating the final look of the home and providing the support to get everything executed correctly.


    Wow Factor: Last but not least, an interior designer will enhance your home and improve the quality of life within your home. They will synchronize several pieces and bring together a visual story in every corner of your home. They will pull together accessories, furniture, colors, and other quirky elements to give you that "wow" factor that you are looking for.


    Bring a ModSpace.in interior designer on board for your homebuilding process and get your dream home! Get factory finished, space efficient solutions with the right furniture, complementary colors, and create a visual story within your space! Click here!

  • Pulls vs. Knobs: Which Handle Works Best For You

    Handles and knobs are one of the last few touches that go into making the kitchen or wardrobe. The first question to ask yourself is whether or not to even have handles or go completely handle-less in your space. For more information on handles vs. handle-less, check out this previous blog post. Once you have finalized to go with some version of a handle, the next step is to look at the number of options. They make or break the look of a given space,  and there are an overwhelming number of options to choose from. Deciding which style bests suits the overall interior is dependent on multiple factors. In terms of cabinetry, the two most common options are the knobs vs. the pulls. Both types of hardware have their set of advantages and disadvantages in terms of defining the style of a space.

    Image Credit: Backsplash

    Knobs-Knobs are rounder, smaller pieces that are placed in the center or side of the cabinetry to hold while opening the cabinet. Today, knobs are available in a variety of styles and shapes to add that extra touch to any kind of cabinetry. They are especially common in kitchen cabinets

    • Advantages of Knobs:
      • --Gives the cabinets a classic elegance: Knobs can give a space that old world charm, and can be a dramatic choice for any interior space
      • --A Large variety of styles to choose from: Knobs are available in various metal and wood options.
      • --Very easy to install
      • --Single Attachment Point, where only one screw is used to attach it to the cabinet shutter or drawer
      • --Never go out of style: knobs on cabinetry give a timeless effect.
    Image Credit" Suncity Villas

    Pulls-Pulls are the more popular handles we see today. They are wider and broader and are typically placed on the side or center of a drawer or cabinet shutter. The style is generally more square-like in comparison to the knobs

    • Advantages of Pulls:
      • --Gives the cabinets a more modern finish, with bold and distinct lines
      • --A more comfortable way of opening cabinets-You can place your entire hand, and pull the handle to open the shutter or drawer
      • --A more preferred option for those seeking a graceful and sophisticated look
      • --Two attachment points, where there is additional stability in placing the handle on the drawer or shutter
      • --Easy installation


    When it comes to choosing knobs or pulls for any cabinetry, the final decision is more about the design rather than the use. Both are equally functional, but will add different design elements to the space. Whether it is a kitchen or wardrobe, the knobs will bring a sense of Old World Charm, while the pulls will bring a Bold, Modern Touch to the space. However, in choosing the hardware, one can even mix and match both styles and add them together. A popular transitional option is to add cabinet knobs and drawer pulls to give that eclectic style to the entire space.

    Image Credit: Centsational Girl

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