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  • Choosing the Best Rugs for your Home

    It is that time of the year where we bundle up in our warm clothes to stay cozy inside our homes. During these winter months the home interior gets cold and drafty, making it a little chilly indoors. However, there a few tricks to create a warm space within the home, and even specifically the kitchen-without costing too much. One of the most common ways to warm up a space is to add an area rug. With most of our floors being marble, it is extremely cold on our feet. Therefore, an area rug can definitely warm up the area, both visually and actually. However, the key to choosing the perfect rug- based on the type of room is the challenge. Below are a few tips in choosing the ideal rug, depending in the rooms within the home.


    Bedroom: One of the most luxurious feelings in the winter is waking up and stepping onto a plush rug. An area rug in the bedroom instantly adds richness and coziness to a space at the same time. When choosing choosing a rug for the bedroom, neutrals are a great option as the bedroom space has many patterns all over with the wall hangings, sheets, and covers. However, pattern rugs work very well to add some visual interest of the remaining bedroom elements are a bit more subdued. In terms of rug placement, it should be as long as the bed, and placed approximately two feet away from the bed itself. In the bedroom, rugs are also great space dividers, For example if there is a small sitting area within the room, having a an area rug designate two different spaces within the entire room.

    Bathroom bedroom or including basement or media room Image Credit: Kylie M Interiors

    Kitchen: Many people don't think of placing rugs in the kitchen. However, being one of the most active rooms in the home, it doesn't hurt to make it a little cozy. As mentioned in a previous blog, the best rugs for the kitchen are the flat weave rugs, which can easily be cleaned, yet still be comfortable to stand on while conducting kitchen tasks. During the winter months, kitchen rugs can easily add warmth with a pop of bright colors on the floor!

    Riviera stripe stripe kitchen rug Image Credit: Williams Sonoma

    Living Room: In a living room keep in mind that small rugs make the room look even smaller than it is. With larger furniture in a larger room, the smaller rugs make the furniture look awkward and cluttered. Therefore, it is best to go for a larger rug, where the legs of the couch and the chair sit on top of it. The living room is a great place to play with colors and textures to complement the furniture and create a designer appeal.

    Decorative rugs living room rug in a living space Image Credit: Mommy Essence

    Area rugs are a great way to tie a space together and make the home look more cozy. Through these winter months, consider area rugs to design and define spaces, yet still add warmth at the same time. Keep these tips in mind to give your home that instant designer touch!!

  • 6 Tips to Keep Your Home Warm and Cozy this Winter

    It's getting to the coolest time of the winter season, and all of us are reshuffling our wardrobes to take out our cozy sweaters, coats, scarves, and jackets to get through this winter. As we put the summer clothes away for the next few months, the summer quilts are replaced with heavy winter blankets and cozy throws. However, despite all this, the homes are still so cold! We still feel the need to layer up inside our homes to survive the cold winter season. Along with replacing the clothes and bedding, the next step is to take towards to keeping your home environment warm and comfortable. Below are a few tips to keep your home warm & cozy this winter.

    Block the Draft: Despite all the heating efforts in a home, the cold draft is can still get through the bottom of your room door, leading you to a cooler temperature in the room. The best way to block the cold draft is the place a rolled towel and the the door, to block the air from entering the room. This will allow your room to become nice and cozy.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Redecorate: Home decor plays a great role in creating that warm atmosphere at home. Winter decor is all about adding extra comfort and warmth to your interiors. While you are replacing your thin summer quilts for think  winter ones, consider quilts with a cotton backing. They are best to beat that winter chill in Delhi, and are very durable. On any extra or comfortable seating add some plush throws for people to use if the room gets too chilly. Place them on your couches, sofas, recliners, or lounge chairs for people to cozy up on a cold wintery evening!

    Add Traditional Furniture: Traditional furniture adds that extra warmth and complements the sleek and straight lines of contemporary interiors. The curves and ethnic appeal of traditional pieces bring warmth to any room and can easily be used as a focal point.

    Image Credit: Houzz

    Rugs, Mats and Carpets: Winter season is all about the rugs, which easy ways to make any room more "wintery". On any large floor space, add an area rug to bring some more color, and allow people to walk without dreading the extremely cold floor! Adding bright colors can definitely create a positive environment while the weather outside is so cold!

    Image Credit: Bonito.in

    Curtains: Another part of the upholstery is to consider the curtains. Curtains colors really impact the overall appearance of the room. In fact, heavy or thick fabrics and layered curtains helping in keeping out the cold draft, and make a room even more cozy. Make sure to get beautiful colors to complement your room scheme and add to the coziness.

    Image Credit: Curtain Home Sale

    Candles: Consider the fun accessories you can add to your warm interior. One such example is candles: which adds the two elements that are the complete opposite of winter: light and warmth. Lighting a scented candle in a room releases warmth, adds to the decor, and releases a beautiful aroma throughout your home!

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    While "winterizing" your home, consider the above suggestions to get through the winter. Give your home a warm look, and add the appropriate visuals to your interiors for a sophisticated, warm, and cozy space in the cold months ahead!

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