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  • Kitchen Organization Tips for the Working Woman

    Today's modern woman is expected to manage so many factors: housework, profession, personal life, and family life just to name a few. Having all of these responsibilities is not easy and it can get stressful and exhausting at the end of a very long day. Hence, home organization will make your life much easier and significantly more functional. Make some organizational changes to your kitchen to make the tasks easier and quicker to accomplish.


    • Kitchen Item Organization. Ensure that every kitchen item has its designated space. A clean and well-organized kitchen is a pleasure to use, and after a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is realize that dirty dishes have to be cleaned. To avoid tasks from being delayed, wash and clean right after you cook, to ensure the kitchen space stays as clean as possible in your absence. Cleaning the dishes on time reduces the risks of pests entering your kitchen. Another action to maintain a clean and well-organized kitchen space is to avoid overcrowding the countertop. Assign spaces for ladles, cooking tools, cutlery, and crockery so time is not wasted hunting for the item you desire. As a working woman, the last thing you want is to waste time trying to find a particular item. Therefore, designate spaces for each item beforehand to save precious time.
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    • Plan Ahead: For quick and easy processes, plan your meals in advance. At the beginning of the week, plan the meals you are going to prepare, and buy the necessary groceries accordingly. This way, you will shop for groceries that will be used quickly.
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    • Freeze & Use:  While preparing you meals, it is common to have certain ingredients leftover. Freeze those items and use them later! That day in the week where you not in the mood to do some extensive cooking, grab an item from the freezer, heat it up, and a meal is ready in less than 10 minutes!
      Image Courtesy: USDA
    • Divide your Tasks: Kitchen tasks can easily be divided to reduce meal preparation time at the end of a long work day. Earlier in the week or the night before, accomplish the simplistic tasks for your next meal, such as chopping vegetables, trimming meat, or measuring spices and condiment. Store the chopped ingredients in air-tight containers or freezer bags and place them in your freezer, and keep your condiments in small containers to access whenever the meal needs to be prepared.
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    • Use a Pressure Cooker: In an Indian home, a pressure cooker is a blessing. It saves time and serves as a great multi-tasker for all types of meals. While preparing a meal over the stove may take an hour, a pressure cooker speeds up the process to a quick 20 minutes. Therefore, while boiling your next meal, invest in a pressure cooker, it saves time and makes any home cook's life much easier.
      Image Credit: Chef Darin
    • Don't Let Cookbooks Take Up Space: Reduce the space of cookbooks by preserving your recipes in your tablet or phone. This will avoid unnecessary shelving space, and you will still be able to access your favorite recipes at a moments notice. 
    • Keep the food delivery #s & Coupons Accessible: After a long work day and managing the household, chances are there are a few days where you do not feel like preparing a meal. In this case, keep the delivery numbers handy to contact them whenever convenient, and give yourself a break!
    • Avoid buying Extra Gadgets: There are so many gadgets the promise to make your kitchen tasks quick and easy. One thing is to avoid buying so many, unless they are used on a weekly or daily basis. They gadgets will take up unnecessary space and can make your kitchen appear unorganized.
    • Ask for help!: Lastly, you are a hardworking woman who wears many hats. In any of your kitchen tasks, feel free to ask for help and share the workload. Involve your little ones to keep a close watch on them, and even involve your spouse or other family members to get the kitchen tasks done quicker! You deserve it!

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