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Vastu-Friendly Colors for your Kitchen

Colors inspire our moods and emotions. According to Vastu Shastra, colors greatly impact the overall energy of a given space. In an earlier blog, the general direction and orientation was discussed in accordance to Vastu Shastra. For reference to this blog, click here. Different colors have different energies and cause varied vibrations in certain spaces. In the kitchen, there are certain colors that create a positive energy more than others.


Vastu Shastra states that the ideal placement of your home spaces is a matter of direction and colors, where certain colors are ideal in certain directions. In the case of a kitchen, the first direction to start with is the Southeast. The kitchen itself, should be in the Southeast most section of your home, and the prime kitchen activity (cooking) should also face southeast. The best color for the southeast direction is silver/white. However, as an alternative direction, or the placement of many of your kitchen appliances, the next-best direction is the northwest, and the best color for the northwest corner is white, making the best color for your kitchen be white. Other Vastu-friendly colors to be used in your kitchen are given below.


White: White color is the color of purity and cleanliness, and it is ideal for the for the kitchen floor or wall. This color is an elegant, and can easily be combined with other colors, and it goes very will in both the southeast and northwest directions.

Image Credit: Divandi

Red, Orange, Yellow: A dash of these warm colors go very well with white, and they symbolize the fire element of the kitchen. The warm colors bring energy, happiness, and increase appetite. However, according to Vastu, these colors should be used in smaller amounts, such as in the form of utensils, decorations, or accent cabinets in your kitchen. 

White kitchen w/red accents

Rose Pink: Pink is another tone that sends positive vibes in the southeast direction, primarily in the south. As a color, it represents joy and happiness, and can greatly be complimented with white/silver!!

Rose Pink wall complementing a White kitchen. Image Credit: Bethesda Magazine

Chocolate: Another shade we don't think about very often is your chocolate brown. According to Vastu, brown tones are perfect in the southwest direction or your kitchen, and they add a classic element to a modern white space. Brown is a color of contentment and comfort, which adds to a cozy kitchen environment! 

Image Credit: Decorpad

Overall, the kitchen should be a happy place with great joy, energy, and purity. The warm colors complemented with white will create the the ideal vastu-friendly kitchen! For more Vastu advice be sure to check out our previous blog or have a conversation with our Space Planning Consultants!!

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